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As fans and teams make the transition from free agency to the draft,'s Adam Caplan addressed what's still out there in free agency that can help the Vikings. What are the cornerback and right tackle possibilities? How about any WRs? And what is Caplan's feeling on the Vikings' chances with Jay Cutler? Get it all inside with questions from subscribers and answers from Caplan.

kajjansiblackmamba: Welcome, Adam

gomba45: Hey Adam, I know you will be asked about Jay Cutler, but my question is, do you think the Vikes are interested in anybody or are they just focusing on the draft?

adamcaplan: GO: As noted last week, my sense is they will pass on Cutler. I wish I was wrong though.

adamcaplan: Cutler does not have a good reputation around the league.

vanvike: Adam, why hasn't anybody picked up Byron Leftwich?

adamcaplan: VAN: I could read a book in the time it takes Leftwich to get rid of the ball.

bacaudio2002: Should we look to trade Chester Taylor? Is there any value there?

adamcaplan: BAD: Makes no sense, they need him badly to back up. They will likely look to extend his deal.

akacoke: Adam, do you see any left tackles available? Could we make Bryant McKinnie a 'good' right tackle and get a left tackle with upside?

adamcaplan: AKA: They may have to make a trade to get a good RT. Kevin Shaffer is an interesting name. He won't be re-signing with the Browns it looks like.

welram: Is there any interest in Jeff Garcia from Brad Childress?

adamcaplan: WEL: That was their backup plan if they didn't get Sage Rosenfels.

kajjansiblackmamba: I cannot, outside of the Jared Allen deal, recall any 'blockbuster trade' where the team receiving the name player benefitted the most from the deal.

adamcaplan: KAJ: Most of them can be one-sided.

gomba45: Yeah, but they sit on their collective rears and yet do nothing.

adamcaplan: GO: Some teams think he does too much on his own and won't stay within the system.

bacaudio2002: Is there any chance Antoine Winfield gets a new contract with the Vikes?

adamcaplan: BAC: As I reported weeks ago, probably not.

Zanary: I attribute most of the fans' QB unrest to offseason boredom. We're not hurting that badly.

ktb3314: Any interest in Ken Lucas or Samari Rolle?

adamcaplan: KT: Karl Paymah is more of a dime CB, so they may sign a veteran before the draft. My sense is they will sign one.

Zanary: Any potential WRs on the radar?

adamcaplan: ZA: Profootballtalk reported they signed Glenn Holt tonight. He's a No. 4, No. 5 WR and a kick returner.

adamcaplan: Holt is just roster depth. Decent KR though.

gomba45: Will they go after Torry Holt?

adamcaplan: GO: Doubt it on Torry Holt.

Zanary: I'm wondering about the "other" Holt, Anquan Boldin, etc.

adamcaplan: Cardinals still aren't willing to deal Boldin, but I think it will get worse and they'll wind up trading him closer to the draft.

tinotime22: Is Drew Bennett worth a look see for the Vikes?

adamcaplan: TIN: He has good size and probably can play in a WCO. Bad injury history though.

adamcaplan: They have to get size, you're correct. I'd bring him in for the veteran minimum and I'm told they still have around $20 M of cap space.

kajjansiblackmamba: Adam, any word on the Vikings looking at a FA center or RT? Our O-line really needs some help IMO.

adamcaplan: KAJ: Closer to the draft they may sign a center.

Montanavike: A backup center or starter?

adamcaplan: MON: Someone who can challenge for the job.

welram: Have you heard any more about giving John Sullivan a shot?

adamcaplan: WEL: They want him to compete for it. I think they would say off the record that they don't expect him to start.

Montanavike: What do you think of Sullivan

adamcaplan: MON: Developmental player who isn't ready to start.

welram: Still?

adamcaplan: They do like him, but no way he's ready.

gomba45: I wish Darren Sharper good luck, so do you think Tyrell Johnson is the answer at FS?

adamcaplan: GO: Johnson needs to improve in a few areas, but he's smart and seems to have a better grasp of what he's being asked to do.

purplehorns: Do you think Sidney Rice will be a bust?

adamcaplan: PUP: He had a lingering PCL injury which never healed, not much you can do there.

welram: Is there hidden potential with Sage?

adamcaplan: WEL: He's more of the gunslinger type than T-Jack.

bacaudio2002: Is Mark Tauscher a possibility at RT?

adamcaplan: BAC: Probably not because he's coming off of an ACL injury.

Montanavike: How about Childress, is he thinking Sullivan is about ready to start?

adamcaplan: MON: I'll be at the owners meetings next week so I'll ask Chilly and see what he says about Sullivan etc.

PegViking: Hi Adam, how comfortable are the Vikes with Johnson at safety?

adamcaplan: PEG: They are cautiously optimistic, plus I don't believe they offered Sharper a contract.

tinotime22: Would the FA safety from St. Louis interest the Vikes? adamcaplan: TIN: Atogwe?

tinotime22: Yes

adamcaplan: He's their franchise player if that's who you mean. He's not going anywhere.

n8tiveVikefan: Adam, do you see any comp picks coming?

adamcaplan: n8: No idea, will know next week all of it.

