Ultimate Scouting Report: Percy Harvin

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Wide Receiver/Tailback
University of Florida Gators
Virginia Beach, Virginia
Landstown High School


Harvin was the consummate dual threat at wide receiver and running back for the Gators, amassing 1,929 aerial yards to go with 1,852 yards on the ground. In just 36 games at Florida, he proved to be a dangerous open field threat, finding the end zone 32 times. His yards per rush average of 9.55 yards shattered the previous school career-record of 6.4 yards by Elijah Williams (1994-97).

The 2006 Southeastern Conference Freshman of the Year was one of the main reasons Florida captured two national championships during his three seasons at the university. He quickly became the favorite target of 2007 Heisman Trophy QB Tim Tebow, as that tandem hooked up on nineteen touchdown passes.

Harvin was regarded as the nation's top wide receiver prospect by Scout.com following his four-year career at Landstown High School. He was also listed as the nation's top recruit according to Rivals.com and Scout.com. He earned Parade All-American honors as a senior and was selected to participate in the U.S. Army All-American Game after being named the 2004 National Junior of the Year by Rivals.com.

Harvin finished his prep career with 75 catches for 1,313 yards with 14 touchdowns, as he also rushed for 504 yards and 13 additional scores his senior season. He recorded a total of 33 touchdowns during his final campaign. He caught 58 passes for 1,016 yards (17.5 avg) and 17 touchdowns while rushing 68 times for 726 yards (10.7 avg) and 10 touch-downs as a junior, en route to helping lead Landstown to Group AAA state championship.

Named Offensive Player of the Year in the Beach District and Eastern Region in 2004, Harvin returned four punts for touchdowns as a junior. In addition to his exploits on the gridiron, he also served as captain of the basketball and excelled in track. He is the only athlete in Virginia history to claim five gold medals at the state track and field.

Harvin turned down scholarship offers from Florida State, Miami, Michigan and Southern California to enroll at Florida in 2006. He started five of the thirteen games he played in, sitting out the Alabama clash after suffering a left ankle sprain vs. Tennessee. The Freshman All-American gained 427 yards with two scores on 34 receptions (12.6 avg) and ran 41 times for 428 yards (10.4 avg) and three touchdowns, averaging 65.77 all-purpose yards per game.

In 2007, Harvin started ten of the eleven games he appeared in, sitting out vs. South Carolina and Florida Atlantic due to a sinus infection and migraine headaches. He was limited in fall camp by an Achilles tendon strain and left the Mississippi State clash with a hip pointer. Still, he amassed 1,622 all-purpose yards, grabbing 59 passes for 858 yards and four touchdowns. He rushed for 764 yards and six scores on 83 attempts. In the Vanderbilt game, he became the first player in school history to total 100 yards rushing (113) and 100 yards receiving (110) in the same contest.

Harvin earned All-American honors as a specialist in 2008. He started eleven games, sitting out the SEC title game due to a right ankle sprain that he suffered during a mid-season contest vs. Arkansas. He had missed spring and fall drills after undergoing April surgery to correct a right heel problem from his high school days. He would manage 644 yards and seven touchdowns on 40 receptions and 660 yards on 70 carries (9.4 avg) that produced ten more scores.


2008 Best Games Mississippi, Louisiana State, Vanderbilt, South Carolina, Oklahoma.

2008 Worst Games Miami, Tennessee, Florida State.

2007 Best Games Tennessee, Mississippi, Auburn, Georgia, Vanderbilt, Florida State, Michigan.

2007 Worst Games Western Kentucky, Troy, Kentucky.

2006 Best Games Central Florida, Auburn, South Carolina, Florida State, Arkansas, Ohio State.

2006 Worst Games Louisiana State, Georgia, Vanderbilt.



Body Structure

Harvin has an angular frame, built along the lines of a sprinter (only athlete in Virginia history to claim five gold medals at the state track and field). He has a good bubble, split high, with long legs, high calves and decent arm muscle tone, but could use better upper body bulk and muscle definition. He has adequate chest and shoulder width and low body fat.

Athletic Ability

Harvin has that explosive playing burst to easily gain separate after the catch. He is shorter than ideal for a split end, but has good strength for a player his size and uses his hands well to defeat the press. His suddenness coming out of his stance will see him consistently gobble up the cushion and his acceleration and burst is most effective when utilized on the team's screens, as he shows that straight-line charge to instantly break free and the hip swerve to elude. He shows nice feet getting in and out of his cuts. Thanks to his above average lateral agility and balance when changing direction, he is very effective at locating and running through the cut back lanes when utilized as a ball carrier. He does an excellent job of extending for the ball and keeping his feet inbounds when working along the sidelines. He is a smooth open field runner who accelerates instantly coming out of his breaks. He has the burst to quickly eat up the cushion and run by defensive backs consistently (see 2008 Mississippi and Louisiana State games and 2007 Mississippi, Auburn and Vanderbilt contests). He has loose hips and good feet to get in and out of his cuts. His quick first step lets him explode off the line. He also has the hip wiggle and head fakes to elude defenders after the catch. His second level speed can rival any other receiver in the collegiate ranks…GRADE-7.8

Football Sense

Harvin is a good student of the game, as he plays with solid awareness and instincts. He has that uncanny feel to adjust on the move and set up the defensive backs when trying to get open. The thing you notice on film is his ability to take the slip screen and turn in an instant. He is also quite effective at sitting down and uncovering, doing a good job of being alert to sticks and boundaries. He shows very good vision and hip snap to elude after the catch. He learns and retains plays with minimal reps. He has fine big-play quickness after the catch, as he consistently finds the open areas and works back to the ball, making nice adjustments to the poorly thrown pass. He plays with good field awareness and shows the feel needed to adjust on the move and set up the defensive backs in order to escape. He can easily uncover and displays good vision to locate the seam after the catch. He has no problems taking the plays from the chalkboard to the field…GRADE-7.7


