Vikings get Favre questions from all angles

Vikings players have heard all about the Brett Favre speculation – probably more than they care to – so it came as no surprise to them when it was a hot topic Wednesday at Winter Park.

Vikings players have been so inundated with Brett Favre talk and questions that even a Special Olympics event, hosted by Adrian Peterson for about 50 Olympians at Winter Park, yielded questions from the participants.

"A couple questions I got from (the athletes): ‘Do you know anything about Brett Favre? What's going on?'" Peterson said.

He treaded lightly with his response to the athletes and then to the media.

"I said, ‘I don't know, you might want to ask Coach (Brad) Childress about that.' Kind of brushed it off," the star running back said after the Special Olympics event wrapped up Wednesday.

Of course, it's hard for anyone associated with the team to get very far away from the seemingly endless information drip when it comes to whether or not the 39-year-old quarterback will play for the Vikings this year. Since tearfully retiring after the 2007 season with the Green Bay Packers, Favre has unretired, asked for his release, requested a trade, been traded to the New York Jets, played a season there, declared his retirement again, asked for his release again, was granted his release and has since been the subject of much speculation regarding his potential return to the NFL.

The only question that appears left to resolve is the health and recovery of his injured shoulder. He partially tore a biceps tendon in his right shoulder last season, and indications are he would prefer methods other than surgery to recover from the injury.

"I look at the situation and it is what it is. Every year you've got guys coming in trying to take your spot, compete for your spot," Peterson said of the Favre talk. "Speaking on Brett Favre, he's a Hall of Fame quarterback. I have much respect for him, but the guys that I'm surrounded around, Tarvaris Jackson, Sage (Rosenfels) – don't really know too much about him – but those are the guys that we're leaning on right now. So that has been my main focus, is really getting myself prepared, not get caught up in any type of Brett Favre talk or anything like that. Just focus on, ‘What can I do to be able to help my team this coming season?'"

Despite the compilation of words written and spoken about Favre's situation, receiver Sidney Rice said it isn't difficult for the current Vikings to tune out chatter about a potential Vikings signing, even if that player is a future Hall of Fame quarterback that used to play for the rival Green Bay Packers.

"Not at all. We know now that it's going to go across the (sports television) screen every five minutes. We're not even paying attention anymore," Rice said. "We're out here together as a team, trying to do our job. Who is here right now is who we're focused on. We don't even discuss it all.

"I'm not even paying attention. I'm just out here with the guys and happy to be out here. I think the guys we have are doing a tremendous job, so we're not even focusing on that right now."

But even questions about other topics can create an amusing response. When Peterson was asked about a topic that head coach Brad Childress addressed at the NFL Scouting Combine, Peterson thought the reporter said "Brett" instead of "Brad."

"You said Brad? OK, I thought you said Brett. I guess I've just been hearing him so much," Peterson said with a laugh.

At least the players can find some humor in the situation.

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