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Vikings fans wanted to know which tackles or wide receivers might be available for them in the first and second rounds, and which ones would be good fits. Who has the best potential and who is the safest pick? draft analyst Chris Steuber answered those questions and more in Wednesday night draft chat.

csteuber: Hey everyone... a couple of announcements before we begin. I spoke to five scouts tonight from different teams and they're buzzing about USC QB Mark Sanchez's performance at the Pro Day today. Also, the debut of Scout NFL Radio will take place on April 7. I'll be hosting the show; stay tuned for more details.

herrmannator: So, my weekly Michael Oher update, any chance at 22?

csteuber: Herrmannator: I don't see Oher lasting until No. 22. I was told by a reliable source that the Cincinnati Bengals will select Oher at No. 6, if both Eugene Monroe and Jason Smith are off the board. The Bengals coaching staff loved him at the Senior Bowl.

herrmannator: I can't believe the bungles would let Andre Smith by them, and perhaps Alex Boone later in the draft to address their tackle and police blotter needs.

kajjansiblackmamba: Chris, where do you see Josh Freeman, the QB from Kansa State, going? Mid first or later?

csteuber: Kajjans: I think Freeman will be a first-rounder. He still has a long way to go until he becomes a starter, but in a draft year where there isn't much depth at the QB position, Freeman will benefit. I think he will go anywhere between No. 17 - 22.

HireLurts: Is Eben Britton likely to last til #22 and is he starting material from day one at RT? What are his weaknesses?

csteuber: HireLurts: Britton will be available at No. 22 and the Vikings will consider him. He would solve their RT problems. Britton isn't the best athlete and struggles to get to the second level. But he's physical and is experienced on the right side.

vikingsteve: Chris, do you see the Rams going any way with the second pick other than OT if they don't trade down?

csteuber: VikingSteve: The Rams need an OT and Jason Smith or Eugene Monroe should be the selection.

herrmannator: Does Freeman remind you of Jason Campbell?

csteuber: Herrmannator: Freeman reminds me of Daunte Culpepper when he entered the draft in '99. Culpepper had a strong arm and was very athletic. Freeman is the same kind of player. He just needs time to develop. He has to work on his mechanics and decision-making.

HireLurts: Sanchez reportedly looked great at Pro Day and is moving up the charts. Where to you see him landing and do you see Denver in the mix for him in a Cutler deal?

csteuber: HireLurts: I've been saying it since Day One: Mark Sanchez is the best QB in the draft. And if the Detroit Lions select Matthew Stafford over Sanchez, they will regret it.

HireLurts: Didn't Culpepper lead the NCAAA in completion percentage? Freeman is down in the 50's...

herrmannator: Couldn't agree with you more. Sanchez just commands the field better.

csteuber: HireLurts: I'm comparing them physically. Culpepper had great accuracy in college, but he also had issues with his mechanics.

akacoke: Chris, if you had to choose in the first round: Vontae Davis, Peria Jerry, Eben Britton?

csteuber: AkaCoke: Between those three, I'd probably go with Britton because he would start right away. Jerry is an intriguing pick and so is Ziggy Hood.

herrmannator: So does Brian Robiskie make it to the third round?

csteuber: Herrmannator: Robiskie will be an early second-round pick.

vikingsteve: Chris, who do you see Freeman going to in the first, besides Tampa?

csteuber: VikingSteve: I have to believe the New York Jets will have interest in Freeman, especially if they're unable to land Jay Cutler.

Jay14: If the Vikings go receiver at 22, where will they get there upgrade at RT?

csteuber: Jay14: The Vikings could get their RT in the second round. Phil Loadholt and Jamon Meredith are good options.

gomba45: Hi Chris, just wondering if Percy Harvin will be available when the Vikings draft at 22?

csteuber: Gomba45: Yes, I believe Harvin will be available at No. 22. I think Crabtree, Maclin and Heyward-Bey will be drafted before Harvin.

HireLurts: Do you see either center Alex Mack or Max Unger making it to Vikings' second-round pick? Which do you like better?

csteuber: HireLurts: I don't think Mack or Unger will make it to the Vikings' pick in the second round. If they want a center, they'll have to reach for Jonathan Luigs.

kajjansiblackmamba: Chris, any Day 2 QBs with good upside?

csteuber: Kajjans: I really like Stephen McGee (Texas A&M); he has nice upside. Mike Reilly from Central Washington is another one to watch. Michigan State's Brian Hoyer is also creating a stir.

herrmannator: How about Jaison Williams? Round 4/5?

csteuber: Herrmannator: Jaison Williams could be converted into a tight end in the NFL. He has great size, but his speed isn't there. I think he will be a mid-to-late round pick.

