Vikings fans react to Cutler trade

The reaction of Vikings fans to the news that Jay Cutler is now a Chicago Bear varied wildly on's message boards, from those thinking the Bears overpaid to those wishing the Vikings had made the move.

Maybe the best barometer of a fair trade is having different people think each side got the better deal. For sure, quarterback Jay Cutler going to the Bears is a big deal one way or another. Either they got a quarterback who can lead them deep into the playoffs, or the rest of the team will be too hampered by losing two first-round picks and a third-rounder that they will have too many other issues on the roster for Chicago to overcome.

Here is a sampling of one message board thread from's subscriber message board:

From kuhnhound: Well (expletive). Oh well, go get him Jared (Allen). Fresh meat.

From sddartman: As bad as the Bears line is, our D-line will eat him for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

From Zanary: Yes! The "let's trade the farm and all the livestock" parade is OVER!!!!!

From dtemp3284: That really surprises me. I thought Denver would want to hold out a bit and see just how crazy (owner Daniel) Snyder would get with his offer. (Broncos coach Josh) McDaniels must like (QB Kyle) Orton more than (Redskins QB Jason) Campbell, but I question why. Campbell is more talented and I think if that poor guy was able to have the benefit of the same offensive coordinator and system to play in for longer than one season he could be a big-time star. Kudos to the Vikes for not getting sucked into this. I don't know that I'm going to bother checking the boards for a week or so with all the insane comments this is going to generate. I can't wait to hear how the Bears are the new Super Bowl favorites in the NFC for the next 12 years. Ah, who am I kidding, I'll be checking every half hour, some of the comments on this whole deal have gotten so ridiculous that it's actually entertaining at this point. I'm just glad this is done and everyone can focus on the draft like we should be in April. I would have preferred he (had) not gotten traded into the division, but these things happen. Let's get that O-line solidified and maybe get another wide-out for our QB duo.

From VikingK: I would have preferred him in the AFC, and this does make the Bears better but they are still lacking at receiver, have a weak O-line and a fading defense with no # 1 picks to replenish an aging talent base. I'm not frightened.

From DrB64: Jared Allen won't get double-digit sacks this year as he won't sack Cutler. Cutler was sacked once every 56 throws last year. He knows how to avoid the pass rush. I wish like heck we weren't stupid enough to waste picks on a DE if it meant we wouldn't go after Cutler. We are just stupid. I might just cancel the old DirecTV and screw football until (Vikings coach Brad) Childress is gone. What a waste of talent. It's OK to waste picks on a DE but a franchise QB? Why would we do that? Being a VIkings fan is just a curse. I'd rather not watch than see Cutler destroy us.

From vaviking: They're about as happy with Campbell here in DC as we are with T-Jack (Tarvaris Jackson); but they give it better spin. I cannot wait to see Allen plow through him 4-6 times this year! The bears don't pick until 49 now and probably in the low 40s next year, so their overall talent will suffer (even more) too. We'll be a better overall team by keeping the picks.

From jimmyinsd: Cutler wasn't playing behind the Bears O-line either. Cutler had targets in Denver, what does he have in Chitown? As far as not following the Vikes anymore, well don't let the door hit ya in the a$$ on the way out.

From 94east: The Bears don't draft well anyway other than (RB Matt) Forte. I think that this trade works out really well for the Bears and not so good for the Vikes. Chicago already has a solid running back who ran for over 1,200 yards with a bad O-line, as you would say (by the way they just added Orlando Pace as a stopgap). Now they will bring in a receiver or two and they will be pretty formidable competition for us. Remember, they were 9-7 last year with Orton/Grossman and a bad O-line. This just made the NFC North very competitive, people. Are you ready for some football!

From beauford: Thank god we didn't give up what the Bears did. Now that the Bears gave up all that, we should trade up and get one of the top QBs in the draft!

From robertdavis84: Yeah no kidding. Talk about expensive. After giving up our 1st round pick last year there is no way we could have afforded that.

From frescante: Amen … now all we have to worry about is fortifying the depth on this team through the draft, and praying to God one of our QBs plays well.

From longvikesfan: Really guys! I think this just made the Bears respectable. I hope we go for the best player available. That works out the best in the long run. I also STILL do not have much faith in out head coach. Maybe 9-7 this year, another lost year. Same song, second verse. But I will never quit being a Vikes fan. The players are the best! Lots of good guys there!

From 5844cx: Two firsts and a third for Jay Cutler is not a crazy price to pay. If I were the Bears, yeah, I'd do this deal.

From EatPurple: We'll laugh last as Cutler shreds our defense … wondering about this one.

From dtemp3284: I think we should look at trading down a little this year and get extra picks next year so as to make a strong run at the much deeper, and projected stronger batch next year. With the crop of QBs being as deep as they are for 2010, we shouldn't have to give as much to land one of the better prospects and still leave ourselves in great position to fill other areas.

From briboy75: I don't like this move for the Bears. Orton wasn't their biggest issue. The Bears have too many players that are past their prime. Their O-line used to dominate. They need more youth, and are giving up too much. They have too many holes. Cutler is clearly better than Orton, but not enough better to justify what they gave up. I think the Bears could have done better through the draft.

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