Steuber draft chat transcript

Of course, any draft chat concentrates on the first-round pick, and draft analyst Chris Steuber gave his insight there for Vikings fans. But Steuber also talked about value picks in the second round into the mid-round picks. See what he had to say interacting with subscribers.

kajjansiblackmamba: Hi, Chris

csteuber: Hey everyone, thanks for having me this evening.

gomba45: Hi Chris, just wondering if the Vikings are real high on any certain player? Do they like Percy Harvin better than Hakeem Nicks?

csteuber: Gomba45: Believe it or not, I hear that they really like Darrius Heyward-Bey. I've been saying for the longest time that he reminds me of Troy Williamson. I know that's a name you guys are not fond of, but if he's drafted by the Vikings, he will remind you of him. I think they like Percy Harvin as well, but don't count out an OT like Eben Britton.

gomba45: Will they go WR or OT or best available athlete?

csteuber: Gomba45: I think they lean towards a WR in the first round.

JBrowner47: Chris, is Britton a reach at #22

csteuber: JBrowner: I don't think Britton is a reach at No. 22; he'll go anywhere from No. 20 - 33.

metheus: Any chance we trade up and take Mark Sanchez?

csteuber: Metheus: Sanchez is my highest rated quarterback and I'd be surprised if he's not a top-10 pick. It would take a lot for the Vikings to move up and get him. I know the Lions like him a lot, so it could be interesting if they take him with the top pick.

HireLurts: The Vikes were in attendance for Matthew Stafford's workout. Any chance they package a trade up for Stafford?

csteuber: HireLurts: For the Vikings to get Stafford, it would be the same thing with them trying to get Sanchez. It will take a lot and I don't think the Vikings will mortgage the picks to acquire one of them.

metheus: Do you think Harvin's a possibility?

csteuber: Metheus: I think Harvin is a possibility. He's very talented and explosive. I just worry about his injury history. He should be available at No. 22.

kajjansiblackmamba: Chris, what's the real scoop behind Nate Davis' slide down the draft board. Was it just his poor showing at the combine?

csteuber: Kajjans: Nate Davis has really bad mechanics. I think teams are worried about his makeup as a quarterback.

JBrowner47: Is he (Britton) better value than Jamon Meredith at 54?

csteuber: JBrowner: Britton is a solid RT. He primarily played on the right side during his college career. He played at LT this past season.

HireLurts: Heyward-Bey reportedly had one of the lowest Wonderlic scores. Would the Vikes let that impact their position on Bey?

csteuber: HireLurts: Heyward-Bey, although fast, has a long way to go to become a complete receiver. I call him Hazardous-Bey.

metheus: Are the Vikes in the Cutler scene?

csteuber: Metheus: If the Broncos are willing to trade Jay Cutler, I think the Jets are the team he ends up with.

tantrictoad: Could Jaison Williams from Oregon be a sleeper? You projected him as a top 20 receiver before last season.

csteuber: TantricToad: Jaison Williams is a tweener. I liked him a lot as a junior, but he didn't produce this past season. He could move to tight end in the NFL. He'll be a mid- to late-round selection.

RAZMAN: Do you think we are set at QB or will we add another?

csteuber: Razman: I'd like to see the Vikings have a better plan at QB for the future. I'm not sold on Tarvaris Jackson.

HireLurts: Which top corners fill the Tampa 2 zone mold? D.J. Moore, Alphonso Smith?

csteuber: HireLurts: Yes, those two, plus Jarius Byrd; he could be a nice option in the second round.

csteuber: HireLurts: I think it will come down to WR, OT or CB in the first round. They could draft the best player available. I think it will be Heyward-Bey, Britton or Harvin.

JBrowner47: Chris, how about Darius Butler. I really like this kid, better than other CBs.

csteuber: JBrowner: I think you will see a run at CB late in the first round. I'm starting to believe that Vontae Davis will be available at No. 22; he would be an interesting pick for the Vikings.

HireLurts: Nicks put on 15 pounds I read today since the combine, looked like a TE on pro day. Will he drop?

csteuber: HireLurts: Nicks put on weight, I'm not sure why, but I don't think it will hurt him.

gomba45: If Heyward-Bey is gone before we pick, will it be Percy Harvin or Nicks?

csteuber: Gomba: If Heyward-Bey is gone, I think the Vikings go for Harvin.

HireLurts: Of those 3 WR you named, which is best suited for the West Coast? And opposite Bernard Berrian?

csteuber: HireLurts: Nicks is probably the most West Coast-ready receiver of the three. He runs great routes and flashes strong hands.

VikeFromLondon: Is Heyward-Bey legitimate or work out warrior ?

csteuber: VikeFromLondon: Hazardous-Bey is a workout warrior!

