Chris Steuber draft chat transcript

After getting through the first-round possibilities,'s Chris Steuber laid out a couple of names that make sense for the Vikings in the second round and answered numerous questions from subscribers about the value of some mid-round picks. It all took place in a Wednesday night draft chat for subscribers.

csteuber: Ok, I'm ready when you are.

herrmannator: OK, my weekly Michael Oher update. Any chance at 22?

csteuber: Herrmannator: No chance from what I'm being told. Cincinnati and Jacksonville are after Oher.

lightn24: Is Percy Harvin off the Vikes' board?

csteuber: Light: I have Harvin out of my first round in my latest mock draft. I think he will fall.

kajjansiblackmamba: Chris, will the character issues surrounding him cause Harvin to drop far?

csteuber: Kajjans: Harvin is talented, but his maturity and injury history are a major concern.

kajjansiblackmamba: Killed 2 birds with one answer, thanks Chris.

herrmannator: Bummer, so William Beatty vs. Eben Britton, what do you think?

csteuber: Herrmannator: I think Britton will be the pick; he's a great fit at RT.

akacoke: Can Britton play left tackle?

csteuber: AkaCoke: Britton primarily played RT at Arizona. I think he fits on the right side the best.

kirbyfan: What about a draft-day trade? Do you see them moving down and adding a pick?

csteuber: KirbyFan: I think there will be enough value at No. 22 for the Vikings to make a good choice.

herrmannator: What do you think of Kenny McKinley? I always liked him at USC

csteuber: Herrmanator: So everyone knows, McKinley is from South Carolina. When I see USC, I think Southern Cal. I like McKinley; he has good size and speed, but he will be a mid-round pick.

johnnyrocker: Will it be best player available or need choice? Championships are won with defense. Stack that D!

csteuber: JohnnyRocker: I think Britton is a quality choice for the Vikings; a WR like Heyward-Bey is also possible.

lightn24: How about Pat White in the 2nd or 3rd round?

csteuber: Lightn: I think Pat White will be a late second-, early third-round pick.

Alamo1: Are the Vikes talking to Cleveland about any trades?

csteuber: Alamo: I haven't heard any rumored deals involving the Vikings.

herrmannator: Are reports accurate about a 1st and a 3rd for Jason Peters? What's the downside in that trade?

csteuber: Herrmannator: I don't see much of a downside to a deal for Jason Peters, besides the mega-deal he wants.

PurplePastor: Do you think the Vikes will go WR in the first or something else, and if something else, what?

csteuber: PurplePastor: I have Britton going to the Vikings in my mock draft, but a WR is possible.

vanvike: How about Louis Murphy in 2nd rd?

csteuber: VanVike: Louis Murphy is an interesting player, because he has great size and tremendous speed. He has to improve his route running and be more consistent catching the ball. But he has good value as a late second-round pick.

Alamo1: Would the Vikes reach for Phil Loadholt if Britton is gone?

csteuber: Alamo: Loadholt in the first round? That's a major reach!

srommes: Chris, how about Peria Jerry at 22?

csteuber: Srommes: I could see Jerry going to the Vikings, but if Britton is on the board he makes more sense.

washinr: I like Kenny Britt better than Darrius Heyward-Bey.

csteuber: Washinr: Hazardous-Bey; I'm telling you steer clear!

herrmannator: Max Unger vs. Alex Mack?

csteuber: Herrmannator: Mack is what you want if you're looking for a true center. Unger is what you want if you need a versatile lineman.

VikingDave: Brandon Tate in Round 2?

csteuber: Viking Dave: I think the second round is too high for Tate. He's probably a late third, early fourth.

lancep1: Any chance we take two offensive lineman before we address WR or CB? Especially if Unger is available in the 2nd round?

csteuber: Lancep: I don't see two O-linemen, but at least one.

VikeFromLondon: If we take Britton in Round 1, would Juaquin Iglesias (WR) be a good second-round pick ?

csteuber: VikeFromLondon: Iglesias or Murphy are second-round options.

herrmannator: Chris, secondary in the mid or late rounds. Keenan Lewis or Jahri Word, can they play?

csteuber: Herrmannator: Lewis is a player and he could go in the third round. Word is a mid-round guy with some upside. A player to keep an eye on is Kevin Barnes from Maryland. He's a really good player.

purpleandgold18: What is the knock on Aaron Kelley from Clemson? He seems to have good size speed hands to me.

csteuber: PurpleandGold: I like Kelly as well, but he's not physical and shies away from contact. He was my No. 1 senior receiver prior to the 2008 college football season, but he was a major disappointment.

