Childress: 230 pounds of A.D. likely too much

Vikings coach Brad Childress wants his players to be at an efficient body weight and he indicated Adrian Peterson's goal of 230 pounds is probably too heavy.

Vikings running back Adrian Peterson has been telling reporters for the last month or so that he would like to gain weight. The latest was him telling media at Tuesday night's Minnesota Wild game that he would like to reach 230 pounds by the start of the NFL season.

"I think naturally he'll add good weight as he goes through his career," head coach Brad Childress said Wednesday. "I think just adding weight to say I'm going to get 10 pounds heavier probably doesn't have a lot of merit to it."

When informed that the 230-pound mark came from Peterson, Childress indicated that would be too heavy for his star running back.

"The 230, the 12 pounds extra … I'm thinking he's probably not going to get to 230, nor does he want to be at 230. And I would have no trouble telling him that or you," Childress said.

Childress said the key is finding a good playing weight, one that allows the player to be efficient.

"We use a thing called a bod pod that measures lean muscle mass. I'd be embarrassed to tell you what percentage fat I am, but when you have something that can give something to you quantitatively … you just want guys to be efficient with what they have," he said.

Peterson, who led the league with 1,760 rushing yards in 2008, was listed at 217 pounds at the end of last year.

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