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Besides the Jay Cutler talk, subscribers had a lot of questions about the Vikings' needs and who in the draft fits those needs.'s Adam Caplan isn't shy about an opinion or real information, and he dishes up on many different topics.

adamcaplan: Hi all

gomba45: Hi Adam, do you think the Vikes will match the offer sheet for Naufahu Tahi or will they go after a free agent (not likely) or a rookie in the draft?

adamcaplan: Originally I thought no way they would match since he's nothing special, but they have to have a FB that can block.

VikeBrand: Hi Adam, Is there a chance for a trade after the draft for Donovan McNabb since Philadelphia hasn't acquired anyone yet? Who's a better choice, McNabb or Jay Cutler?

adamcaplan: VIK: McNabb will not be traded this year. After the season is possible.

taylor29: I see that we are talking to Antoine Winfield's agent. Do you think they will extend his contract?

adamcaplan: TAY:IF they do extend, I doubt it's a significant deal. The Vikings are concerned a bit with his age. He turns 32 in June.

VikingK: Can't Jeff Dugan and Jim Kleinsasser handle that (fullback)?

adamcaplan: VIK: They use Kleinsasser in a different way than FB and because they run it so much, they want to have a true FB.

HireLurts: Any indication as to whether or not Brad Childress has interest in Torry Holt?

adamcaplan: HI: Not much for Holt, bad knees.

VikingK: Kevin Kaesviharn was released by NO. He played for Leslie Frazier in Cincy. Any chance they might look in that direction?

adamcaplan: VIK: He's a backup S, that's it. Can't cover well.

VikingK: That's what I was thinking. I don't know a lot about him

gomba45: Adam will the Vikes sign any free agents before the draft?

adamcaplan: GO: It doesn't matter, the point is they will sign a few backups by the start of camp.

taylor29: Any interest in Marty Booker at all?

adamcaplan: TAY: Don't see why they would.

kajjansiblackmamba: Adam, at the meetings did you get a sense of the owners' opinions on the upcoming negotiations with the NFLPA? Do they think a new deal can be done or are we looking at a lockout in 2011?

adamcaplan: KAJ: They didn't start negotiating yet. They just are trying to decide when to start. They don't have a lot of time, no cap next year.

supermaz: Please tell me the Vikings are not thinking about matching the $1.4 million for Tahi.

adamcaplan: SUP: I hate to say it, they are considering it.

HireLurts: The Cutler talk speculation will continue up to the draft, could the Vikes reemerge with interest or are the completely done with that?

SFVikeFan: Adam - reports are "some elements of Vikes coach staff" were not sold on Cutler with a possible trade ... can you shed light here?

adamcaplan: HI: If you recall what I said in the chat a few weeks ago, they weren't going after Cutler, they don't think they could handle him. And that's what came out in the yahoo article. It's not a talent issue.

supermaz: Is Jason Peters still available and if so what would it take?

adamcaplan: SU: BUF wants to get an extension done, but they are still too far apart. Eagles want him.

VikeBrand: Is Boldin still a possibility/

adamcaplan: If Boldin is made available, I'd expect the Vikings to inquire.

HireLurts: The Winfield talks mentioned 1 vs. 2 vs. 3 year extensions...which is the team pushing and which is the agent aiming for?

adamcaplan: HI: It's not so much the years, it's the APY (average per year) and up-front money. For a guy that's 32, they have to be careful. CBs usually start to regress in their early 30s.

tantrictoad: Winfield has been a freak physically though.

adamcaplan: TANT: I know, no question, he's durable.

HireLurts: Do you think they overspent on Cedric Griffin or was it, in your opinion, a smart signing?

adamcaplan: HI: Haven't seen the contract yet, what's been reported may not be totally accurate. I have to see how it's structured.

tantrictoad: Ken Lucas = bad character

adamcaplan: TANT: Lucas is decent guy. He wants to get starters money so his price needs to come down.

taylor29: Any interest in Jeff Garcia at all?

adamcaplan: TAY: None for the Vikings. He was the fallback plan for Sage Rosenfels.

