What would Favre cost? Not draft picks

Here's an interesting take on the Brett Favre speculation: Every quarterback on the Vikings' roster with NFL experience has cost the team extra draft picks. Brett Favre would not if the team wanted to sign him.

There are sure signs that summer is coming to Minnesota. School is winding down the final few weeks, lawns have turned from brown to green and boats have been moved from garages and onto trailer hitches being pulled by vehicles.

One other recent sure sign of summer has been that NFL talk has been dominated by Brett Favre. The sheer power of Favre has been on display for the last week since it was learned he sought and received his release from the New York Jets, turning him from the retired property of New York into a unrestricted free agent.

To date, neither Favre nor his agent has acknowledged that the move is a signal that the veteran wants to return for another season. Considering the talk last summer that Favre wanted to play for the Vikings – confirmed by the poison pill put in the trade of Favre to the Jets about a ransom of first-round draft picks if he was traded from New York to Minnesota – it has only been natural that the Favre-to-Vikings chatter has once again heated up.

While the media and fans alike have been arguing the merits of such a move or whether it is even realistic to expect Favre to come to the Vikings, the one thing that the Vikings may have going for them is that, for a change, Favre wouldn't cost them anything but base salary – which is not the norm for this organization.

Because he was granted his release, Favre would not cost the Vikings any compensation to the Jets. That would be a change of pace for the Vikings, who have made a rather significant investment in the quarterback spot.

Most fans remember that the Vikings traded a pair of third-round picks in the 2006 draft to Pittsburgh in order to get into the last pick of the second round – drafting QB Tarvaris Jackson. Those same fans may not remember that the Vikings gave up a seventh-round round pick to move up a half dozen spots in the fifth round in a trade with Green Bay to draft John David Booty last year.

The 2009 draft was also greatly affected by the team's quarterback position. The Vikings were forced to sweat out picks in the 2009 draft because they didn't have the ammunition to move up in the first few rounds due to not having a fourth- or sixth-round pick. The fourth-rounder was sent to the Houston Texans in exchange for Sage Rosenfels. In a strange piece of recent QB history, the reason the Vikings didn't have a pick in the sixth round was because they owed it to the Philadelphia Eagles for Kelly Holcomb – a QB long since out of the picture for the Vikings.

Let the fans argue and debate whether Favre comes to Minnesota all they want. As with all soap operas, it will take months before we see any resolution to the storylines. But one thing is clear, if Favre does come to the Vikings, he would be the only veteran quarterback (undrafted rookie Sean Glennon isn't a veteran) the team would have that didn't cost them at least one draft pick to acquire.

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