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It was a name-dropping session during Wednesday evening's draft chat on Subscribers wanted to know about dozens of prospects, and draft analyst Chris Steuber had the answers. Whose injury could hold him back? What about the tackles that are dropping? Who is the next Troy Williamson?

csteuber: Hey everyone! Thanks for joining me tonight; it's always fun to be here with you great Vikings fans.

herrmannator: Howdy Chris. Have fun at the combine. So how are the OT's shaping up. Michael Oher still at the top, or does Minny have a shot at 22?

csteuber: Herrmannator: The Combine was good. There will be a lot of changes in my mock draft, which will be released on Monday. Oher has dropped a bit, but will still be a top-ten pick.

thb33: Do you think the Vikes look OT first round, or receiver?

csteuber: Thb33: I think the Vikings will look at an OT, WR and CB.

csteuber: Thb33: The Sage Rosenfels trade was a good one for the Vikings. It's a quick fix, but it isn't a move for the future.

herrmannator: Does news of Percy Harvin's ankle drop him much?

csteuber: Herrmannator: I think the news about Harvin's ankle is something to monitor. He's been injury-prone during his career and having a potentially chronic problem is a concern. I still think he's a first-round talent, but he may fall a bit.

HireLurts: Hi Chris, OK- what position do you think the Vikes target in round 1? Will it depend on what they do in FA?

csteuber: HireLurts: It will depend on what they do in free agency, but how the board shapes up leading to No. 22 will determine the selection. At No. 22, the best value will be at CB.

tantrictoad: Hi Chris, what is the scoop with Percy Harvin's ankle, is it really as serious as some may think? Will the Vikes take him at 22, or is he as injury prone as Erasmus James was?

csteuber: TantricToad: Harvin's ankle is a concern; anytime a bone may not heal correctly, you have to worry. It's something that will have to be monitored.

HireLurts: Any chance in your mind that Jackson beats out Rosenfels? 4th year in the offense vs. Rosenfels first...

csteuber: HireLurts: Rosenfels did a nice job in Houston when he played. I think he's the starter this season.

gomba45: What's your take on Hakeem Nicks?

csteuber: Gomba45: Nicks is the smoothest route runner and has the best hands in the draft. He's an interesting player for the Vikings to target. I think he has a chance to be the best WR from this class.

csteuber: Nicks is a tremendous route runner and has deceptive speed. He reminds me a lot of Reggie Wayne. He has great hands and gets open over the middle and down field. He's legit.

HireLurts: Could Jenkins fall to them at 22 after his disappointing 40?

csteuber: HireLurts: Jenkins will still be a top-ten pick, at worst he will be selected in the top-15.

herrmannator: So do the Vikings take Chase Holbrook, Tom Brandstater, Chase Daniel, or Graham Harrell as a developmental QB or do they push it for another year with Jackson/Rosenfels?

csteuber: Herrmannator: Stephen McGee from Texas A&M is an interesting name to keep an eye on. He's really moving up the charts and could be an interesting third- or fourth-round option.

thb33: Do you think D.J. Moore would be a good fit and do you think he will be available at our pick in the first?

csteuber: Thb33: I think D.J. Moore would be a great fit for the Vikings. He didn't run very well at the Combine, but he plays much faster on game day. I think he will be available at No. 22.

thb33: Does Rosenfels buy them a year to draft QB next year when prospects are better?

csteuber: Thb33: I think Rosenfels gives them a solid veteran starter, a guy you can count on.

gomba45: So who were the Vikes interviewing at the combine. Anyone of interest?

csteuber: Gomba45: The Vikings were active at the Combine. I don't have all of the prospects they interviewed, but there were some notable ones.

SFVikeFan: Could Andre Smith slide to the Vikes with a so-so pro day, and if so should Vikes consider him despite issues?

csteuber: SFVikeFan: Even though Andre Smith failed to impress at the Combine, I still think he's a top-15 selection. He's so talented to fall to No. 22.

tinotime22: Chris, I know it is not a major need, but would the Vikes take the top LB if he is sitting there at 22?

csteuber: TinoTime22: I don't see the Vikings drafting a LB in the first round, but guys like James Laurinaitis (Minnesota native) and Clay Matthews will be there for the taking.

herrmannator: Where is big Herm Johnson going? McGee is fast 4.33? Is he a snatcher? How far does Loadholt go after his donkey run 40?

csteuber: Herrmannator: Herman Johnson will probably be a late third-, early fourth-round pick. Stephen McGee ran a 4.66 at the Combine. And, I think Phil Loadholt will be a second round pick. Overall, he looked good at the Combine, he just looks awful when he runs.

