What about the 'other guys?'

The last week has been dominated with speculation that Brett Favre will become the newest Vikings QB. While the fans have been excited and the media has been lathered into a feeding frenzy, what about the three QBs that expected to have their place with the 2009 Vikings?

As the Vikings remain in limbo in their alleged pursuit of Brett Favre, it begs the question: What happens if the deal falls through? Could Brad Childress find himself as the NFC version of Josh McDaniels?

The McDaniels honeymoon as the new head coach of the Broncos ended before he even coached a minicamp, much less a game. When he came over from the Patriots to replace Mike Shanahan, one of the first crises of the McDaniels Administration was his belief that his former protégé Matt Cassel would be a better fit in his offense than incumbent and Pro Bowler Jay Cutler.

Unfortunately for McDaniels, word got out that he and the Broncos were trying to work out a three-way trade that would have moved Cutler, with one persistent rumor being that the Vikings would have shipped their first-round pick to the Patriots with Cassel moving to the Broncos and Cutler moving to the Vikings. When that didn't happen, the situation between Cutler and the Broncos deteriorated quickly – to the point that their relationship was fractured beyond repair and the Broncos had to make a deal quickly to part ways with their franchise QB.

Along the way, many Broncos fans felt alienated. It is never easy to find and build a franchise quarterback and to have one who is less than 25 years old and, barring injury, would remain the franchise guy for a decade to come is a rarity most teams don't have. Without even coaching a game for the franchise yet, McDaniels has members of the fan base that already don't like him and are second-guessing his leadership.

While the hubbub around Favre has been dominating the news for the last week, the backlash of nothing coming of it (yet) is clear and pronounced. What are the three quarterbacks currently on the Vikings roster feeling about the Favre situation? Although many fans were excited about the prospect, the competition that was promised between Sage Rosenfels and Tarvaris Jackson was apparently ready to be scuttled in favor of bringing in an aging Hall of Famer who clearly wouldn't have to take part in such a competition.

It's a sticky situation because one thing that is all but certain is that, if the Vikings do eventually sign Favre, someone will have to go. Nobody keeps four quarterbacks on the roster. After giving up a fourth-round pick in March to acquire him, Rosenfels would appear to be the safest of the three. However, he came to the Vikings with the belief that he was finally going to get his chance to be an NFL starter after years of playing second fiddle, so the Favre talk can't be viewed as something positive for him. Jackson is entering the final year of his rookie deal and, if the Vikings believe John David Booty is their project QB of the future, T-Jack may find himself in a hard spot. The same can be said for Booty, who wears Favre's number and will have to give it up one way or another if he signs with the Vikings. The Vikings already lost Tyler Thigpen, so they probably aren't looking forward to jettisoning another project QB.

It would seem Childress is in much the same position McDaniels was a couple of months ago. Whether the hope was to keep the behind-the-scenes plan secret or not, it's clearly too late for that to be in the cards anymore. The Vikings have an interest in Favre as their 2009 starting quarterback. For a many Vikings fans (but clearly not all), that prospect is like a dream come true. For the three current QBs who would either fall back a slot on the depth chart (one of which would fall off completely), it is likely viewed much differently. While none of them carries the sway Cutler did with the Broncos and their fans, by the same token, Cassel wasn't viewed as a one- or two-year fix. It wouldn't be out of the realm of possibility for them to feel like Chilly took them to the dance only to find a better looking girl at the prom and subsequently told them to get their own ride home.

The Favre situation is still very much up in the air and a resolution may not be coming any time soon. If he does come to the Vikings, he will be given favored-nation status in things like practices, minicamps and OTAs. But, if he doesn't, the three QBs currently on the roster can honestly ask themselves how much loyalty the organization has for them? With every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. It would seem the pursuit of Favre has Rosenfels, T-Jack and JDB asking themselves where they fit into the Vikings future. If nothing else, they have to feel a little bit jilted.

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