Harvin has made a conscious effort to stay out of the spotlight at Florida. He had a series of run-ins during his high school days that had the Florida staff worrying about his character (first Virginia player banned this century from athletic competition during his prep days). He showed great maturity and solid work ethic, battling back from several injuries with only one desire – to return to the football field…GRADE-6.2


Harvin always gives total effort on the field. He might lack the bulk and strength to punish defenders, but will not hesitate to sacrifice his body in order to make the tough catch going over the middle. He has that fearless nature like Pittsburgh's Hines Ward, in that he willingly gives up his body to get to the ball. Once he secures the pass, he shows great drive and determination to gain positive yardage. Even with his less than ideal size and lack of bulk, he is developing into quite an effective crack blocker. He loves to play the game, will not hesitate to compete for the ball in a crowd and gives a consistently high effort. QB Tim Tebow knew that Harvin could be counted on to produce in the clutch (see 2008 Mississippi and South Carolina games). He plays with a nice effort and is best when giving up his body to make the down field play. In crunch situations, he thrives by being the type that wants the ball when the game is on the line…GRADE-7.5

Work Habits

Harvin proved his work ethic with his strong desire to get back on the field late last season. His right ankle sprain almost forced him to miss the BCS title game, but while his teammates went home for the Christmas break, he stood on campus, working 15 hours a day with the trainers in a grueling rehab program. Coaches had to hide his helmet to limit him in practices leading up to the game and despite not being fully recovered, he was one of the big reasons for the team capturing the national title. Simply put, Harvin is one of those "first one to enter, last one to leave" types in the training room…GRADE-8.0



Harvin has outstanding straight-line quickness and builds to top speed in an instant. Even though he lacks great bulk, his hand usage and burst will generally see him defeat the press. He gets into his routes smoothly and excels at eating up the defender's cushion. Even when his speed fails to elude the defensive back, he has the hip wiggle and shake needed to prevent from being rerouted. He might not look physical enough to fight off the jam, but knows how to use his arm-over action to separate when the defender attempts to press. He shows a good urgency to get into his routes and is shifty in his release, knowing how to avoid the defender through route progression. To compensate for a lack of bulk, he does a very good job of utilizing a drop step and can generate a slight hitch in his release to surprise a lethargic cornerback…GRADE-7.4


Harvin demonstrates a smooth running stride and excellent acceleration to instantly get deep. He runs crisp short area routes (used mostly on slip screens) and has the vision and awareness to uncover. He also shows the loose hips and extension to adjust well working underneath. His suddenness, good separation ability and change of gear will beat his man and eat up the cushion. When he is used inside as a slot receiver, he shows a fearless attitude and good toughness in the middle. He has the quickness to separate along the perimeter and the "make you miss" burst to get down field. His vertical speed is evident by his ability to consistently stretch the field and make good body adjustments to the ball. He can uncover and free up from his man working in the short area and is very good at getting on top of the defense, looking natural making plays on the ball down field. His hands are one of his better assets and even though he lacks great size, he had just seven passes knocked out of his hands by a defender. He also has the burst to get under the ball and make the over-the-shoulder grab look routine…GRADE-8.4


Harvin hits top speed in an instant. He is explosive coming off the snap and that acceleration allows him to consistently beat the jam. Once he gets in the open, he can take the ball to daylight (scored 32 times in 36 games). He is very good at gobbling up the cushion, especially when working in the zone. His ability to gain advantage causes the defenders to come out of their backpedal too early and most do not have the speed to mirror and recover. He is very capable of making short and sharp cuts in attempts to separate…GRADE-8.0

Route Running

Harvin is an effective route runner who shows very loose lower body motion. He has the balance, body control and quickness, along with the strong and quick feet in his routes to separate out of his cuts. He needs to be a bit more focused attacking the deep third of the secondary (will sometimes drift on long patterns), but has developed crisp cut moves and refined his route running. His body control and quickness out of his breaks allows him to set up the defender, as he does a nice job of dropping his weight, sinking his hips and maintaining body control in and out of his cuts when separating. By staying at a low pad level, he is very effective at rapidly accelerating to get under the ball (see 2008 Mississippi and Louisiana State games)…GRADE-6.7

Separation Ability

Harvin has that natural second gear and explosive acceleration to consistently separate down field. He might drift some on longer routes (will lose focus and needs to do a better job of tracking the deep throws), but he is quite effective at gaining yards after the catch, turning slip and bubble screens into long gainers, thanks to his loose hips and sudden burst once he gets the ball in his hands. He plays with very good awareness and can settle under the ball nicely. He still looks like a neophyte when asked to run his patterns, but he is alert to boundaries, doing a good job of setting up the outside defender before cutting back to the inside. His acceleration off the snap will consistently drive the defender back, as his opponent will then have to come out of the backpedal too early or get pushed back on their heels. With his timed speed, few defenders can maintain relationship with Harvin through the route, as he's made a nice living of going over the middle and then just racing past the opposition. He is the type that immediately gains a step over the safeties and linebackers when working underneath and also shows good hip wiggle and head fakes to beat the cornerback when working on the perimeter. He has that second gear and explosive speed that prevents the defender maintaining relationship with Harvin. He plays with good awareness and has the ability to settle in the soft spot in the zone. He accelerates well out of his breaks and has the excellent speed needed to maintain it…