Zanary: T-Jack's QB rating was 103 for those last 3 games. He's plenty good enough. Teammates say he needs reps.

welram: He gets really nervous under pressure.

adamcaplan: WEL: In the Eagle game, the players told me T-Jack looked scared at times.

bacaudio2002: What about a fullback? What are they going to do there?

adamcaplan: BAC: Leonard Weaver thing should get done by Friday either way.

Montanavike: I can't believe we blew past Cutler so fast. Any reason to believe we can get him or want to?

adamcaplan: MON: I was told very small chance they get him. I get the sense many inside the walls don't want him.

gomba45: Are the Vikes in the running for Weaver?

adamcaplan: GO: Yes, 2-3 teams are still.

Montanavike: Any surprises, like maybe another Eagle QB?

adamcaplan: MON: Not this year.

ktb3314: What WR in the draft is best fit?

adamcaplan: KT: Kenny Britt would be interesting, size and ability. Little rough around the edges, but skilled.

gomba45: So is the 4th QB gonna be a rookie or a vet?

adamcaplan: GO: Not sure if they do any more at QB.

Montanavike: What's your take on who we go for in the draft and then who do we actually get?

adamcaplan: MON: I'll put out who I think they will get like I always do the week before the draft.

adamcaplan: But as far as what they have to do, get a RT, WR, CB, S.

kajjansiblackmamba: I bet they bring in a URFA for the 4th QB slot in training camp.

adamcaplan: They will have to get a camp arm as the 4th guy, but I wouldn't expect anything of note.

bacaudio2002: Hakeem Nicks or Percy Harvin? Which do you think they are more interested in?

adamcaplan: BAC: An OC from an NFC team told me that Harvin is really a slot WR. Not sure if that makes sense for the Vikings.

Montanavike: I'll wait for that pick, cause you have been pretty close every year!

adamcaplan: MON: I've nailed their early picks pretty well the last 6-7 years.

vanvike: Adam, any chance Childress can guru the "deer in the headlights" look out of T-Jack's eyes?

adamcaplan: VAN: I think Chilly was way too hard on T-Jack, so much that he gets scared sometimes when he's out there.

purplehorns: Do you think there will be a tackle at 22 worthy of that pick or you think we will go WR?

adamcaplan: PURP: I could see them trading down to get a RT as well. There will be some at the end of the round, Eben Britton, late first.

gomba45: How about Nicks in 1st and Loadholt in the 2nd?

adamcaplan: Many believe he's a RT, more than LT.

Zanary: Poor guy, not even April yet and everyone wants the picks

adamcaplan: ZA: I'll probably have more on the Vikings than most teams. That's the way it usually works out for some reason, someone there likes me.

vikingfan50219: If we can pull off a trade for Boldin, will Sage be good enough with these weapons?

adamcaplan: VIK: I'll see for next week's chat on Boldin.

tinotime22: Are they interested in Samari Rolle?

adamcaplan: TIN: There are like 5-6 veteran CBs still left that are solid nickel guys or could start if needed.

Zanary: Yeah, we need another WR threat besides Berrian. Rice is never at full speed.

adamcaplan: ZA: I happened to talk to a few players after that Eagles game (Eagle players) who said they thought Jackson was very tentative as the game progressed.

adamcaplan: ZA: Rice was never healthy last season, keep that in mind. PCL is a brutal injury for a WR.

vikingspub: A couple more for Adam and we'll let him run.

Zanary: True, but he's been hurt when needed most two seasons straight. I gotta assume he's in the doghouse somewhat.

adamcaplan: ZA: He was basically only a red-zone guy last season.

ktb3314: Any chance Michael Crabtree slips to 22?

adamcaplan: KT: No way.

purplehorns: Will Nicks be there at 22?

adamcaplan: PURP: Interesting player. Many like him more than Hayward-Bey.

akacoke: Adam, what is the best thing the Vikes can do on FAs before the draft?

adamcaplan: AKA: I'd sign one of those veteran CBs. Center may wait a little since none of them seem to be getting much interest.

gomba45: Are they gonna sign a CB?

adamcaplan: GO: I'm told they will at some point as nickel competition.

imfuzzy: Is Kevin Schaeffer an upgrade over Ryan Cook?

adamcaplan: IM: Yes, not even close.

adamcaplan: He's only 29, can play RT or LT, better off at RT though.

welram: Cleveland has a right guard that might do us some good. Any info on that?

adamcaplan: WEL: Rex Hadnot is basically a G/C, marginal starter if that's who you mean.

imfuzzy: Do the Vikes want him?

imfuzzy: I meant do the Vikes want Schaffer?

adamcaplan: IM: Haven't heard yet, I think CHI and STL could be interested in him, especially STL.

adamcaplan: CHI is moving Frank Omiyale to RT, which is why they really signed him.

bacaudio2002: Is Sage a lock for the start next season?

taylor29: I saw Cris Carr was signed by the Ravens. Was he even on our radar?

adamcaplan: TAY: Yes, early on, but he has a chance to play there and compete for nickel job. He played mostly dime with TEN and OAK.

imfuzzy: I assume no on Cutler?

adamcaplan: IM: Seems doubtful. Wish it wasn't, but it looks that way.

adamcaplan: Later all.

kajjansiblackmamba: Nite Adam, thanks.

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