Contrasting reports continue in Favre drama

Monday was another typically contradictory day in the story of Brett Favre's Decision 2009. While one media outlet reported a meeting with a noted surgeon and potential surgery, another said Favre has no intention of having surgery but is still holding out hope that other methods will ease his pain.

Anyone who is a fan of soap operas will tell you what keeps them interested in their daytime dramas are the numerous twists and turns in the story arc. However, those who aren't regular viewers of these shows find it hard to believe that anyone could buy into storylines that include demonic possession, terrorist attacks with doomsday devices and evil twins.

The soap opera that has become the Brett Favre-to-the-Vikings saga might now be classified into that realm. The latest installment came Monday, as conflicting reports told a completely separate but plausible story, leaving fans confused, bewildered and wondering if there is an evil twin ready to emerge and wear a purple and gold No. 4.

Vikings fans have been riding the Favre roller coaster for almost a month, starting with his asking for and being granted his release from the New York Jets. In the weeks since, there has been no mention of any other team that could be Favre's next destination. It has been essentially laid out that it is a "Vikings-or-bust" scenario. The hopes of fans have been raised and lowered almost on a daily basis, as new plot twists are thrown into the mix. One day Brad Childress is heading to Mississippi to meet with him. The next day he isn't and Favre is allegedly going to stay retired. Then he apparently sends X-rays for the Vikings medical staff to look at. Then his agent claims he has heard nothing of the kind.

The latest twist in this strange ongoing series came as the St. Paul Pioneer Press reported that Favre was going to meet with renowned surgeon James Andrews today and potentially have surgery on his right shoulder to release the partially torn biceps tendon that is causing him pain and reducing the velocity on his deep passes. Well into Monday evening as the Minnesota Twins were finding new and interesting ways to again lose to the New York Yankees on ESPN, the scroll on the bottom of the screen continuously affirmed the news that Favre might have surgery as early as Thursday and, if successful, would sign with the Vikings relatively soon.

But then ESPN threw up a counter-story that completely contradicted the earlier report. ESPN reporter Ed Werder, through an unnamed source, claimed that not only is Favre not meeting with Dr. Andrews today, but that he has no intention of having surgery.

The latest report said that Favre discussed both surgical and non-surgical options with Dr. Andrews and that he remains convinced he can recover without having surgery. According to the most recent report, his plan is to try cortisone injections and light throwing in hopes that the tendon will completely tear on its own. If, according to the unnamed source, the tendon does tear and the pain goes away, Favre is almost a lock to return to the NFL for a 19th season – presumably with the Vikings. If he does opt for surgery and either his arm strength diminishes or the pain does not subside, he will remain retired.

In the end, it would appear we're at the same place today that we were a couple of weeks ago – some reports saying that Favre is coming to Minnesota and others saying that, barring a drastic change in the health of his ailing right arm, he will remain together.

Like sands through the hourglass, these are the days of our lives. Stay tuned tomorrow – same Brett time, same Brett channel.


  • Those who aren't fans of humorists in the broadcast booth with be happy to hear that ESPN has scrapped the Tony Kornheiser experiment on "Monday Night Football." Kornheiser, who came to fame as a Washington D.C. sports columnist and later host of the ESPN program "Pardon the Interruption," will be replaced on MNF games this year by former Raiders and Buccaneers head coach Jon Gruden. The network cited Kornheiser's fear of flying as a large contributing factor, but fans who didn't care for the standup comedian monologues that Kornheiser was best known for in his time on MNF will likely to see the rim shots replaced by more X's and O's analysis from Gruden.

  • The Vikings announced Monday that they have signed fullback Nehemiah Broughton, formerly of the Redskins.

  • On Monday, the Chicago Bears reportedly told an area reporter that they are not one of the teams that is interested in signing free agent wide receiver Plaxico Burress. Burress' agent, Drew Rosenhaus, said at least two teams have expressed an interest in signing his client, but the Bears denied that they are one of those teams.

  • The Vikings will finally get their first look at first-round draft pick Percy Harvin, who is expected to be in uniform and ready to go when the Vikings start their OTA practices today.

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