Ball Concentration

Harvin shows better vision and focus working underneath than he does on deep routes. He will make the tough grab in traffic and knows how to keep his feet along the sidelines, but needs to stay in his pattern better (drifts) when going for the deep ball. With his developing maturity, he is the type that even when he misses getting to the ball, he will make adjustments so he doesn't repeat that mistake. With his angular frame, you would expect him to shy away from contact, but the opposite is true. He shows the ability to keep his eyes on the ball, even when knowing the defender is about to deliver a crunching his over the middle. He has a good feel for the sticks and chains and makes good body adjustments on the move to uncover. When he competes for the ball in a crowd, he uses his arms to extend for the ball outside his frame. He is also quite effective at working back for the ball. He excels at keeping his feet in-bounds working along the sidelines and slipping through tight coverage. Harvin has a good working relationship with his quarterback and that timing and ability to stay in sync lets him come back when the pocket collapses (see 2008 Mississippi, Louisiana State and The Citadel games)…

Ball Adjustment

Harvin has that lithe frame and good extension to get to the ball outside his frame. He uses his timing and leaping ability to battle for the throw at its highest point and shows the natural hands and ball skills to make smooth adjustments on the move. The thing that allows him to gain so much yardage on screens is his ability to maintain stride after the catch. He has the hip snap to make the adjustments when the throws are behind him. Few receivers can get the rise in their leap or contort their body and make adjustments in the air to get to the high ball like Harvin can. Even on poorly thrown passes, he has the body control to change direction, work back or extend to get the ball into his hands. His flexibility and turning ability lets him find a way to the off-target throws…GRADE-7.4

Leaping Ability

Harvin has the reach and leaping ability to get to the ball at its highest point, but is best served when catching the ball in stride (will gather some when he has to elevate). He has the arm extension, good ball concentration and leaping ability to get to the balls thrown into a crowd. He has good explosion in his jumps and shows precise timing to get to the pass in flight…GRADE-7.5


As good as Harvin's speed is, his hands are his best asset. He does not have large baskets for mitts, but is perfectly capable of looking the ball in and securing it before heading up field. He looks very natural plucking the ball out of the air and even though he drifts on long patterns, he will make proper body adjustments to settle under those throws. Harvin is capable of plucking the ball cleanly and almost never uses his body to make the play. He is able to extend and catch away from his frame and is a natural catcher with soft hands. He shows very good timing that allows him to get to the ball in what seems like the last second…GRADE-8.2

Run After the Catch

Harvin is not only slippery; he also has the vision to elude in the open field. He has excellent acceleration after the catch, not even having to break stride when working on underneath routes. He has an array of moves and precise cutting ability to set up and make the defender miss. He does a very good job of breaking arm tackles, bouncing off defenders and redirecting. He knows he does not have the raw strength to run over his opponent, but with his vision and burst, he can hit the seam in an instant. He twists, turns and spins to slide away from contact and can use the defender's body well to push off and gain separation. He is a "make you miss" type that can take a short throw and turn it into a big play. He is good at eluding on the move, but also demonstrates the suddenness to stop and start up again immediately after securing the ball…GRADE-8.0
Blocking Ability

Harvin is not going to frighten anyone, but he is a pester-type that will occupy a defensive back at the line of scrimmage. He is a decent crack blocker who does a good job of firing low to take out the defender's legs. He shows good explosion behind his hits, just lacking the power to blow his man up. He is an effective open field cutter because of his ability to attack the defender low and use his hands to mirror and sustain. A lethargic defender is soon surprised by Harvin's quickness and explosion using his hands to lock on and steer…GRADE-6.5

Compares To

ERIC METCALF-ex-San Diego/Cleveland…It is hard to find a present day comparison to Harvin among present NFL players. Some compare him to the Saints' Reggie Bush, but he is not really much of a returner and is a better big play threat than the New Orleans multi-purpose back. Harvin has the vision and moxie that Metcalf showed, as both are fearless going for the ball. He might not be the greatest route runner, especially getting tio the deep ball, but on bubble and slip screens, he is a fan favorite, as he can turn those short throws into big gains better than any other player in this draft.



In 36 games at Florida, Harvin started 26 times, gaining 3,781 all-purpose yards, the most by a Gator since Errict Rhett amassed 5,393 yards (1990-93)…Caught 133 passes, tying Taylor Jacobs (1999-2002) for tenth on the school career-record list…Gained 1,929 yards receiving, scoring thirteen times on those receptions…Carried 194 times for 1,852 yards, as his average of 9.55 yards per rushing attempt topped the old school all-time record of 6.4 yards by Elijah Williams (1994-97)…His nineteen touchdown runs rank tenth in Florida history…Averaged 10.4 yards per carry in 2006, shattering the old school season-record average of 7.5 yards by Elijah Williams in 1995…His ten touchdown runs in 2008 tied Ciatrick Fason (2004) and Errict Rhett (1991) for ninth on Florida's annual record chart…

Hauled in thirteen passes vs. Mississippi in 2008, ranking behind Carlos Alvarez (15 vs. Miami in 1969) on the school game-record chart…His thirteen grabs also set a team record for juniors, breaking Carlos Perez' old mark of twelve catches vs. Georgia in 2002…Ran for 113 yards and gained 110 yards receiving vs. Vanderbilt in 2007, becoming the first Gator to generate 100 yards receiving and 100 yards rushing in the same game…His 186 yards receiving vs. Mississippi in 2008 rank tenth on Florida's game-record book and were the most by a junior since Reidel Anthony gained 193 yards vs. Florida State in 1996…His 157 yards rushing vs. Florida State in 2007 is a school game-record for a receiver…The next game, he broke his own record and established a new bowl record (for a receiver) with 165 yards rushing vs. Michigan in the Capital One Bowl.


