Chat transcript: What's left in free agency? subscribers were looking for a shred of hope for a big signing, or even a visit to signal an upgrade. See what Adam Caplan of had to say about the possibilities left in free agency. Which ones make sense for the Vikings and which ones are just castoffs?

adamcaplan: Hi everyone

herrmannator: Howdy Adam. So stage two starts. Is Torry Holt in the Vikings' future? Willie Anderson? Orlando Pace?

adamcaplan: HERM: Willie Anderson is on his last legs. Pace is a stop-gap. Pace is a LT anyway. They need a RT and C.

adamcaplan: As for Holt, he's on the final year of his deal. He's slowed down considerably.

adamcaplan: My sense is they will use their first-round pick on a WR this year. I'll throw out some names later this month.

gomba45: What do you think of the QB situation?

adamcaplan: GO: Rosenfels is an upgrade over Jackson. He needs to be more careful with the ball though. Gun-slinger type.

HireLurts: I may have missed your Matt Birk take, but what "differences" did he and Brad Childress really have?

adamcaplan: HIRE: I'd say on philosophy. That would be the big thing.

adamcaplan: I might as well get the Birk stuff out of the way: It's my understanding that on Monday night, they thought he was coming back – that was until the Ravens convinced him to visit. It all changed after that.

HissingBoomslang: There still seems to be some good DB options in free agency. Any possible interest in Leigh Bodden or Bryant McFadden. Or a SS like Sean Jones, Jermaine Phillips or James Butler? Thanks.

adamcaplan: HISS: Jones is in Philly tonight. SS with size, but he's coming off of knee surgery last season and didn't play well. If he's back to normal, he will be solid.

adamcaplan: McFadden is decent, so is Bodden. As I said a few weeks ago, they will sign a CB to be their nickel. Phillips re-signed with TB today. Butler is a marginal starter.

HireLurts: If Torry Holt is indeed released, will the Vikes pursue him? I think he's every bit as good at T.J. Houshmanzadeh.

adamcaplan: HIRE: I'd say probably once he's let go. It comes down to how they value him.

viking4410: Are they looking at Kahlif Barnes?

adamcaplan: VIK: No on Barnes. He's a LT anyway.

HireLurts: Karl Paymah rumored to make a visit, but he got benched in Denver last year and their D was awful. Can Paymah play?

adamcaplan: HIRE: According to the PUB, he's not coming in. That report was off as of now. Could change though.

herrmannator: So offensively we are SOL. Defensively, would like to see Igor Olshansky, as rush tackle?

buzzard15: Nobody visiting Winter Park?

adamcaplan: BUZZ: Visits don't mean anything, most players don't visit who sign. I would expect them to sign 2-3 players before the draft, for depth though. Maybe RT or C too who could start.

Tyr: Adam, have you heard anything about how Mark Tauscher's recovery is coming along?

adamcaplan: TY: He expects to be ready by July.

CDNvike204: Jay Cutler?

adamcaplan: CD: DEN said they are not trading him now. However, if they change their mind, I would expect the Vikings to make a strong push.

gomba45: Why not try for Brady Quinn?

adamcaplan: GO: Quinn isn't anything special, Cutler is.

SFVikeFan: Adam, are the Vikes sniffing around for Cutler, Anquan Boldin or anyone else via trade?

adamcaplan: SF: I'm told the Cardinals don't want to trade Boldin. It would have to get really ugly. And if they do trade him, I would expect the Eagles and Vikings to make a big play.

adamcaplan: SF: It would have to come in a trade. There are no big-time FAs left. What I was told was the players they targeted were either franchised or signed before free agency started.

Tyr: Adam, do you know why Vinnie Ciurciu was released?

adamcaplan: TY: He had a small roster bonus due and he also wasn't the factor they thought he would be.

HireLurts: Can John Sullivan be the starting center? Will Ryan Cook get a look at C?

adamcaplan: HI: I sense they will not start any of them. In the end, I expect it to be someone now not on the roster.

Tyr: I actually wouldn't be opposed to drafting a DT in the first, but I'd like to get some other needs filled in FA first.

adamcaplan: TY: I think they go WR first round as of now. CB first three.

adamcaplan: C or RT depending on what they have left before the draft to fill.

SFVikeFan: Adam, should the Vikes go center at #22, do you take Max Unger or Alex Mack?

adamcaplan: SF: Outside chance. It would come down to how badly they think it's a need vs. value there.

HireLurts: Will the Vikes match any offer the Bengals make for Naufahu Tahi? If not, who jumps in at FB? Jeff Dugan?

adamcaplan: HI: Tahi isn't a starter really, so I can't see them wanting him back.

n8tiveVikefan: Adam, any interest in Justin Griffith, FB?

adamcaplan: n8: I have to think they look for an upgrade at FB, Griffith would be that and he can catch the ball.

herrmannator: Is Elton Brown an NFL player, or just a huge fat man. I liked him out of UVA.

adamcaplan: HERM: Serviceable backup, RT or G. Major mental breakdowns.

lightn24: Holt or Braylon Edwards available? What's the compensation?

adamcaplan: LIG: Size, speed, age. Edwards though, bad hands. Led the NFL in drops last year.

