George talks big about failed comeback

Quarterback Jeff George told Yahoo that he would have a Super Bowl ring if Brad Childress had allowed him to come back in 2007 with the Vikings.

Sometimes bitterness is an ugly thing.

Just ask Jeff George, the former Vikings quarterback who, at age 42, is trying to make a NFL comeback. In a story on Yahoo! Sports, George stated his case that the Vikings should have brought him back.

George, who posted a 8-2 record in 1999 as the team's starter, attempted to make a comeback with the Vikings in 2007 when Brad Childress was in his second year as head coach and the Vikings were looking for a veteran to replace Brad Johnson. George reached out to the Vikings in hopes of resurrecting his career, only to have Childress shoot him down … big time. When asked about the possibility of bringing George back to the purple and gold, Childress didn't mince words, saying that George should go to a fantasy camp if he wanted to continue his playing career.

In an interview with Michael Silver, who has been a point man on the malaise expressed by Gus Frerotte over losing his starting job and not getting it back when he was healthy, George fired his own shot across the bow of the Vikings ship.

George's confidence isn't lacking and he believes the Vikings would have been a perfect marriage if not for Childress.

"If I was in Minnesota, I guarantee I'd be wearing a (Super Bowl) ring right now," George said. "I just can't get over why somebody like Brad Childress wouldn't take a look at me and have me as the third guy on their roster. Put me in and I'll pick right up where I left off in '99 – but this time with Adrian Peterson, so I wouldn't have to throw it nearly as much."

George had the benefit of having Robert Smith, Randy Moss and Cris Carter in 1999, but didn't get past the divisional round of the playoffs. And that was 10 years ago. While Childress may have been out of line for quashing George's dreams of returning to the NFL, a decade after his first run of success with the Vikings, it would seem time for George to admit that his playing days are over. 20/20 hindsight is fine if you can back up your case, but George seems to be grasping at straws with this one.


  • Former Viking Maurice Hicks is scheduled to meet with the Buffalo Bills Monday. The Bills are expected to be without star running back Marshawn Lynch for at least a couple of games to start the season. Lynch was arrested last month with marijuana and a loaded handgun in his vehicle.

  • The re-signing of Naufahu Tahi could have a double benefit for the Vikings. Word out of Cincinnati is that with Tahi off the board, the Bengals are likely to target Packers fullback John Kuhn.

  • Former Viking Darrion Scott is looking for a return to the NFL, but is finding the market difficult at best. Scott, who was released by the Vikings and suspended for three games after being charged with putting a plastic dry cleaning bag over the head of his crying 2-year-old son, still maintains that he wasn't trying to injure the boy, but rather trying to teach him a lesson about not being scared of the bag in a story in the Pioneer Press. Initially, he said he was playing with his son and that was how the bag got over his head. It would seem that his story has changed, but the rationale behind it remains as mysterious as it was from the start.

  • Wake Forest linebacker Aaron Curry is scheduled for private workout with the Chiefs. Kansas City currently holds the third pick in the draft and many draft analysts believe they will take Curry, viewed as the best defensive player in the draft.

  • The Vikings are among the teams scheduling a visit with Wake Forest cornerback Alphonso Smith, according to Smith is said to have visits scheduled with the Vikings, Broncos, Falcons, Steelers, Titans and Patriots – which would make him one of the more popular pre-draft prospects out there.

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