Earned All-American first-team-honors from Rivals.com and second-team accolades from The NFL Draft Report (as an all-purpose back), American Football Coaches Association and the Walter Camp Foundation…Consensus first-team All-Southeastern Conference pick…Appeared in twelve games, starting eleven contests while lining up as a slot receiver, tailback and split end…Hauled in 40 passes for 644 yards (16.1 avg) and seven touchdowns, as 31 of his grabs produced first downs…Set up twelve touchdown drives and two other series that ended with field goals, as he converted 9-of-16 third-down throws to him…24 of his receptions were for at least 10 yards, including eleven catches of 20 yards or longer…Carried 70 times for 660 yards (9.4 avg) and ten touchdowns…His ten scoring runs tied Ciatrick Fason (2004) and Errict Rhett (1991) for ninth on Florida's annual record chart…Amassed 1,304 all-purpose yards, ranking fourth in the conference with an average of 108.67 yards per game.


Hawaii…Did not play due to a right heel injury.

Miami…After missing last week's game with an injury, Percy Harvin returned vs. Miami and finished with five carries for 27 yards and a touchdown and added one catch for 12 yards…Harvin converted two first downs during the game, one rushing and one receiving…The junior scored his first touchdown of the season on a 3rd-&-goal run from the 2-yard line with 13:19 remaining in the game…It was Harvin's 10th rushing touchdown of his career and the 16th touchdown overall…Florida QB Tim Tebow was happy to have his multi-purpose player back, "It was great having Percy Harvin back making plays. We didn't utilize him as much as we wanted to, but when we got him touches, he made big plays for us."…Head to Head Competition-CB#22-Bruce Johnson (5:11-172)-Two tackles (1 solo)…Offensive Impact-Harvin produced two first-down catches, as he converted 1-of-1 third-down plays and had one reception for 10 yards or longer.

Tennessee…Harvin scored his first receiving touchdown of the season, hauling in QB Tim Tebow's 15-yard end-zone toss on 3rd-&-5 with 4:29 remaining in the third quarter…Harvin led all Gator receivers with 49 yards and one touchdown on two receptions…He also added six carries for 31 yards…In the second quarter, Harvin converted two first downs, including a 34-yard run on 3rd-&-13, to set up kick Jonathan Phillips' 40-yard field goal, giving Florida a 20-0 lead…Head to Head Competition-CB#41-Dennis Rogan (5:10-185)-Six tackles (4 solos), one pass deflection…Offensive Impact-Harvin produced two first-down catches, as he converted 2-of-3 third-down plays and had two receptions for 10 yards or longer.

Mississippi…Harvin shredded the Rebel defense, racking up 268 total yards, but it wasn't enough to secure a Florida victory, as the Gators fell to Ole Miss, 31-30…The junior finished the game with 13 catches for 186 yards, both career highs, and one touchdown and added 10 carries for 82 yards and one touchdown…Florida QB Tim Tebow found the junior receiver open for a 43-yard touchdown completion that gave Florida a 10-7 lead with 12:26 remaining in the first half…Florida increased its lead to 17-7 with a 5-play, 81-yard drive that culminated in a 1-yard touchdown run by Tebow with 1:06 left in the first half. The score with set up by back-to-back 22- and 29-yard receptions by Harvin…On the first series of the second half, Harvin lost control of the ball, fumbling the possession away to Ole Miss defensive tackle Peria Jerry, whose recovery led to a Rebel field goal that rimmed the Gators' lead to 17-10…Midway through the third quarter, after rushing for a 14-yard gain, Harvin lost control of the football for the second time in the game but, this time, was able to recover his own fumble…Harvin's second touchdown of the afternoon came on the ground with 3:28 remaining in the game, when the junior broke off a 15-yard scamper to the end zone on a direct snap, but a blocked extra point would be the Gators' demise. Harvin helped set up his own score, grabbing two 14-yard passes from Tebow on the drive…Head to Head Competition-CB#24-Cassius Vaughn (5:10-187)-Four tackles (1 solo), one forced fumble…Offensive Impact-Harvin produced eight first-down catches, as he converted 0-of-2 third-down plays and had eight receptions for 10 yards or longer, including three for more than 20 yards each.

Arkansas…Harvin followed his huge game vs. Ole Miss with workmanlike numbers vs. the Razorbacks, carrying the ball six times for 37 yards and adding three catches for 37 yards and one touchdown before suffering a right ankle sprain, an injury that would linger most of the season…Harvin's lone score of the game occurred during the opening minutes of the fourth quarter, when the junior running back/wide receiver caught a slant pass from QB Tim Tebow and sprinted 21 yards to the end zone to cap a 6-play, 83-yard drive and increase Florida's lead to 24-7…Head to Head Competition-CB#24-Isaac Madison (6:00-181)-Three solo tackles…Offensive Impact-Harvin produced three first-down catches, as he converted 0-of-0 third-down plays and had two receptions for 10 yards or longer.

Louisiana State…Harvin needed very little time to get the Florida offense rolling, gaining 102 yards and two touchdowns through the air---in the first quarter. The junior running back/wide receiver finished the game with 112 yards and two touchdowns on six grabs and added 13 yards on two carries…It was the sixth career 100-yard receiving game for Harvin, and the two receiving touchdowns marked a career high…Florida needed just three plays and less than two minutes to get on the board, as Harvin hauled in a bomb from QB Tim Tebow for a 70-yard touchdown. The reception was a career long for Harvin and the score marked the eighth-consecutive game in which he's scored a touchdown… On the Gators' next possession, Harvin caught a 25-yard pass along the sideline that placed the ball inside LSU territory, helping to set up kicker Jonathan Phillips' 20-yard field goal that capped an 11-play, 77-yard drive and increased Florida's lead to 10-0… Following a three-and-out by the LSU offense, Harvin hauled in this second touchdown catch of the first quarter, a 7-yard pass from Tebow on a crossing route that pushed the Gators' lead to 17-0…Head to Head Competition-CB#4-Jai Eugene (5:11-184)-Three tackles (2 solos)…Offensive Impact-Harvin produced three first-down catches, as he converted 2-of-2 third-down plays and had two receptions for 20 yards or longer.

