Steuber's draft chat transcript

Vikings fans were looking for insight into potential picks in the first two rounds, and even some second-day values in their draft chat with draft analyst Chris Steuber. Who are the possibilities at No. 22 as Steuber sees them for the Vikings? Find out with more fun draft speculation inside.

vikingspub: OK, let's try to stick to the draft in his chat and we'll cover some more of free agency with Adam Caplan Thursday night.

csteuber: Hey everyone; thanks for joining me this evening. I'm ready when you are.

gomba45: So do you think the Vikes are interested in Andre Smith? If not, who do you think they will go after?

csteuber: Gomba: After Andre Smith's performance at his Pro Day today, he's going to be a controversial pick. He could go in the top 10 or he could fall to the Vikings. If he falls, I'm sure the Vikings will have interest, but there are some serious concerns.

tinotime22: Chris, if Beanie Wells, Percy Harvin, and Peria Jerry are there at #22, who do the Vikes take?

csteuber: Tino: If all three are available, I'd favor Peria Jerry. With questions surrounding the Williamses and their status for next season, DT is a major need. But I think the Vikings will consider a WR and an OT.

akacoke: How about Max Unger with first pick (or trade down and still get him)? He could play RT, C if we needed or maybe become a new LT.

csteuber: AkaCoke: Unger is possible, but I also think Eben Britton has great value. He primarily played on the right side during his career and projects to be a RT at the next level. He's a solid lineman and should fall anywhere from No. 22-32.

gomba45: Hey, Chris do you think the Vikes like Willie VanDesteeg from the Gophers? I think he would be a good pick or free agent pick up for depth.

csteuber: Gomba: VanDeSteeg will probably go undrafted. He's an undersized DE and I don't think he's going to be drafted. But the Vikings may have interest in him as a undrafted free agent.

gomba45: Cool, I think he's a poor man's Jared Allen?

tantrictoad: Does resigning Benny Sap almost solidify the Vikes not going CB in Rd 1? Are they confident in not replacing Winfield yet?

csteuber: Tantrictoad: I still think the Vikings could go for a CB, since there will be great value at No. 22. They could use a boost in the return game and a player like D.J. Moore could do a lot for them. But I feel OT, DT and WR will be the target.

tinotime22: Chris, would Alex Mack be a reach at 22?

csteuber: Tino: I think No. 22 is a reach for Mack. The gap between Mack and Eric Wood is closing a bit. Teams are starting to believe that Wood may be the best center in the draft.

Pikmin: A tackle could most definitely be the pick. Do you think they could go WR in round 1?

csteuber: Pikmin: Sure, WR is a possibility. There will be some nice talent available: Harvin, Hakeem Nicks, Darrius Heyward-Bey, etc ...

kajjansiblackmamba: Chris, what's your opinion on this years class of centers? Strong, weak or average?

csteuber: Kajjan: This year's center class is very strong. I really like Eric Wood. He may push for a late first-, early second-round selection.

akacoke: Chris, how about Brian Robiskie with the second pick?

csteuber: Akacoke: Robiskie is moving up the draft boards right now. He has a solid pedigree with his father being a WR coach in the NFL. I think Robiskie will ultimately be a high second-round pick.

Pikmin: Is any of the Jay Cutler hype worth thinking about?

csteuber: Pikmin: The Cutler situation is intriguing. If there's a team in the NFL that needs a QB, cough ... Vikings ... I'd get on the phone and see what it will take to get Cutler from the Broncos.

washinr:Vontae Davis at 22?

csteuber: Washinr: I don't think Vontae Davis will be available at No. 22; he'll go between No. 10 - 15.

washinr: How much is a fair trade for Cutler?

csteuber: Washinr: It would probably take the Vikings' first round pick, plus a third to get Cutler.

purplehorns: Do you think the Vikes will go WR with their first pick?

csteuber: Purplehorns: WR is a possibility, especially with Harvin, Nicks and Heyward-Bey possibly available.