TyTom: what are the chances of us getting Percy Harvin? I really like him.

csteuber: TyTom: Percy Harvin could end up in Minnesota. He fits a need and offers versatility to a Vikings team that desperately needs it. I just worry about his injury history. But when he's healthy, he's incredible.

gomba45: If Sanchez is there at 22, do the Vikes draft him for the future

csteuber: Gomba45: Sanchez doesn't get past No. 10 (San Francisco) in the first round.

HireLurts: Where does Nicks edge Robiskie? With his pedigree, Robiskie could be an early contributor, no?

csteuber: Hirelurts: I agree, Robiskie has been solid this offseason and is rising up draft boards. His background has helped his development as a player and it really shows. I think Nicks runs better routes and has stronger hands than Robiskie. They're close, but I think Nicks has more upside.

herrmannator: Was there buzz on Jasper Brinkley, for a hoss he ran very well, did he look smooth?

csteuber: Herrmannator: Brinkley did a nice job. He looked a little choppy in drills, but overall was solid. He's a mid-to-late round pick.

SFVikeFan: Chris, if the Vikings were to move up in the draft in the 10-15 range who do you think it would be for?

csteuber: SFVikeFan: If the Vikings move up, I would say they're targeting a tackle.

thb33: Have you heard anything on Birk front? Would seem pretty stupid to let him go to replace him, hopefully with another free agent arguably no better who doesn't know the schemes.

csteuber: Thb33: I haven't heard anything on Birk. But from the sound of things they may move on.

HireLurts: Aside from Jeremy Maclin and Percy Harvin, are there any dynamic return specialists the Vikes could target?

csteuber: Hirelurts: D.J. Moore has experience as a return specialist, so does Darius Butler. Darrius Heyward-Bey has the speed to be a returner.

kloosf16: Are the Vikes addressing OT in free agency or the draft?

csteuber: Kloosf16: I would say the Vikings will look at the draft to address their need for an OT, because the free agent market is pretty thin.

SFVikeFan: Chris, any chance Heyward-Bey is there in the 2nd round for the Vikes? What do you think of him?

csteuber: SFVikeFan: When I watch Heyward-Bey, now brace yourself, he reminds me of Troy Williamson. A track star with blazing speed, but possesses stone hands that will drive you crazy.

TyTom: I read an article yesterday, I forget where, but it said that Birk wants to be back in Minnesota and Childress said he would like him back. It's just whether or not they can work out a contract.

csteuber: TyTom: We will see what happens with Birk. I think he should be back, but I haven't heard either way.

thb33: Chris, do you think Vikes have lost hope for Sidney Rice after last season, or do you think they chalk it up to his PCL tear and think he can still develop into quality receiver?

csteuber: Thb33: Sidney Rice is talented, he just needs to get healthy. He's got the physical ability to be very good, but he has to put it together.

tinotime22: Chris, is Vontae Davis the second CB off the board?

csteuber: TinoTime22: Yes, Vontae Davis will be the second corner off the board, probably to the New Orleans Saints at No. 14.

HireLurts: Heyward-Bey reminds me of Troy Williamson, not a lot of catches in college but speed to burn. How are his hands and lateral movement?

csteuber: HireLurts: I think the Vikings will look to improve their receiving core anyway possible and if that means bringing in a veteran, so be it.

herrmannator: You mentioned Mike Wallace as a riser, can he contribute early or is he a 3 year development?

csteuber: Herrmannator: Mike Wallace had done well this offseason. He's really improved his stock and continues to rise. I think he can contribute next season, but don't expect him to have a major impact.

vikingspub: A couple more questions for Chris and we'll let him go.

herrmannator: Travis Beckham? What round?

csteuber: Herrmannator: Beckum will be a late third rounder.

HireLurts: CB seems to be at the top of many team's list, but word out of the combine was that this year's crop was disappointing. Were there any Rodgers-Cromartie types that jumped up the board?

csteuber: HireLurts: I really like Sean Smith from Utah. He has great size and ran pretty well at the Combine. He could be another possibility for the Vikings.

yoopervike: How far will Michael Oher drop?

csteuber: YooperVike: I think Oher will be a top-ten pick.

gomba45: Take care, Chris. Hope to hear from you soon

herrmannator: Chris, thanks as always for your time. Let me know how much Matthew Stafford reminds you of T-Jack after his pro day:)

csteuber: Thanks for the great questions guys, I appreciate the time!

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