HireLurts: Sage Rosenfels went in the fourth round, what did you think of him coming out?

csteuber: HireLurts: Rosenfels was a good QB, not special. He had good qualities and nice size, but he had to work on his decision-making.

HireLurts: I read Meredith has some character concerns. Will the Vikes still consider him? Do you know what he got in trouble for?

csteuber: HireLurts: As far as I know of, Meredith is clean. I haven't heard of any off-the-field issues with him.

herrmannator: I'd really like Loadholt. Which CB makes it down to the Vikings in round 2? Sean Smith, Alphonso Smith, Mike Mickens, etc...

csteuber: Hermmannator: The Vikings could hope for a CB like Jairus Byrd or Mike Mickens or Asher Allen. I don't think Sean Smith or Alphonso Smith falls that far.

herrmannator: Luigs in Round 2? What about Caldwell? Or Anthony Parker?

csteuber: Herrmannator: I don't think Luigs is second-round material, but if a team is desperate enough, they could take him. Caldwell and Parker are mid-round picks.

herrmannator: What about Drew Willy?

csteuber: Herrmannator: What about Drew Willy? He will be lucky if he's drafted. He's fallen out of favor with teams.

HireLurts: The Vikings are bringing in Nicks, Harvin, Juaquin Iglesias, and Britt for visits ... who do you think they like the best of the group?

csteuber: HireLurts: Of the four WRs, I think Hicks is the most complete WR; Harvin is the most explosive; Iglesias is steady and will become a quality possession receiver, but Britt has the potential to be very, very special.

akacoke: If we wait until the third round for OL, would Gerald Cadagan or Troy Kropog be capable of upgrading our RT position?

csteuber: AkaCoke: I think the Vikings should grab an OT in the second if they don't get one in the first. Cadagan has improved his stock over the last few months, but if you can get Loadholt or Meredith in round two, you jump all over them.

herrmannator: What fullback has a chance to actually be a good pro?

csteuber: Herrmannator: I think Quinn Johnson is spectacular. He's very good and versatile. One guy to keep an eye on is Houston's Mark Hafner. He's a tough player and an excellent receiver.

herrmannator: So with some distance, where does Derrick Williams end up?

csteuber: Herrmannator: Derrick Williams didn't help himself at the Combine and I think he could fall into the late third round.

HireLurts: Is Will Beatty (T) someone who could fall to Vikes in round 2? Where does he fall short compared to the tier 1 guys?

csteuber: HireLurts: I don't think Beatty will fall that far, a lot of teams really like him.

HireLurts: Who would complement Bernard Berrian best of that group and fit the WCO?

csteuber: HireLurts: I really think Hakeem Nicks is the perfect West Coast offense receiver. He has good size and quickness. He runs great routes and flashes strong hands. To me, he's the most complete WR in the draft.

herrmannator: So how far does Michael Johnson fall? What do you think of Vance Walker? He reminds me of Brandon Mebane?

csteuber: Herrmannator: I think Michael Johnson has a chance to be a late first-rounder. But I believe he will be a high second-round pick. Vance Walker is a nice player. He's not dominant, but he plays with a high motor and does a nice job in the trenches.

vikingspub: A couple more for Chris and we'll let him boogie ... he's actually pretty good at that (just kidding).

HireLurts: If you are the Vikes, who do you hope most to see at #22?

csteuber: HireLurts: In my most recent mock draft, I have the Vikings selecting Darrius Heyward-Bey. Unfortunately, I compare him to Troy Williamson. But if I were making the pick on need, I'd probably go with Eben Britton.

herrmannator: So does Nate Davis have any visits planned since no one came to him? Is it a pro day if you are on the field alone?

csteuber: Herrmannator: I haven't heard many good things about Nate Davis from scouts. A lot of teams think he's too slow, has too many flaws and is a major project.

HireLurts: With all the Cutler talk, where do you think he lands? Do you think the Vikes would/should part with #22 in an effort to land him?

csteuber: HireLurts: If I were to guess where Cutler ends up, I'd say with the New York Jets for the 17th pick.

csteuber: Well, that's my time for this week ... until next time. Remember, April 7 is the debut of Scout NFL Radio ... more information will be available shortly.

vikingspub: Thanks Chris. We'll have Adam Caplan in the chat room at 9 p.m. Central Thursday.

washinr: Thanks, Chris.

herrmannator: Thanks Chris, pleasure as always.

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