Vikings' five greatest games coming on DVD

The Vikings' five greatest games on a DVD set is already being sold, but the actual games aren't be listed. Viking Update offers its top choices for consideration.

Although it's May, Vikings fans have plenty of reasons to be looking forward to August 18. No, not because it will be in the middle of the preseason and winding up toward the start of the 2009 season, but because the NFL will be releasing a five-DVD set of what is being called the Vikings' five greatest games.

The megastore websites like Amazon, Best Buy and Target are already marketing the DVD, which is sold through Warner Brothers and is entitled "Minnesota Vikings 5 Greatest Games," are already advertising the DVD set for sale. This comes despite not having a cover art photo or a list of the five games that have been chosen. It begs the question, which five games will be chosen?

Considering that the Vikings have already appeared in the Greatest Games series with Super Bowl losses to the Steelers, Raiders and Dolphins as well the Hail Mary loss to the Cowboys, it would seem obvious that none of their Super Bowl appearances will be included. It's likely the set will try to incorporate the entire 50-year history of the Vikings and, depending on game-tape availability, here is one uneducated guess as to which games they might choose from in coming up with their Fab Five.

Sept. 28, 1969 vs. Baltimore — It was a blowout 52-14 win, but the Vikings got a NFL-record seven touchdown passes from Joe Kapp in the win.

Dec. 27, 1969 vs. Los Angeles Rams — The Vikings had to come from behind to defeat the Rams 23-20 to earn their first playoff victory on their way to Super Bowl IV.

Dec. 30, 1973 at Dallas — What set would be complete without a playoff win over the Cowboys. The Vikings won on the road 27-10 to defeat Dallas and advance to Super Bowl VIII.

Dec. 14, 1980 vs. Cleveland — The Hail Mary catch by Ahmad Rashad from Tommy Kramer gave the Vikings a 28-23 win and their last division title for the next eight years.

January 9, 1988 at San Francisco — The Vikings come into their playoff game with the 49ers as prohibitive underdogs following the strike-altered 1987 season only to pull off a 36-24 win thanks to the heroics of Anthony Carter.

November 26, 1998 at Dallas — While just about any game from the 1998 season could be included here, the 46-36 win over Dallas on Thanksgiving Day put on display the firepower of that Vikings team about as well as any.

January 9, 2005 at Green Bay — In their storied histories, the Vikings and Packers never Met in the playoffs until the end of the 2004 season. The Vikings went into Lambeau Field that year and beat the Packers 34-17 in the playoffs, which became known as much for the Randy Moss mooning incident as the win itself.

Oct. 14, 2007 at Chicago — If they want to cash in on the Adrian Peterson era, they might opt to go a month later when Peterson set the NFL single-game rushing record vs. San Diego, but the 34-31 win over Chicago was one of the wildest back-and-forth games of recent memory and would be a decent addition to the collection.

When the official list of games is announced, Viking Update will forward that information. Until then, we can speculate on which games make the cut and which games don't. So can you. Go to our message board post on this subject to weigh in with your opinion.


  • Pat Williams and Kevin Williams are scheduled to have a court hearing today seeking a summary judgment in their case against the NFL for imposing a four-game suspension after the pair tested positive for the banned substance bumetanide. The positive test results came from the product StarCaps, which didn't list the banned substance among its labeled ingredients. U.S. District Judge Paul Magnuson is allowed to make a ruling if he deems there are enough key elements of the court case not in dispute. If it does make it to trial, that is scheduled to get underway June 15.

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