Peterson not gaining weight … yet

Adrian Peterson's wish to add weight isn't coming to fruition yet. He said Wednesday at Winter Park that he still weighs about the same as he did last season, despite the desire to increase to 225 pounds or so.

Vikings running back Adrian Peterson is still trying to gain weight, but so far fans don't need to be concerned about him ballooning up and losing quickness. Months after him first talking about his weight-gain goals, Peterson is still at his listed weight from last year, he said.

Peterson was listed at 217 last year and said Wednesday at Winter Park that he is still about 216 or 217 pounds.

"Just working with (Tom) Kanavy, our strength and conditioning coach, really I'm just trying to put the weight on in the right places – 225, God-willing, would be pretty good for me. I've got a month or two to work with (before training camp), so we're gradually trying to meet that mark," Peterson said after conducting a Punt, Pass and Kick clinic for about 50 Special Olympians at Winter Park.

Peterson said he'd like to add muscles to his thighs and "up top" to deliver more punishing hits this year, but, unlike many who hear of his goals, he isn't concerned that gaining weight would impede his quickness.

"Not a concern at all. I hear it a lot, but my mindset and how I view things is totally different from a lot of people," he said. "I've come to understand that and recognize that. I feel I can do anything I put my mind to. Let's say for instance I wanted to get up to 245, I feel like I could get up to 245, keep my quickness and my speed and not lose anything. It comes from hard work, so I feel like I can reach (the goal) and I can keep the speed and everything that's made me successful so far."

Peterson said his weight-gain goal isn't about his diet as much as it is about doing the exercises that build the muscle in the right places.

"It's not exactly what you eat. The things you put in your body are important too, but it's doing the proper training – squats, single-leg squats, running hills, things like that that helps build your leg muscles," he said. "I wish there was some type of food you could eat to just build your legs. I'd be all on it."

Peterson played in all 17 games last year, but he seemed non-committal when asked about the possibility of an expanded regular season. NFL owners are talking about eliminating one or two preseason games and replacing them with an addition regular-season contest or two.

"It's a long season and there's wear and tear on your body, so to add two games, I'm sure they would take away the preseason games, but it's clearly not the same because the starters are going to be playing those two additional games. … A longer season, if that's what they decide, then so be it," he said.

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