Adam Caplan free-agent chat transcript

What's the feeling around the league on Jay Cutler? Will the Vikings make a move there, or how about looking at some well-known wide receivers that could be released or traded in the near future?'s Adam Caplan tells subscribers what he sees happening with the team and some free agents before the draft.

kajjansiblackmamba: Evening Adam.

TheDecoder: Why haven't the Vikes signed more "specials teams" type free agents? The Vikes had one of the worst special teams performances of all time last year.

adamcaplan: THE: Those moves come later on, before training camp opens.

adamcaplan: Getting Heath Farwell back is big though.

CDNvike204: Karl Paymah will help big-time. If he stops his little tour.

adamcaplan: CD: He's more of a dime CB, special teamer. Surprised he's getting so much attention from other teams.

HireLurts: Is Chris Carr out of the picture?

adamcaplan: HI: He's looking at a few options, Carr. Another dime CB, but is a solid KR.

CDNvike204: What's the word on Jay Cutler?

adamcaplan: CD: Deal on Cutler, Denver called 14-16 teams is my understanding. They tried to deal him (Vikings were one of the teams they talked to). Vikings had a mild interest, but I'm told he's not going to the Vikings.

adamcaplan: They know he's very talented, but they have issues, as other teams do, with his personality and other things.

adamcaplan: They will trade him before the draft, if they do at all. Talking to sources around the league, some teams don't really like some things with him. Surprised to hear that, but that's what is out there.

STUDBUZZAR: What's the skinny on Anquan Boldin? Cards looking to trade him?

adamcaplan: STUD: They are far apart on money, that's the problem still.

adamcaplan: MIN, PHI, NYG likely suitors

HireLurts: K. Seifert wrote Tarvaris Jackson was introduced to T.J. Houshmandzadeh during his visit. Does that imply Jackson has the inside tract at starting QB?

adamcaplan: HI: Well T-Jack is technically the starter going into OTAs, not that that means anything.

adamcaplan: I expect Sage Rosenfels to win it. The job is essentially wide open.

adamcaplan: On Cutler, I'd trade for him regardless, he's that good.

HireLurts: Kevin Shaffer was just released by Cleveland. Will the Vikes pursue? Is he a staring RT?

adamcaplan: HI: As I reported earlier tonight, CLE is trying to re-sign Shaffer. If they don't, then he's possible for the Vikings.

JBrowner47: What's your take on Marcus Johnson?

adamcaplan: JB: Never realized his potential and he never could take that RT job.

rafewong888: Adam, what are the chances the Vikings pursue Anquan Boldin?

adamcaplan: RAFE: I think it's possible. They badly need a physical presence opposite Boldin. I'm told the Vikings have $22-$23 M in cap space now.

HireLurts: Is Torry Holt still likely to be released? What's the delay and will the Vikes make a move there?

adamcaplan: HIRE: He'll be released early next week. I don't think he will be coming to Minny, not what they need, but he may be interested in them. We'll see.

azvike19: Adam, are we going to look at any FA LBs? I'd like to see Crowell here.

adamcaplan: AZ: Crowell thinks he can still start though at SLB or WLB and the Vikings don't need either, other than backups.

HireLurts: How does Crowell compare to Leber?

adamcaplan: Crowell, when healthy, is physical.

tantrictoad: Jimmy Kennedy made some excuses for not playing well for all his switching of coaching staffs and systems. Is he a total bust or does Leslia Frazier think he can develop to a solid rotational guy?

adamcaplan: TAN: #4 DT basically. 10-15 plays at best.

JBrowner47: What about Derrick Brooks?

adamcaplan: JB: He may still want to start so he may have to wait a while.

gomba45: Are the Vikings going to get Boldin or are they gonna lose their fan base by not doing anything?

adamcaplan: GO: I think Boldin will draw the Vikings' interest.