herrmannator: I've seen Kenny Britt compared to Larry Fitzgerald, and Andre Johnson, serious?

csteuber: Herrmannator: I just hope Kenny Britt doesn't turn into the next Jerry Porter. He has tremendous talent, but an ego the size of T.O.

gxxr1000: Butler too early at 22?

csteuber: GxxR: No, Butler is rising right now. There are teams that view him as the best CB in the draft. The Vikings could draft a CB, but I think OT or WR is the direction they go in.

kajjansiblackmamba: Chris, assuming the Vikes go WR and OT (in either order) on Day One, what C would make a good round 3 pick?

csteuber: Kajjans: I think A.Q. Shipley would be a solid pick in the third round. He's moving up boards right now as well.

lancep1: If we go O-line in the first, what is the thought for the next two rounds?

csteuber: Lancep1: I'd say WR and CB; drafting a C is also possible.

VikingDave: Eric Wood in Round 3?

csteuber: VikingDave: Eric Wood could go as high as the late first round. If he gets out of the first, he will be an early second-round pick.

herrmannator: Barnes has had injury problems at Maryland, right?

csteuber: Herrmannator: Yes, Barnes has been injured, but when he's healthy - he's one of the best.

washinr: Rick Spielman says there are 3 guys they would be happy with at 22. Any ideas?

csteuber: Washinr: I can't say for sure who they're looking at; I can only give you my educated opinion.

vikingdirk28: Is there any chance the Vikes take Vontae Davis if he's still there with #22?

csteuber: VikingDirk: I've said it before, there will be a lot of value at the CB position with the 22nd pick. Vontae Davis is a major possibility, as is Darius Butler.

lightn24: Is there good value in the 2nd and 3rd rounds if the Vikes move down?

csteuber: Lightn: Good value at what position? I think if Britton is on the board, the Vikings shouldn't hesitate to make the pick.

herrmannator: Thanks Chris. What's the word on House Johnson? Is he comparable to Leonard Davis?

csteuber: Herrmannator: I'm impressed by Herman Johnson's commitment to lose weight and get in great shape. He's done well for himself. He has a chance to play RT in the NFL. I don't know who I would compare him to, because he's such a big man.

purpleandgold18: What round do you see Zack Follett going in? And what type of special teamer would he be considering how terrible ours was last year?

csteuber: PurpleandGold: I see Follett going in the fourth round. He's an intense player and if he's asked to play special teams I think he will do a great job.

Buttle: Is there any punt or kickoff return specialists available in the later rounds? The Vikes need one.

csteuber: Buttle: Remember this name: Michael Ray Garvin, CB from Florida State. He's small, but extremely fast and elusive.

VikingDave: Any chance of Oher slipping to 22?

csteuber: VikingDave: I don't see Oher falling that far.

herrmannator: So how far does Andre Smith fall?

csteuber: Herrmannator: I don't see Andre Smith falling out of the top-15. I currently have him going to the Redskins at No. 13.

gxxr1000: All that I will say is that if we were to land Butler I would be doing cartwheels all over the house.

lightn24: How much better is Britton than Loadholt? Loadholt seems to be a better run blocker.

csteuber: Lightn: Britton is a better athlete than Loadholt. Britton could also play LT at the next level, where I think Loadholt is strictly a RT. Britton has more upside.

herrmannator: Mixed opinions on Willie Moore, I know you like him, where do you see him going?

csteuber: Herrmannator: William Moore will be a second-round pick. He's too talented to drop into Day Two.

vikingspub: A couple more for Chris and we'll let him go ... for this week.

vikingdirk28: So Chris, Britton 1st WR/Best available or WR/CB 1st, then Loadholt. We need a road grater

csteuber: VikingDirk: I'd say Britton in the first round and Louis Murphy in the second.

Buttle: It seems 22 is a spot where LBs are falling in many mock drafts … any chance the Vikings go that route?

csteuber: Buttle: LB is possible; there will be some good value on defense at No. 22.

gxxr1000: Chris what is the guy's name from N.C. that got hurt and allowed Hakeem Nicks to step in as No. 1? Is he a good receiver?

csteuber: GxxR: Brandon Tate is the guy who got injured.

purpleandgold18: Where do you have Jeremy Maclin going?

csteuber: PurpleandGold: I see Maclin going to the Jets at No. 17.

vikingdirk28: I see the Vikes are bringing in a lot of potential non-drafted guys, is that a major focus this year? More so than years past?

csteuber: VikingDirk: I think the Vikings are just taking a look at everyone they have interest in.

csteuber: Hey everyone, thanks for the questions. Have a great night!

gxxr1000: Thanks for the insight.

srommes: Thanks!

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