Caplan free agency chat transcript

Well, that was action packed. subscribers peppered's Adam Caplan with question after question on free agency in Tuesday night's chat session. See where Caplan puts the Vikings' free-agent priorities and which players he doesn't think they'll go after.

adamcaplan: Hi all

gomba45: Hey Adam, which OT do you think the Vikes go after: Stinchcomb, Andrews, Tauscher or Barnes?

adamcaplan: GOM: I can't see Andrews, torn ACL

adamcaplan: I'm told they wanted Gross then Carey

adamcaplan: With both gone, could be the RFA route

gomba45: What about Houshmandzadeh or Harrison or Holt?

adamcaplan: GO: Can't see it

VikingK: Adam, is Heath Farwell determined to go where he could play LB? We really missed him last year.

adamcaplan: VIK: Farwell wants to come back, but no offer yet

gomba45: So who do you think the Vikes are targeting in FA?

adamcaplan: Here's what they were looking at: Rosenfels, then Garcia

adamcaplan: The Vikings, I'm told, will sign a veteran CB

NashvilleVikingFan: Any CB targets in FA? Bly, Bodden?

adamcaplan: This will be Winfield's last season, they will draft his replacement

gomba45: Bly or Florence?

adamcaplan: GO: As noted in my blog, they will sign a veteran

stevemfpayne: Rosenfels is not the answer. To be honest with you I'd rather give the job back to T-Jack

adamcaplan: As for Rosenfels, stop-gap, but I expect him to win the job

VikeFromLondon: you think the Rosenfels trade occurs?

adamcaplan: They were still going through the numbers as of today on a contract

adamcaplan: Won't be a problem

tinotime22: Adam, any possibilities of Dunta Robinson?

VikingK: Dunta was franchised

adamcaplan: VIK: Had Robinson not been franchised and not re-signed by Friday, I'm told he was going to get their attention

adamcaplan: Same with Gross. Oh well. Then Carey, same thing, too bad. There was the RT.

azvike19: Adam do see the Vikes going after FA linebackers to shore up special teams?

adamcaplan: AZ: Depth guys, specials, yes

adamcaplan: Not a priority until later

adamcaplan: They had a good FA plan, not much they can do now

CDNvike204: What is NE and Cassel wanting?

adamcaplan: CD: First and more for Cassel. Either KC or he stays, I'd guess

jwdalle: As well as the CB from Philly

adamcaplan: JW: Yes, as first noted in my blog, they wanted to bring him in as the nickel had he not re-signed

gomba45: In the draft, who drew the most interest from the Vikes?

adamcaplan: GO: We'll talk about the draft next month. Have to get through the first two weeks of free agency

azvike19: What about Jason Brown ?

adamcaplan: AZ: No, they will go after Birk, but in the end, I believe he leaves

Tyr: Griffith from the Raiders was just released and he'd be a big step up from Tahi.

adamcaplan: TY: Had some injuries, but if healthy, yes, step up and he can catch the ball

NashvilleVikingFan: Why do you see Birk going ... since they've been talking?

adamcaplan: NASH: My sense is the Vikings will only go so far for him.

Tyr: So if Birk leaves and we miss out on Brown, does that mean Sullivan is our center next year?

adamcaplan: TY: The sense is they would go with another veteran center

kajjansiblackmamba: Concerning center, if Birk does leave, what about Saturday from the Colts?

adamcaplan: KAJ: Saturday is possible if they strike out with Birk. They will not go with Sullivan as the guy, too much uncertainty. They do like him though

n8tiveVikefan: Are there any good FBs worth signing? n8: Actually, a bunch of good FBs out there. Check my FA rankings. Like 7-8

gomba45: I heard Washington from the Steelers was gonna get a look

adamcaplan: GO: He runs well, good size, inconsistent hands though

tmjay11: Do you see us signing a FB other than Tahi?

adamcaplan: TM: Yep, no doubt. They have no choice

yovikingfan: Radovich potential to take over RT?

adamcaplan: YO: No chance he starts

tmjay11: Nate washington? Someone else mentioned him too.

adamcaplan: TM: He will get some looks, good size, runs well.

tinotime22: Adam, any interest in McAlister?

adamcaplan: TIN: Can't see it

coyote62: Who are some of the veteran corners the Vikes will look at?

adamcaplan: My sense is it will be a veteran who can handle nickel

VikingK: Any trade possibility for Lito Shappard?

adamcaplan: VIK: Eagles want to get rid of him and everyone knows it. He wound up being their dime CB

medlynn: Eagles want too much

adamcaplan: MED: Don't believe what you read, they'd take a conditional 4th

medlynn: Really!!

stevemfpayne: Adam, so you really don't see the Vikes making a big splash this year. Not even the slightest interest in pairing Berrian with Houshmanzadeh?

adamcaplan: STEVE: Outside shot on TJH. CIN was trying to sign him as of today.