HireLurts: What would it take to get Boldin though?

adamcaplan: Hire: Probably first and third. Nice thing is he can play slot and out wide.

rafewong888: Are the Vikes confident about John Sullivan?

adamcaplan: RAF: I would imagine he won't start opening day despite their public statements. Their OL is a major problem now. C, RT and Bryant McKinnie is a weak LT.

CDNvike204: Give us the Matt Birk scoop now please

adamcaplan: CD: Basically I'm told the Vikings thought they had him last Monday night, that's until he agreed to visit the Ravens. It all changed after that.

adamcaplan: I'm also told the Vikings really didn't improve their original offer much from the combine. He did get a little more to sign with the Ravens.

herrmannator: Where do Dre Bly and Shaun Cody end up?

adamcaplan: HERM: Like most veteran CBs, not a big market.

trohan: Why would the Vikings sign Paymah?

adamcaplan: TRO: Specials, dime CB.

azvike19: Are we going to look at vet safety like Mike Brown?

adamcaplan: AZ: Injury prone.

rafewong888: What's up with Benny Sapp. Do the Vikes want him to step in and battle for the nickel?

adamcaplan: RAFE: He did well in what they asked him to do.

HireLurts: Did Brad Meester re-sign with Jacksonville? If not, is he a possibility at C?

adamcaplan: HI: He did re-sign with Jack.

STUDBUZZAR: Someday the real skinny is gonna come out on why we never locked up Matty last year. I'm no expert, but I think he may have lost a step or something. I think Childress is past the personality conflict stuff at this point in his career

adamcaplan: STUD: You hit on it, Birk and Childress had major differences. I don't think Birk could handle being around Childress.

HireLurts: How about Brett Romberg? Worth a look?

adamcaplan: HIRE: He signed with ATL. Can play guard for them or C.

CDNvike204: Oh my god, people, Cutler is a franchise QB. We are friggin lost at QB.

adamcaplan: CD: I think he is, but he's turned off a lot of teams over the years. I still say make the deal.

TheDecoder: The vikes only have 5 draft choices (1,2,3,5,7) [Actually they have six picks, with two in the seventh]. Do you expect them to trade down to fill multiple needs?

adamcaplan: THE: WR, RT, C (possibly), CB depth.

imfuzzy: Hey Adam, just got here. Is Kevin Shaffer from the Browns worth a look at RT for the Vikes?

adamcaplan: IM: Possibly, but he will have to take a small deal.

purplehorns: is Chris McCallister someone the Vikes might be interested in?

adamcaplan: PURP: Don't see why they would be. He's older and has bad knees.

trohan: Is this it for the Vikings in free agency? Rosenfels and re-signing a few players?

adamcaplan: TRO: Depth guys, and outside chance they get in the Boldin sweepstakes.

SFVikeFan: Adam what will it take to land Boldin for compensation to Cards?

adamcaplan: SF: First and third rounders probably.

tantrictoad: Would bringing back Mike Rosenthal with his broken foot be better than Ryan Cook at RT?

adamcaplan: TAN: Rosey is basically retired.

HireLurts: Will they bring back Naufahu Tahi? Karney and Weaver gone.

adamcaplan: HI: Weaver has drawn interest from the Vikings. Average blocker, but very athletic.

Jack2228: Would Orlando Pace fill the RT?

adamcaplan: JAC: I can't see them doing it because of Pace's injury history

Jack2228: Holt?

imfuzzy: I'd rather give a 1st and 3rd for Cutler

adamcaplan: IM: I'm with you. But I'm surprised at the negativity I've heard on Cutler this week. However, I think Denver will still try to move him.