CDNvike204: Terrell Owens?

adamcaplan: CD: You have a better chance at being Pope then they have of signing TO.

CDNvike204: Amen

SFVikeFan: Adam, do the Vikes look at FB Leonard Weaver?

adamcaplan: SF: Fits what they want, but he's not a strong blocker, but very athletic.

HireLurts: Tarvaris Jackson has 3 yrs. in the system, had some really impressive performances at the end of last year. Do you think he can beat out Rosenfels, who doesn't know the playbook, less career starts, etc.?

adamcaplan: HI: I expect Rosenfels to win the job.

gomba45: Why not go after J.P. Losman?

adamcaplan: GO: Mistake-prone QB. One step away from being David Carr.

lightn24: Tra Thomas, move to right tackle?

adamcaplan: LIGHT: Thomas is desperate for a job. The Eagles and Jaguars only offered low one-year deals, I believe.

SFVikeFan: Thanks Adam. Who do you think is the best WCO blocking FB out there available?

adamcaplan: Giffith or Karney, who was cut today

herrmannator: Could we trade Chester Taylor, then sign Deuce McAllister as a backup?

adamcaplan: HERM: Makes no sense. Taylor is younger and better. McAllister's knees are shot. Taylor may sign a contract extension.

adamcaplan: Vikings have around $25 M left under the cap, as of earlier this week.

herrmannator: Fair enough, but Chester is in the last year of his contract and the only tradeable commodity.

adamcaplan: HERM: He's very valuable and they know it.

lightn24: Chris Carr from Tennessee to help special teams?

adamcaplan: LIGHT: He's a solid dime CB and KR.

SFVikeFan: Adam, if you were a betting man, what 2-3 FA's do you think the Vikes sign?

adamcaplan: SF: Again, look for backup depth and possibly a C or RT before the draft.

Tyr: I'd love to see Chester extended. He's been a great pickup for us and nice complement to AD.

adamcaplan: TY: They will extend some contracts later in the year to use up space.

Tyr: Adam, how serious were the Vikings about Devery Henderson?

adamcaplan: TY: Not very, you can see my exclusive on his contract at the front page for NFL.

HireLurts: Is Lance Moore a restricted FA? If so, your thoughts?

adamcaplan: HI: Yes, solid possession WR , but would take a second-round pick to get him. They need a WR with size who can run.

CDNvike204: What about Ronald Curry or Jerry Porter. Reggie Williams has size … decent red zone.

adamcaplan: CD: Porter is an interesting name, but he has attitude problems. DUI last week. Forget it for Williams. Curry is a possession WR, not really going to help.

gomba45: Don't you think the Housh debacle would open some eyes around Winter Park?

adamcaplan: GO: Even more fuel for the fire that they will get a WR with a name.

HissingBoomslang: Britt is the guy I like best from that group

adamcaplan: HI: He may go late first, Britt.

CDNvike204: Brett Favre … any chance?

adamcaplan: CD: Less than zero now.

HireLurts: Have you given up on Sidney Rice? Solid rookie season, great athleticism. Can't he emerge now that he's healthy?

adamcaplan: Sidney Rice is on notice, he must get back to where he was before the PCL injury.

gomba45: Sorry Adam, I am very frustrated about the Vikings this offseason.

adamcaplan: GO: Bad year to have a lot of money under the cap.

gomba45: Do you think they have any visits set up or what?

adamcaplan: GO: Visits are meaningless

gomba45: True, so what are you saying?

adamcaplan: It's about offering the right deal or if they visit, making sure they don't leave without signing it.

adamcaplan: It's a shame because they had a great plan but it got foiled before free agency started.

gomba45: Is Mark Tauscher coming here?

adamcaplan: GO: I think anyone who wants him will wait a while.

lancep1: How much pull does Chilly have in making personnel decisions? Does he trump Rick Spielman? And if he does, is that a mistake on the ownership group?

adamcaplan: LANCE: Childress has final say on everything.

n8tiveVikefan: How about Heath Farwell?

adamcaplan: n8: They have an offer to Farwell, but it's not anything great. He will look around.

adamcaplan: BTW, spoke to PA today, he said Spielman will be on at 10 a.m. tomorrow.

PurpleLemurian: What will get chilly fired?

adamcaplan: PURP: If they don't get past the first game of the playoffs, probably.

HireLurts: One last one on Birk and "philosophical" differences ... Offensively? Practice routines? Contract handlings?

adamcaplan: HIRE: I'll discuss more next week, too long to type.

adamcaplan: Lots of issues between the two, yet he did want to come back, despite what others have reported. I would also say that once the Ravens got a chance to get with him on Tuesday, things changed, especially when he met with John Harbaugh.

HissingBoomslang: Thanks, Adam

adamcaplan: Later all.

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