jwdalle: Wouldn't the Broncos want an player as well. I mean they have no one after Cutler at QB.

csteuber: Jwdalle: Well, if the Broncos traded Cutler to the Vikings for their first-round pick, I'm almost positive that they would draft either Matthew Stafford or Mark Sanchez.

jwdalle: What about Kenny Britt. I like him a lot.

csteuber: Jwdalle: I like Britt's physical skills, but I worry about his mental approach. He's a little immature and has had some attitude problems, but you can't deny his talent.

vikingms93: Sanchez is overrated.

csteuber: Mark Sanchez is my No. 1-rated QB.

Pikmin: Really? Think the lions go for him?

csteuber: Pikmin: I know the Lions like Sanchez, and although I have him No. 1 in my most recent mock draft (March 1st), I don't think they will ultimately pull the trigger on him with the top spot.

purplehorns: Do you believe the top four tackles will be gone by pick 15 like some insiders do?

csteuber: Purplehorns: I think the four tackles could go in the top-10, but with Andre Smith being a wild card, who knows how far he could fall?

tinotime22: Chris, is Sean Smith on the Vikes' radar?

csteuber: Tino: I think Sean Smith, with his versatility, could add a lot to the Vikings secondary. He's got great size, good speed and excellent playmaking ability. He has the skills to be a star.

kajjansiblackmamba: Assuming the Vikes don't take a WR in the first, is their good value to be found at that position in the 2nd or 3rd round?

csteuber: Kajjan: This is a really deep WR class. You can find good talent from rounds 1-5.

kajjansiblackmamba: Good to hear, thanks.

vikingms93: Chris, explain something to me: Sanchez couldn't beat out John David Booty in college, the vikes get booty late in the draft. How do they rate this guy so high when everyone says Booty will be nothing but a bench player in this league. I don't understand.

csteuber: VikingMS: Pete Carroll likes to go with the veteran guy. It was Booty's time to be the starter; that's why Sanchez took a seat. Sanchez is very smart and is excellent in film study. He's going to be a very, very good pro.

purplehorns: I really like the WR from Oklahoma, Iglesias? What are your thoughts?

csteuber: Purplehorns: Juaqin Iglesias is a very polished receiver. He runs great routes, but isn't a burner. He's a solid possession receiver who has great hands. He can make acrobatic catches and stretch the field. He's a solid second-round pick.

jwdalle: What's up with Rashad Jennings of Liberty. I read some draft sites say that he could play FB in the NFL. I know the Vikes could use a FB like that.

csteuber: Jwdalle: Jennings is a RB. He's a power back with some shiftiness. He's a classic North-South runner who has really good hands. He'll be a late second-, early third-round pick.

vikingms93: And what was wrong with Booty coming out? I know some questioned his arm strength, but I've seen him in warm-ups. I gotta tell you it looks strong to me.

csteuber: Vikingms: It was his arm strength, decision making; I didn't see much upside with him. I thought he would be a good backup QB, but never a quality starter.

vikingspub: A couple more for Chris and we'll let him go ... until next time.

washinr: Chris, would you go Inglesias or Robiskie in Round 2?

csteuber: Washinr: Wow, I would probably go with Robiskie. I like his size, route running and hands. Iglesias is good, but I think Robiskie has more upside.

purplehorns: Is there any chance with the Williams boys we will draft a DT early?

csteuber: Purplehorns: I could see a DT early, especially if Peria Jerry is on the board. Evander Hood is also a possibility, but would be a reach at No. 22.

akacoke: Chris, any second-day players to watch? OTs or special teams types.

csteuber: Akacoke: Two Day Two OTs to watch for are Illinois' Xavier Fulton and Georgia Tech's Andrew Gardner. They're very athletic guys who can become starters.

csteuber: Thanks for the questions guys; I appreciate your time. I'll talk to you soon!

tinotime22: Thanks Chris.

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