HireLurts: Adam Goldberg is available, solid swing guy, depth?

adamcaplan: HI: I reported today that he has interest from CLE and possibly CHI. He's now in Hawaii for NFLPA voting on new director. He was the STL rep.

imfuzzy: Adam, this may be B.S. But I have a coworker who went to college with Clark Hunt, Chiefs owner, and Clark told him if Cutler gets traded it will be to the Vikes, he heard. Is there any truth to that?

adamcaplan: IM: No idea

SFVikeFan: Adam, sorry to rehash an old subject, but what was the dirt between Birk and Childress ... the "philosophical differences"?

adamcaplan: SF: Scheme for one and how Childress deals with players. From what I'm told, Childress has tried to improve in that area.

STUDBUZZAR: In all my years of watching football. I have never seen a player that you could count on to get a motion penalty thrown on him early in the game as I have seen with Ryan Cook.

adamcaplan: STUD: Cook was a reach when they drafted him. I was at the Senior Bowl the year he came out and he was stiff.

CDNvike204: Is Fran Foley really coming back to us?

adamcaplan: I was shocked they took him in the second round. Actually Foley didn't make that pick.

Jack2228: Didn't they trade up to get Cook?

trohan: No they traded up to get Tarvaris.

adamcaplan: They traded up for T-Jack, that was Childress' call.

HireLurts: Are there any big names left about to receive a roster bonuses, that will be released in the next week or so?

adamcaplan: Hire: Around the league, yes. The Browns have a lot. Donte Stallworth, 4.75M. Derek Anderson, $5M.

Jack2228: Is Derek Anderson better than T-Jack?

adamcaplan: JAC: Anderson fell off big time last year. Many think he got exposed.

trohan: Exposed? How so?

adamcaplan: TRO: The more he played, the more mistakes he made.

imfuzzy: Adam, are you hearing anything on any free agents the Vikes may be interested in other than Paymah and Leonard Weaver, or are we pretty much done in FA?

adamcaplan: IM: I'm expecting depth types later on.

HireLurts: Where did Anderson go wrong, what are his weaknesses? Lots of drops from Braylon Edwards didn't help.

adamcaplan: Anderson mentally didn't have it last season.

Jack2228: is Rosenfels better than Jackson?

adamcaplan: JACK: I expect Rosenfels to win the job.

azvike19: Adam, is Carr out of the picture?

adamcaplan: AZ: He's in play in a bunch of places, 4-5 teams remain interested, Vikings included.

imfuzzy: I read somewhere Kyle Boller is a good QB. He is gun shy after getting assaulted his first couple years as a QB.

adamcaplan: IM: Must have been in the bizarro world about Boller being a good QB.

JBrowner47: Adam, give us a 'bomb shell' cut that will be unexpected in the next week or so.

adamcaplan: JB: I'm expecting Boldin, Cutler, Chad Johnson, Jason Peters to be dealt by draft time. Or at least one of them.

JBrowner47: WOW. Thanks

vikingspub: A couple more for Adam and we'll let him go.

JBrowner47: Jason Peters of the Bills?

adamcaplan: JB: Yes

washinr: Adam, any chance on Donovan McNabb leaving Philly?

adamcaplan: WAS: 10% McNabb gets dealt. They are still far apart on his deal.

imfuzzy: I really believe we are being so quiet and saving our money because we are going to get Cutler. I just have the feeling he will be our big splash this year.

adamcaplan: IM: I'd be surprised if they dealt for Cutler at this time. Based on what I'm hearing.

Jack2228: I assume you would rather have Boldin over Chad?

adamcaplan: JACK: Yes, he's a little younger and more versatile.

azvike19: Adam any interest in M. Wright of NE?

adamcaplan: AZ: Nice 3-4 versatile DL

Jack2228: McNabb = Vikings Super Bowl

adamcaplan: Jack: McNabb had a bad season in 2008. He has major mechanics issues.

HireLurts: Ken Lucas have anything left in the tank?

adamcaplan: HIRE: Nickel CB. Vikings I'm told are still looking for a veteran CB.

adamcaplan: All, have to run, see you soon.

washinr: Thanks, Adam.

JBrowner47: Thanks Adam ... as always!

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