Cutler still a trade possibility?

The Denver Broncos' relationship with Jay Cutler seems to worsen by the week. Now he is reportedly seeking a trade and the Vikings are among the potential trade partners mentioned.

The rumors of the Vikings potentially ending up with Denver quarterback Jay Cutler on their roster are starting to sound like a quote from Michael Corleone in The Godfather Part III – every time we think we're out, they pull us back in.

The Vikings are again being bantered about as a potential landing spot for Cutler, who met with new Broncos head coach Josh McDaniels face to face for the first time since word got out that the Broncos were trying to work a three-way trade (again, potentially involving the Vikings, among other teams) with the Patriots that would send Matt Cassel to Denver, Cutler to another team and that team's first-round draft pick in next month's draft to New England. That didn't happen, but the hard feelings between Cutler and the organization haven't improved. If anything, they've gotten worse.

Cutler was expected to show up to the team's first offseason meetings today, but that apparently isn't going to happen. Cutler remains upset with the potential trade talk and the Denver media has jumped all over it. Cutler and his parents have both reportedly put homes they own in the Denver area up for sale, and even owner Pat Bowlen has conceded that trading Cutler remains an option.

Teams being mentioned as potential suitors are the Titans, Bears, Vikings, Buccaneers and Jets. It isn't clear at this point whether or not the Broncos and Cutler will kiss and make up or if the damage is irreversible. The Vikings, however, publicly maintain that they are satisfied with their current quarterback situation, but head coach Brad Childress and vice president of player personnel Rick Spielman have both had opportunities to close the door on any remaining quarterback trades and have basically taken the approach of "you never say never."

But how often does the chance to get a young established NFL starter come along? The Vikings got Jared Allen under similar circumstances last year – Spielman even referenced that trade when asked about trading for another quarterback – and the potential remains open that, if the price is right, the same could still happen with Cutler.


  • With Darren Sharper remaining a free agent, Steve Hutchinson has taken over as the Vikings' player representative with the NFL Players Association. Sharper was the Vikings player rep last season. Hutchinson cast a vote in Sunday's NFLPA election for a new executive director Sunday to replace the late Gene Upshaw.

  • The NFLPA named DeMaurice Smith as its new executive director Sunday. Smith becomes the third consecutive NFLPA director with a law background. However, his field of expertise has been in the political realm, including ties to President Barack Obama, not labor law. He is said to have no previous labor law experience nor does he have any experience working with the NFL. He beat out finalists Troy Vincent and Trace Armstrong, a pair of veteran players, and attorney David Cornwell.

  • Vikings quarterbacks coach Kevin Rogers was reportedly among those on hand for the pro day of Kansas State quarterback Josh Freeman last Thursday.

  • On the subject of Cutler, rumors out of Detroit say that the Lions might be interested in making a trade with the Broncos because they aren't convinced Matthew Stafford is a lock to be the first overall pick in the draft. If the Denver brass believes otherwise, a trade could happen. However, in this era of megabuck deals at the top of the draft, it would be an expensive gamble, but one Denver may be tempted to make.

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