SFVikeFan: I'd rather have Rosenfels over Garcia anyway.

adamcaplan: SF: Agreed, Rosenfels has a decent arm at least.

gomba45: Why not take a flyer on Michael Vick? What's the worst that could happen. Just think of Koren Robinson. They cut him after he screwed up.

adamcaplan: GO: Vick was a bad QB. That's the difference. Was never committed to the game or practice.

HireLurts: Has Dre' Bly been signed yet? If not, any chance there as a nickel?

adamcaplan: HI: His price also has to come down. Bly can still start. Their practice will drop big time by July. There are a bunch of veteran CBs out there still. Samari Rolle, Chris McAlister.

supermaz: Any other OT's in FA worth a shot, or any available via trade?

adamcaplan: SUP: I talked to Jon Runyan's agent this week. He said he should be ready to go by June or so.

gomba45: What about Mark Tauscher. Why not bring him in to compete for RT?

adamcaplan: Tauscher later. McCarthy said training camp might be a stretch.

taylor29: Percy Harvin or Hakeem Nicks?

adamcaplan: TAY: I actually like Kenny Britt.

adamcaplan: TAY: Harvin is a slot WR. They have that. They could use an outside WR with speed or a WR with size. Yet they wanted T.J. Houshmandzadeh, who is a slot WR.

adamcaplan: Thing about TJH is he has great hands and is a great route runner. He just has no downfield speed

SFVikeFan: Adam, what's your feeling on Darrius Heyward-Bey? Good fit for the Vikes, or a project that will never make it in NFL?

adamcaplan: SF: I don't think he's ready to play year one as far as a significant role.

VikingK: I still believe in Sidney Rice. Just has to stay healthy.

adamcaplan: VIK: I do as well, but they may move on someone there. I'm told if they stay with the pick, probably WR, CB or OT.

taylor29: Can Nicks or Britt be an instant starter?

adamcaplan: TAY: I think all the top WRs have a big upside, but may need to be brought in slowly.

Wasswa: Are they talking about trading the pick for a vet? Or do you mean move down?

adamcaplan: WAS: I don't see trading for a veteran, OTs usually aren't moved.

gomba45: In that specific order or best available.

adamcaplan: GO: We're four weeks away, I'll try to get the order as we get closer.

SFVikeFan: I don't see Bey's weakness being hands ... I see it as reading coverages and adjusting his routes accordingly/route running

tantrictoad: Bey reminds me of a not-as-good version of the Ohio State guy Miami took so high.

adamcaplan: Each of these WRs have some type of issue that prevents them from being the perfect guy. I'd like to see them 2-3 years down the road.

taylor29: I haven't seen much tape on Loadholt. Is he a good fit for us?

adamcaplan: TAY: Second rounder

supermaz: You don't waste first round choices chasing a RT.

adamcaplan: SU: That's why Eben Britton may drop. Some teams see him as RT, not LT.

JBrowner47: Adam, tell us about Jamon Meredith if he's on the radar for round two. Better than Loadholt?

adamcaplan: JB: 2-3 round OL

HireLurts: Do you expect these remaining free agents to sign shortly before the draft to secure a spot or wait until after the draft for the best situations?

adamcaplan: HI: There's no rush to sign anyone at this point. Usually a few days before the draft a few vets sign, but that's it.

SFVikeFan: Adam, who do you see as the best pure RT in the draft?

adamcaplan: SF: Problem is there are some that can play both sides. There are a bunch like Andre Smith some think should play RT, not LT.

vikesfanad28: Do you see the Vikings trying to go after Green Bay's free agent RT (Mark Tauscher) at all?

adamcaplan: VIK: Not sure why they would, considering he was hurt in December

VikingK: We'd better do something with the line because we were so-so at best last year with Matt Birk.

adamcaplan: VIK: OL is a big problem as it stands now. RT, C especially.

HireLurts: Is Michael Oher's learning disability a legitimate concern or has that been overblown?

adamcaplan: HI: He's interesting, no question, but I think he goes in the 20's

Wasswa: Where does Pat White get drafted? Do the Vikes like him?

adamcaplan: WAS-3-4th because of position versatility.

Viking24: Any Viking starters going to be put up for trade bait?

adamcaplan: VIK: If they take a WR in the first, Rice could be dealt especially if they take a WR with size.