Kentucky…Harvin didn't accumulate a lot of yardage vs. the Wildcats, but he compensated his lack of yardage with two touchdowns, one rushing and one receiving…On the day, Harvin gained 22 yards and a touchdown on two carries and added 33 yards and a touchdown on one reception…At the 6:44 mark in the first quarter, Harvin increased Florida's lead to 21-0 when he rushed over left end for a season-high 16-yard rush to the end zone. It was Harvin's 12th rushing touchdown of his career…After the Gator defense held the Wildcat offense to its fourth three-and-out of the afternoon, Harvin hauled in a 33-yard touchdown lob from QB Tim Tebow to increase Florida's lead to 28-0 with 3:15 left in the first quarter…Head to Head Competition-CB#7-David Jones (5:10-188)-Four tackles (1 solo)…Offensive Impact-Harvin produced one first-down catch, as he converted 0-of-1 third-down plays and had one reception for 20 yards or longer.

Georgia…Harvin registered his second-consecutive two-touchdown game, catching three passes for 52 yards and one touchdown and carrying the ball four times for 37 yards and one touchdown vs. the Georgia Bulldogs…The junior running back/wide receiver took a pitch from QB Tim Tebow, rushed over left end, a sprinted 13 yards to the end zone to give Florida a 7-0 lead with 0:20 remaining in the first quarter. The touchdown was set up by a 20-yard run and an 18-yard reception by Harvin early in the drive. Harvin has now scored in the last 10 games in which he has played…In the opening minutes of the fourth quarter, following safety Ahmad Black's interception of a Matthew Stafford pass, Harvin hauled in a 25-yard touchdown toss from Tebow on the first play of the drive to increase Florida's lead to 42-3…Said Tebow of his two touchdown passes: "The first pass to Louis Murphy was big because it put us ahead by a good margin. The second pass to Percy Harvin basically sealed the game for us."…Head to Head Competition-CB#11-Ramarcus Brown (5:11-170)-Two solo tackles…Offensive Impact-Harvin produced two first-down catches, as he converted 0-of-0 third-down plays and had two receptions for 20 yards or longer, including one for more than 20 yards each.

Vanderbilt…Harvin continued his streak of finding the end zone, finishing with nine rushes for 60 yards and one touchdown and adding three catches for 32 yards vs. Vandy…Harvin accounted for 32 yards on Florida's first series, including a 3rd-&-3 conversion, setting up QB Tim Tebow's 12-yard touchdown toss to wide receiver Louis Murphy for the game's first points…After a three-and-out by the Vandy offense early in the second quarter, Harvin picked up a first down on an 11-yard pass from Tebow, followed by three straight runs that totaled 34 yards, but, on Harvin's fourth straight run, the junior running back/wide receiver coughed up the ball in the end zone, where the Commodores recovered…At the 9:39 mark in the third quarter, following a 19-yard reception by tight end Aaron Hernandez, Harvin capped the Gators' 10-play, 69-yard drive with a 1-yard scoring run, the 11th-consecutive game in which he has scored a touchdown and the second-longest streak in the nation (Michael Crabtree, 12)…Entering the game, Harvin and Texas' Jordan Shipley were the only players in the nation to score a touchdown in every game in which they have played this season…After the game, Vanderbilt head coach Bobby Johnson commented on Florida's dynamic receivers: "They have quality receivers for every play. One time Percy Harvin is on the weak side, next time he is on the strong side. When you have that many weapons, you can get those match-ups and they win those match-ups."…Head to Head Competition-CB#17-D.J. Moore (5:10-182)-Six tackles (2 solos), one interception for a 24-yard return…Offensive Impact-Harvin produced three first-down catches, as he converted 1-of-1 third-down plays and had two receptions for 10 yards or longer.

South Carolina…Florida's all-purpose offensive threat, Percy Harvin, did most of his damage on the ground vs. the Gamecocks, rushing for 167 yards and two touchdowns on eight carries…Harvin's only reception of the game netted him 6 yards…Harvin's two touchdowns extended his streak of games with a touchdown to 12, a distinction he shares with Texas Tech wideout Michael Crabtree…Harvin capitalized on safety Ahmad Black's interception of a pass by USC QB Chris Smelley, sprinting 26 yards to the end zone on the drive's first play, increasing Florida's lead to 14-0 with 3:52 left in the first quarter…Harvin needed no time to get warmed up in the second, running 80 yards for a touchdown, a career long, on the first play of the half to increase the Gators' lead to 35-3. It was Harvin's second time scoring two rushing touchdowns in a single game…"The coaches noticed the counter was effective all day. I scored on a counter in the first half and we came back to it on that play. Aaron Hernandez had a great block and I took it the distance. My ankle is feeling really good so I knew if I got into the open field I could score," said Harvin of the play…Tight end Aaron Hernandez's 5-yard touchdown pass from QB Tim Tebow in the opening seconds of the fourth quarter was made possible by Harvin's 10-yard run on 4th-&-1 earlier in the drive…After the game, USC head coach Steve Spurrier complimented Harvin: "Florida got going in the second half. The running backs they have—Percy Harvin, if he was a tailback on somebody else's team, he'd be a 200-yards-a-game guy"…Record Watch-With 476 rushing yards this season, Harvin now holds the top three spots in Florida's record books for rushing yards by a wide receiver (764 in 2007, 428 in 2006)… Harvin's 80-yard touchdown run was the seventh-longest rushing touchdown in Florida history…Head to Head Competition-CB#24-1-Captain Munneryln (5:09-185)-Three tackles (2 solos)…Offensive Impact-Harvin produced one first-down catch, as he converted 1-of-1 third-down plays and had no receptions for 10 yards or longer.

