Vikings interested in Vick? Really?

A report out of Indianapolis came with an intriguing headline stating the Vikings and 49ers could be interested in quarterback Michael Vick. Does the story match the real sentiment among Vikings personnel? What's the most telling quote not included in that story?

Quarterback Michael Vick is technically still an Atlanta Falcon, even while he continues to serve a prison sentence for charges related to dog fighting. The 28-year old is scheduled to be released from custody in July, which makes him an intriguing question for teams that could be looking for help at quarterback in 2009 or beyond.

A few executives and coaches in Indianapolis were asked about the possibility of their teams being interested in Vick if he returns to the league in 2009, which in itself is a major hurdle he'd have to clear in light of the NFL's personal conduct policy and his current status of being suspended. But even if he is cleared for reinstatement before the start of the 2009 season, would teams like the Vikings and 49ers be interested in him?

The headline accompanying an Associated Press story over the weekend sure made it seem that way, reading "Michael Vick might appeal to 49ers, Vikings."

San Francisco coach Mike Singletary was careful not to step too closely to the tampering line and talk about a player that is still under contract with another when he was asked about Vick.

"He's still under contract. You can't really talk to him or have any contact with him," Singletary said, according to the Associated Press story. "Right now, we're just going to look at the quarterbacks we have and go from there."

That wasn't exactly Singletary saying the 49ers are interested.

So what sort of "interest" did Vikings coach Brad Childress show when he was asked about Vick?

"I really don't get into hypotheticals because I just think there is too much water that's got to happen. I'd cross that bridge when we come to it," Childress told reporters in Indianapolis.

Again, hardly an indication of interest.

Bob Lurtsema, former Vikings defensive lineman and former publisher of Viking Update, said Childress missed a chance to let the Vikings fan base know that he wouldn't risk a player like Vick damaging a quality locker room in terms of character.

In fact, multiple players reacted to the AP story and expressed concerns about whatever potential their might be to acquire Vick.

Vikings vice president of player personnel offered a little more insight into the Vikings' thinking before the headline and story were even published on several media web sites across the country.

"We've very strong on character and what type of people, and you guys know how we've been about the kinds of players we've brought in," Spielman told Twin Cities reporters on Thursday when asked about Vick.

So, would the Vikings really pursue a quarterback who is currently suspended, might not even be able to play in 2009, has a career passer rating of 75.7 and completion percentage of 53.8, hasn't played since 2006 and risk upsetting a locker room that is generally considered to be of solid character?

The real answer is high unlikely.

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