HireLurts: The chat preview mentioned you sat with Chilly in a roundtable breakfast...give us some nuggets.

adamcaplan: HI: QB is totally open, Chilly was very honest on Tarvaris Jackson's issues. I thought Chilly was pretty good. He really likes Rosenfels. Can tell he won't hesitate to give him the job.

SFVikeFan: Adam, what's your feeling on the Vikes moving Bryant McKinnie to RT and drafting a LT?

adamcaplan: SF: Problem is McKinnie is too passive at times. You want the RT to be the power guy.

JBrowner47: What's the highest you see the Vikes trade up for a player they like in round one?

adamcaplan: JB: I think if the right OT is there, they will move up

JBrowner47: Did it surprise you to learn the Vikes were the first to speak with the Broncos regarding Cutler?

adamcaplan: JB: Not what I was told. I was told DEN called them during the trade attempt. Matt Cassel, etc. It doesn't make very much sense that the Vikings would call if their staff had doubts about Cutler.

adamcaplan: Don't you think Chilly would discuss it with them first?

JBrowner47: Why would have Denver contacted the Vikes instead of the other 30 teams in the league?

adamcaplan: JB: DEN called every team that they thought needed a QB. I mentioned that a few weeks ago.

vikesfanad28: Really, I don't understand the Vikings sometimes. They are a team on the verge on doing something deep this year in the playoffs and they let the most valuable position go untouched.

adamcaplan: VIK: QB isn't the biggest concern, OL is. Not even close. Problem is they wanted Vernon Carey, and were prepared I'm told to pony up – and Jordan Gross even more so. They never got a chance.

adamcaplan: I would say MIN OL is now less than average.

vikesfanad28: Rosenfels though hasn't proved as much though.

adamcaplan: VIK: Difference is he will make the easy pass and won't miss like T-Jack. I got the sense that Chilly really thinks Rosenfels can win for them. In fact, I'd say T-Jack has no margin for error.

washinr: Why does everyone know the OL is bad except the leaders of this team.

adamcaplan: WASH: Believe me, they know it's a problem.

SFVikeFan: Adam, what does Chilly think TJ's biggest weakness is?

adamcaplan: SF: Decision-making I got a sense of when talking to him. Making the right read. We discussed the Asante Samuel INT.

washinr: They should be trading for OL help just like they did for DL help last year.

adamcaplan: WAS: But there aren't any available.

vikesfanad28: Adam, do you see the Vikings trading up to get Percy Harvin at all in the draft? He would be a good fit with Bernard Berrian.

adamcaplan: VIK: Don't see why they would. He's a slot WR.

vikesfanad28: What about the North Carolina receiver?

adamcaplan: VIK: Nicks would be a fit. I think Vikings are prepared to move up if need be.

HireLurts: T-Jack throws a pick vs. Philly and he's mistake prone, Eli does the same thing the next week and it's all about Philly's D. Bad rap. Vikes D gave up the big Brian Westbrook TD.

adamcaplan: HI: And Brian Westbrook's knee was spaghetti that game. He looked slow on that TD run. He had surgery last month.

Wasswa: Does Karl Paymah make the team?

adamcaplan: WAS: Dime CB, special teams. That's what he does. Minor signing.

washinr: Well, OL help should be the emphasis of the draft in the first round and pick up a CB and WR later.

adamcaplan: WAS: I agree, that's why I think they trade up.

stevemfpayne: Adam, joined late, any chance on Cutler?

adamcaplan: STEVE: Same thing I said two weeks ago, probably not. It's not talent related.

Wasswa: Any sense on who they target if they move up? Michael Oher?

adamcaplan: WAS: Gawd no. Oher will be there. OT is the only position I see them trading up for.

gomba45: What's wrong with Oher?

adamcaplan: GO: Not even top-5 OT

SFVikeFan: Wow, really?

SFVikeFan: I wonder if Oher can grasp an NFL playbook, blocking schemes.

adamcaplan: SF: Teams think he will take some time to be ready.

HireLurts: William Beatty, available at #22? Worth it?

adamcaplan: HI: He should be there.

adamcaplan: All, see you next week.

Wasswa: Thanks, Adam.

taylor29: Thanks, Adam.

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