The Citadel…When Harvin started right, then cut back to the left and found daylight to the end zone for a second-quarter touchdown, it extended his scoring streak to 13 games… Harvin finished the game with 49 yards and one touchdown on three carries and added 76 yards on two receptions…Harvin rushed over right end midway through the first quarter for a 25-yard gain that help set up running back Chris Rainey's 7-yard touchdown run… Later in the first quarter, a 23-yard pass from QB Tim Tebow to Harvin on 3rd-&-6 kept alive a drive that resulted in a 43-yard touchdown toss from Tebow to wide receiver Riley Cooper, increasing Florida's lead to 21-0…On Florida's fourth possession of the after-noon, Tebow's 53-yard pass to Harvin helped set up Harvin's 11-yard touchdown run off a direct snap, capping a 5-play, 89-yard drive. Harvin accounted for 77 of the drive's 89 yards…Florida head coach Urban Meyer praised Harvin after the game: "He is one of the top two or three players in the nation. There are things that I've seen him do that I've never seen anyone else do. The next two weeks will be huge for him. There really is no surprise how I feel about him. He'll go down in history as one of the greats at Florida and he's worked for that."…Head to Head Competition-CB#13-Cortez Allen (6:02-180)-Eight tackles (7 solos)…Offensive Impact-Harvin produced two first-down catches, as he converted 0-of-0 third-down plays and had two receptions for 20 yards or longer.

Florida State…Harvin had a relatively quiet game vs. the Seminoles due to an ankle injury that he sustained after a 5-yard run in the second quarter, gaining just 13 yards and one touchdown on six carries and adding nothing through the air…Despite the modest numbers, Harvin was able to extend his scoring streak to 14 games, the longest in the nation, at the 10:52 mark in the first quarter, when he took a direct snap 9 yards to the end zone for his lone touchdown of the game…Head coach Urban Meyer was concerned with Harvin's health after the game: "[I'm] very appreciative of the efforts by our players. I have two concerns, and that's Brandon Antwine with his knee—we'll find out more tomorrow—and, obviously, our playmaker, Percy Harvin, has a sprained ankle. We'll know more of the extent as we go forward."…Head to Head Competition-CB#21-Patrick Robinson (5:11-189)-One assisted tackle…Offensive Impact-Harvin produced one first-down catch, as he converted 0-of-02 third-down plays and had no receptions for 10 yards or longer. Alabama (SEC Championship)…Did not play due to a right ankle sprain suffered vs. Florida State.

Oklahoma (BCS National Championship)…Harvin did his part to help Florida secure its second National Championship in three years, gaining 122 yards and one touchdown on nine carries and adding 49 yards on five receptions in the Gators' 24-14 victory over the Sooners…Despite a 46-yard run by Harvin midway through the second quarter, the Florida offense was unable to put points on the board…He capped a 13-play, 75-yard drive at the 4:21 mark in the third quarter with a 2-yard touchdown run on 3rd-&-goal that put Florida on top, 14-7. Harvin has now scored a touchdown in 15 consecutive games in which he has played, a streak that leads the entire nation…His 52-yard scamper in the opening minutes of the fourth quarter, followed by a 12-yard run on the next play, helped to set up kicker Jonathan Phillips' 27-yard field goal, giving the lead back to the Gators, 17-14… Record Watch-Harvin's 122 rushing yards were the third-most rushing yards in a BCS National Championship game (Texas' Vince Young had 200 yards vs. USC, Ohio State's Chris Wells had 146 yards vs. LSU). His 52-yard run was the third-longest rush in BCS National Championship game history…QB Tim Tebow's rushed for 109 yards and Harvin added 122 yards on the ground, making them the first teammates to each rush for over 100 yards in the same BCS National Championship game…With five receptions, Harvin tied Taylor Jacobs (1999¬-02) with 133 career receptions while at Florida…Harvin's 122 rushing yards is the ninth-highest total in a bowl game in Florida's history, passing Earnest Graham's 120 yards in the 2003 Outback Bowl…Head to Head Competition-CB#15-Dominique Franks (5:11-183)-Three tackles (2 solos)…Offensive Impact-Harvin produced three first-down catches, as he converted 2-of-3 third-down plays and had two receptions for 10 yards or longer.


All-American first-team choice by The Sporting News…Associated Press All-SEC first-team selection as an all-purpose back, adding second-team honors as a receiver…Semi-finalist for the Biletnikoff Award, given to the nation's top receiver…Started ten of the eleven games he appeared in, sitting out the South Carolina and Florida Atlantic contests with a sinus infection and migraine headaches…Missed part of fall camp with Achilles tendonitis and suffered a hip pointer vs. Mississippi, but still managed to rank 27th in the nation and fourth in the conference with an average of 147.45 all-purpose yards per game, totaling 1,622 yards for the campaign…caught a career-high 59 passes for 858 yards (14.5 avg) and four touchdowns…Gained 764 yards with six scores on 83 carries (9.2 avg), leading the nation's wide receivers in rushing yardage…His 764 yards were the most ever by a Florida receiver in a season…His six touchdown runs ranked second on the team… Ran for 113 yards and gained 110 yards receiving vs. Vanderbilt in 2007, becoming the first Gator to generate 100 yards receiving and 100 yards rushing in the same game… Ranked tenth in the league in scoring, averaging 5.45 points per game and was the SEC's fifth-ranked receiver with an average of 5.36 catches per contest…Put together a string of three consecutive 100-yard receiving games vs. Tennessee, Mississippi and Auburn, the first by a Florida wide out since Reche Caldwell (2001)…Member of the Leadership Committee…Accounted for at least 100 all-purpose yards in seven contests.


