Fans vent on Favre

Brett Favre's release from the New York Jets has been the talker among Vikings fans ever since the draft. What are fans on saying? Should the team make a run for him and would he even help? Here's a sampling of their opinions.

From 5844cx: Go get him, one year, $1 million if he'll take it. (Tarvaris Jackson and Sage Rosenfels) can put off their "competition for the ages" for another year while Pat Williams, (Antoine) Winfield and others (should've included Matt Birk) take their last shot at a Super Bowl with the Vikes.

From vikingos: I agree 100 percent. The window of opportunity was blocked by the QB last year. Sage looked good in spurts, but Favre has been a consistent performer for more than a decade. True, he is older, but his drop off last year correlated with an injury to his shoulder."

From Zanary: Absolutely not. The ongoing belief that all possible upgrades must come from outside or from some other teams' scraps has led to many of our current problems. We FINALLY look like we have a real set of receivers for the first time in several years, and that alone should help our QBs put up numbers and have games that cease this constant whining, moaning, and begging for other teams' castoffs!

Face it – we haven't had a really functional pass catching crew since the Randy Moss/ Nate Burleson days. Bobby Wade is a good guy for moving the chains and Bernard Berrian finally gave us a fast guy with functional hands, but Sidney Rice has always been hurt and Aundrae Allison has basically been dead weight in games.

This situation has NOT helped our passing game. I would much rather stick with one of our guys (I am known to support Jackson around here) and just have the same guy under center for a season rather than constantly pine away for the chance to plug-n-play some other QB. That's the Daniel Snyder approach, and the Redskins haven't exactly been raking in championships that way.

September's too damned far away.

From DrB64: Until this team stops ordering chopped steak for QB while getting filet mignon at the other positions, this team always is going to be in trouble versus teams with an excellent QB.

From robertdavis84: I have no doubts that medically he will be fine, and that he would be a huge upgrade over what we have. However, what if he doesn't want to play? He did say this time that he was done for good. So I guess we'll have to see. If he calls the Vikings and wants to play for them, I think it would be foolish not to take a chance on him.

From Norseman73: I was on the Favre bandwagon last year. However, I can't take another Favre saga this summer. If Brett shows up in purple, I will be happy. For now, let's see what they can do for a FB other than Naufahu Tahi.

From sbanyai: I'm on the fence on this issue. Part of it makes me wonder how he could perform, yet a large part of me wants the Vikings to focus on developing a long-term solution.

What else can he say at this point? … Plus he's already admitted that he doesn't like to put in the offseason work.

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