Travis34: You think the Vikes might make a run at Dawkins at safety if Sharper leaves

adamcaplan: TRAV: Eagles want him back

vikingms93: Adam, a couple years back we picked up a center out of West Virginia. I forget his name. Dan Mozes. I believe he was highly rated, from what I remember, got hurt and I never heard of him again. What's the story with that guy?

adamcaplan: VIK: Out of the league, Senior Bowl guy. Never made it

medlynn: Hey, AC, what's the deal with McCauley? MED: They obviously aren't high on him. Really surprised how he didn't take off. Again, they will sign a veteran as a nickel

gomba45: Why don't they offer a fifth and McCauley for Lito?

adamcaplan: They can't trust him enough to play good snaps-McCauley

tinotime22: Adam, any chance they look at Curry?

adamcaplan: TIN: Too slow

NashvilleVikingFan: McCauley seems to have the skills, but inconsistent.

adamcaplan: NASH: Skill isn't a problem

adamcaplan: Here's a sleeper, Nick Cole, RFA Philly, played great this season, started some. Can play guard or center

yovikingfan: Any interest in DeAngelo Hall?

adamcaplan: YO: Don't know why there would be. He's not very good

coyote62: What is the compensation on Cole?

tmjay11: Was Cole tendered an offer by Philly??

adamcaplan: COY: RFA-let's see what the Eagles tender him at. My sense is a 2nd

adelman9: The projections that Vikes take WR bother me ... as we just took Rice a year or two ago

adamcaplan: They need a WR with size that can run

vikingms93: I think O-line is our bigger need than secondary

adamcaplan: VIK: totally

VikingK: Adam any chance of J.J. Arrington to replace Maurice Hicks? I like him as a KR

adamcaplan: VIK: I'm told they really like Albert Young as the #3 RB

adamcaplan: Daniel Loper/UFA/TEN is an interesting fit at ORT. He's really tall, but more of a backup

stevemfpayne: What about K. Harris at RT

adamcaplan: STEVE: I would be surprised. He failed in two places

stevemfpayne: Very true

adamcaplan: They could look at the RFAs for RTs, depending on the level of tender, if Clabo or Colon get second-rounders. If it's a first, forget it.

TheDecoder: If Rosenfels is signed, is Frerotte done with Vikes for sure?

adamcaplan: THE: Yes

NashvilleVikingFan: Any Viking FA's that are "definitely" gone? Any key holes to fill?

adamcaplan: NASH: Sharper is gone

adamcaplan: Ty Johnson moves in

Blaze326326: Do we know for sure that Sage Rosenfels will be signed?

adamcaplan: BL: He will be signed by Friday

adamcaplan: My sense is his contract will have language for starts/wins. My problem is that he's turnover prone. Gun-slinger type. Can really get hot, then makes bad mistakes.

NashvilleVikingFan: So, how much better is the offense with Rosenfels?

adamcaplan: NASH: I expect more consistency from Rosenhebes. With him it's simple, if he doesn't turn it over, they will score in the air. He moves well too

gomba45: Any interest in Furrey?

adamcaplan: GO: Why would they? He plays the slot, they have Wade

tmjay11: Will Bobby Wade still have an impact next season?

kajjansiblackmamba: Adam, what team do you see making the biggest 'splash' in the early stages of FA this year?

adamcaplan: KAJ: It's more about position, CBs will be hot. At least 12 teams looking for them. Here's what I expect from the Vikings: CB, C (if Birk leaves), RT, depth other places

adamcaplan: They have a ton of cap space. They have four players who will get them cap credits to around $29-$30 million. That's before the RFAs

gomba45: If they can't sign Birk, do you think they might go after LeCharles Bentley?

adamcaplan: GO: No

yovikingfan: Shawn Springs might be released?

adamcaplan: YO: Possibly, though they were down on Carlos Rogers last season.

WYOVIKING: What are your prospects for the Vikes in free agency?

stevemfpayne: Special teams and depth during FA?

adamcaplan: STEVE: I expect a DT signed for depth

kloosf16: What does Brad Childress see as the biggest need?

adamcaplan: KL: RT

yovikingfan: Any supplemental picks?

adamcaplan: YO: I'll find out at the owners meetings

azvike19: Adam what about adding Haye at DT?

adamcaplan: AZ: He probably will look to start. One of the top DTs as a UFA

adelman9: AC - I like Derek Anderson ... any chance that MN brings him in as well ... What would CLE be looking for?

adamcaplan: ADE: Too late. No chance now

adamcaplan: MIN had the opening but they weren't high on him

tmjay11: What vet QB might be brought in to compete then?

adamcaplan: TM: I don't see anything of note

adamcaplan: They have 4 under contract with RosenRose in the house

CDNvike204: Adam are you gonna name drop anyone?

adamcaplan: CD: I usually put it all out Thursday

adamcaplan: But I did have a ton in my blog over the past 4-5 days on MIN

adamcaplan: They will get a veteran CB for sure, then ORT. Either or

jwdalle: Is TO done in Big D?

adamcaplan: JW: No, Roy Williams was bad. Actually looked slow.

yovikingfan: Thanks Adam

adamcaplan: Later

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