Western Kentucky…Opened the season with 53 yards on three catches, including a 19-yard score on a second quarter flag pass from Tim Tebow, adding 25 yards on three carries.

Troy…Followed with a 4-yard touchdown grab late in the first quarter, as Harvin gained 42 yards on three receptions and 56 yards on four rushes.

Tennessee…Snared four passes for 120 yards, including a 49-yarder and ran nine times for 75 yards, capping a 9-play, 99-yard fourth quarter drive with a 19-yard scoring run.

Mississippi…Tallied a season-high eleven receptions for 121 yards, ending a 77-yard, 10-play second quarter possession with a 19-yard touchdown before leaving the game in the second quarter with a hip pointer…Returned for several third quarter plays, but watched the rest of the game from the sidelines.

Auburn…Totaled 119 yards on seven catches with a long of 52 yards and carried four times for 19 yards.

Kentucky…Caught two passes for 50 yards and ran six times for 47 yards, finishing a 12-play, 80-yard fourth quarter series with a 24-yard reverse for a touchdown.

Vanderbilt…Became the first player in school history to gain over 100 yards each by rushing and receiving in the same game, as he had nine receptions for 110 yards and eleven carries for 113 yards that included a first quarter 18-yard scoring burst and a 13-yard touchdown run in the fourth stanza.

Florida State…In his first action since sitting out two games with a sinus infection and migraine headaches, Harvin caught five passes for 67 yards and had 16 rushing attempts for 157 yards, ending a 5-play, 73-yard third quarter drive with a 24-yard touchdown run… Record Watch-Harvin's 157 yards on the ground is a school game-record for rushing yardage by a receiver.

Michigan (Capital One Bowl)…Made nine catches for 77 yards and a 10-yard score that capped a 7-play, 59-yard first quarter series…Added 165 yards (broke his own school game record) on 13 carries that included a 66-yard scamper to set up one score and a 10-yard touchdown run in the fourth quarter.


Freshman All-American first-team choice by The NFL Draft Report, Football Writers Association and Scripps, adding second-team honors from The Sporting News…Named Southeastern Conference Freshman of the Year by the league's coaches and the Associated Press…The Sporting News also chose him as the SEC's Freshman of the Year…Started five of the thirteen games he appeared in, missing the Alabama contest while being limited to just one play vs. Kentucky due to a left ankle sprain suffered in the Tennessee clash…Still finished with a school season-record 10.4-yard average on 41 carries that netted 428 yards and four touchdowns…Also caught 34 passes for 427 yards (12.6 avg) and two scores while recording one solo tackle…Led the team in rushing in each of the Southern Mississippi, Auburn, Georgia, Florida State and Arkansas clashes… His average gain of 11.4 yards per offensive touch (855 yards on 75 plays) led the nation's freshmen.


Made his collegiate debut with three catches for 33 yards and 58 yards on four carries vs. Southern Mississippi…Gained 99 yards with his first career score, a 58-yarder, on four grabs vs. Central Florida…Added 66 yards on five carries, setting up a touchdown drive with a 35-yard run vs. Auburn…Had six receptions for 91 yards and four rushes for 20 yards vs. South Carolina…Added 86 yards on four carries, including a 41-yard touchdown vs. Florida State, but missed most of the second half after he was carted off the field on a stretcher after suffering a neck stinger…Grabbed five passes for 62 yards to go with a season-high 105 yards on six carries, scoring on a 67-yard scamper vs. Arkansas in the SEC Championship Game…Caught nine passes for 60 yards and rushed five times for 22 yards, including a touchdown to help the Gators capture the national title with a 41-14 win over Ohio State.


Harvin was suspended in each of his last two years of high school football, including a two-game suspension for shoving a referee. During his senior basketball season, he ignited a bench-clearing brawl and the gym had to be cleared by police officers…The Palm Beach Post reported back in 2006; Florida coach Urban Meyer knew Percy Harvin was a risk. Harvin knew it, too. Every day, Harvin heard the same questions that Meyer eventually would have to weigh. Touchdowns or suspensions? Unmatched talent or hair-trigger temper? The nation's No. 1 recruit or the first Virginia athlete in this decade to be banned from athletic competition? Looking back, Harvin said the choice would have been easy for him. "I wouldn't have kept recruiting me," he said. Harvin is glad Meyer decided not to take that route. A little more than two months and one game into his career at UF, Harvin believes he has shown the talent and shed the baggage that made him both the nation's No. 1 recruit and Public Enemy No. 1 in Virginia high school athletics last season. "He's handled himself really well," Meyer said. As a senior at Virginia Beach's Landstown High, Harvin drew a two-game suspension after shoving an official. The problems continued into basketball season, during which Harvin was involved in a fight, and ended ignobly in February when he became the first athlete in this decade to be banned by the Virginia High School League.


2006-Harvin injured his left ankle midway through the second quarter vs. Tennessee (9/16) after he caught a 14-yard pass to convert a third-down play, but he came up limping. He went to the sideline, where trainers taped the ankle heavily. Harvin attempted to run on the sideline later in the second quarter, but he did not return in the first half. He returned briefly in the third quarter but did not touch the ball…The following week, Harvin saw just limited action vs. Kentucky (9/23) and then sat out the Alabama clash (9/30), wearing a protective boot to help speed up his recovery from his high ankle sprain. He would not fully recover from this injury until two months later (first injury-free game was vs. Western Carolina on 11/18)…One week after the Western Carolina contest, Harvin was carted off the field on a stretcher after taking a hard hit across the middle with 2:51 left in the first half vs. Florida State (11/25). Harvin had already scored on a 41-yard touchdown run and gained a career-high 86 yards on four carries before he was forced to miss the game. The decision to cart him off the field turned out to be a precautionary measure. He was taken for tests and returned to the bench after halftime but did not play the second half due to a neck stinger. He later told coach Urban Meyer he would be ready to play vs. Arkansas in the SEC championship game. "He makes a big difference when he's out there," wide receiver Andre Caldwell said. "When he runs the ball or he's just blocking, he gets it and you just have to hold your breath. But when he was out, that hurt us and made us change the offense a little bit."