PurplePastor: Would the Vikes take Sanchez if he fell to #22?

csteuber: PurplePastor: I don't think the Vikings would hesitate if Sanchez fell to them.

herrmannator: So what's up with Nate Davis being lonely for his pro day?

csteuber: Herrmannator: I was surprised to hear one team showed up to check him out. I don't think he gets selected until the late third, early fourth round.

vikwetzel: Who would be the best option if they wanted a kick returner in Round One?

csteuber: VikWetzel: The best kick returner in the first round would probably be Harvin or Jeremy Maclin

herrmannator: So where is the Michael Oher watch today? I'd like to think it would be Oher, Harvin, Britton, then Davis or Moore

csteuber: Herrmannator: Oher is still a top-15 pick. I haven't updated my mock draft in a while, but I had him going No. 10 overall to the Niners. Not much will change there. My new mock draft will be out at the end of the week.

kajjansiblackmamba: Assuming the Vikes go WR or CB in the first round, are there any good right OTs that should be available when we make our pick in the 2nd round?

csteuber: Kajjans: Phil Loadholt and Jamon Meredith would be good at RT. Meredith has played LT, RT and RG in college. Loadholt is a little slow-footed to play LT in the NFL.

HireLurts: You're not sold on Jackson (although only going into yr. 4 and showed some real signs late last yr vs. Cards)/ Do you think Rosenfels will win the job and do you think the Vikes are still considering other options (Cutler, Derek Anderson, Brady Quinn, Sanchez, etc.)?

csteuber: HireLurts: I think the Vikings would consider all options at quarterback. I think Rosenfels gets his chance to start; he's actually a really nice veteran QB.

purplehorns: If we don't go WR in round 1, who might we target in round 2 at WR?

csteuber: PurpleHorns: I think if the Vikings don't go WR in the first round, the talent dries up in the second. Juaquin Iglesias may be the best on the board when the Vikings pick in the second.

Travis34: You think the Vikes would take Josh Freemen in the second if he slid to them?

HireLurts: Is Brandon Tate an option? Hicks might not have had the year he had if Tate stays healthy?

csteuber: HireLurts: Tate is a very good player; it was a shame he got hurt. He's going to be a mid-round guy and probably a steal for a team.

herrmannator: So Loadholt and Herman Johnson round 4?

csteuber: Herrmannator: I think Herman Johnson will be a third rounder. Teams are looking at him as a RT.

herrmannator: Where does the great "poor man's" fill in the blank Derrick Williams end up going?

csteuber: Herrmannator: Derrick Williams was a major disappointment this offseason. I was expecting a much faster player. He could fall a bit, maybe to the late third round.

JBrowner47: This question comes from Hissingboomslang - IF somehow Oher (or Andre Smith) makes it past Washington at #13, does he see the Vikes possibly entertaining the idea of trading up a few, say at #17 or #19, to make sure they get him?

csteuber: JBrowner: I would be shocked if Oher drops past No. 13, but if he does, San Diego could be a likely destination at No. 16.

PurplePastor: Do the Vikes draft a DT and if so, who and when?

csteuber: PurplePastor: Ziggy Hood is a possibility in the first round, as is Peria Jerry. Fili Moala and Sen'Derrick Marks are possibilities in the second round. The Vikings could draft Dorell Scott in the third.

HireLurts: How early do you see Alex Mack (C) going? Or is John Sullivan a given at C?

csteuber: HireLurts: I think Mack will be an early second-rounder. I'd give Sullivan a chance. I liked him at Notre Dame.

Travis34: Any fullbacks that you think will be great mid-round selections?

csteuber: Travis34: I like Tony Fiammetta and Quinn Johnson as mid-round fullbacks.

tantrictoad: Do they have any confidence Aundrae Allison will develop anymore? Is he on his way out? He doesn't seem to contribute much.

csteuber: TantricToad: Allison is a nice player, but I don't think he'll be anything more than a No. 3 receiver.

HireLurts: I've seen Oher predicted from top 10 to falling into the 2nd round. What are the weaknesses or concerns w/ him?

csteuber: HireLurts: A lot of has to do with Oher having a learning disability and teams are concerned with his ability to pick up a playbook. I think a lot of that is overblown. He's a very good player and whatever team gets him will be very happy.

JBrowner47: HissingBoomslang: Does he like Patrick Chung, William Moore, and Sean Smith as possible Rd 2 guys?

csteuber: JBrowner: I'm a huge Willy-Mo guy. I think he's going to be a tremendous playmaking safety in the NFL. Sean Smith has great size and versatility. He can play FS or CB. Chung is a hard hitter and has good ball skills. I like them all.

HireLurts: As of today, you predict the Vikes will take who at #22? We need a punt returner, Chris, you can fill that role with that kind of speed.

csteuber: HireLurts: I think the Vikings go with Heyward-Bey at this point; that could change to Harvin though.

RAZMAN: Do you think Antoine Winfield will be signed to longer contract?

csteuber: RazMan: Tough call on Winfield; he's 32 now.

csteuber: That's my time for this week. I'll catch up with you guys soon.

HireLurts: Thanks!

herrmannator: Thanks Chris. Always a good time.

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