2007-Harvin was limited in practice on 8/14 because of Achilles' tendonitis. Coach Urban Meyer said it was unclear how long the injury would affect Harvin, who emerged last season as one of the team's big-play threats. "It's just a pain in the butt," Meyer said. "It's frustrating for him."…Harvin suffered a hip pointer vs. Mississippi (9/22) that prevented him from practicing in the week leading up to the Auburn clash (9/29)…Harvin did not travel to South Carolina for the Gators' game (11/10) and missed close to two weeks of practice because of a sinus infection and migraine headaches, resulting in him also being sidelined vs. Florida Atlantic (11/17).

2008-On March 24th, Harvin was ordered by team doctors to sit out the rest of spring drills due to lingering heel problems. He was forced to wear a protective boot and was re-evaluated by team doctors, who decided to shut him down for the spring. "It's obviously not going to affect the fall," coach Urban Meyer said. When the pain persisted, team doctors consulted with specialists to determine how to treat Harvin's nagging right heel. "It's unique," Meyer said. "Not many guys have ever had this, and the MRI showed that it's a significant injury. Everything I've been told, there's no chance of any issue in the fall, they just want to fix it." Harvin first felt heel soreness in high school, and it really started bothering him last summer. It was initially treated as tendonitis, but doctors now believe it was a bone-related injury. Harvin also has dealt with pain in his knee and hip, something Meyer said was a result of the speedy junior trying to compensate for the heel injury…In early April (4/07), Harvin had heel surgery that was performed by foot specialist Dr. Robert Anderson at the Orthocarolina Orthopedic Clinic in Charlotte, N.C. The Gators hoped the surgery would relieve years of pain in Harvin's right heel, which has bothered him off and on since his high school days in Virginia. "They actually took bone out of his heel," UF coach Urban Meyer said after practice Wednesday. "Then they drilled holes in his heel."…

Harvin returned for fall camp, but by late August, the junior spent the majority of practice roaming the sidelines and doing conditioning drills. "The main thing with him is the soreness," wide receivers coach Billy Gonzales said. "He's running straight ahead now, and gradually as he starts to do the cutting stuff - and he's been doing some of that at practice as well - conditioning is probably going to be the biggest thing for him." The lingering heel injury would force him to sit out the season opener vs. Hawaii (8/30). The receiver was finally cleared to resume full-speed practices on 9/06…Harvin sprained his right ankle at Arkansas and his foot was placed in a protective boot…Harvin left the Florida State (11/29) game when he re-injured his right ankle. He was again forced to wear a protective boot, missing practices leading up to the SEC title game vs. Alabama (12/06), as he did not see action vs. the Tide. Wearing sweat pants and his No. 1 jersey, he clearly favored the right ankle even when he was only trying to walk during the Gators' warm-ups prior to the SEC championship clash. Even so, he said he tried to talk his way into playing. "I came out today and still tried to go," Harvin said. "The trainers had to grab me and say this is not good for you." He said he also was told by his teammates that it was not necessary for him to try to play when he wasn't close to full speed. "My teammates said 'We've got you' and I had to believe them."…Hoping to return to action for the BCS title game vs. Oklahoma, Harvin was so determined to play in the contest that he decided to remain in Gainesville rather than return home to Virginia during Christmas, putting in extra work with the athletic trainers. "They moved him from the pool to the trampoline," coach Urban Meyer. "And then, obviously, the next thing will be the ground, hard surface." Percy Harvin said his sprained ankle was "90 percent" healed -- the result of spending nearly 100 percent of his time in the training room over the holidays. He estimated he was in the training room 15 hours each day with trainer Kyle Johnston -- which would put him in there from about the time he wakes up until he goes to bed. "Our team made jokes about it. They said me and one of the trainers, we're dating each other because of the time we spent with each other," Harvin said. That hard rehabilitation process allowed him to return to the field for his final college appearance vs. Oklahoma (1/08/09).


4.39 in the 40-yard dash…1.47 10-yard dash…2.51 20-yard dash…3.93 20-yard shuttle…6.68 three-cone drill…37-inch vertical jump…10'6" broad jump…Bench pressed 225 pounds 19 times.


Attended Landstown (Virginia Beach, Va.) High School, where Harvin was regarded as the nation's top wide receiver prospect by Scout.com following his four-year career…Listed as the nation's top recruit according to Rivals.com and Scout.com…Earned Parade All-American honors as a senior and was selected to participate in the U.S. Army All-American Game after being named the 2004 National Junior of the Year by Rivals.com…Finished his prep career with 75 catches for 1,313 yards with 14 touchdowns, as he also rushed for 504 yards and 13 additional scores his senior season…Recorded a total of 33 touchdowns during his final campaign…Caught 58 passes for 1,016 yards (17.5 avg) and 17 touchdowns while rushing 68 times for 726 yards (10.7 avg) and 10 touchdowns as a junior, en route to helping lead Landstown to Group AAA state championship…Named Offensive Player of the Year in the Beach District and Eastern Region in 2004, Harvin returned four punts for touchdowns as a junior…Also served as captain of the basketball and excelled in track…Only athlete in Virginia history to claim five gold medals at the state track and field.


Social and Behavioral Sciences major…Active member of the Goodwill Gators who volunteered his time with the Children's Miracle Network at Shands…Born 5/28/88… Resides in Virginia Beach, Virginia.

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