Childress trying to focus on current team

During a Thursday press conference, Vikings coach Brad Childress fielded numerous questions about the team's potential interest in Brett Favre. While Childress admitted talking with Favre, he tried to keep the rest of his answers open-ended.

Brett Favre remains retired. That, coach Brad Childress said, will be the team's position on the persistent reports that Favre will wear purple in 2009. Childress, though, did not slam the door on the quarterback playing for Minnesota this season.

Childress acknowledged he has spoken with Favre — just like he has done in the past — but added the two have not talked in several weeks.

"He's retired, so it's not relevant and it's not any of my focus right now," Childress said. " ... I'm really focused on the guys that are here on this football team, both old and young. But I'm not spending any time on (Favre)."

The Vikings have spent time on the issue, something that team president Mark Wilf confirmed last week.

"You're always interested in investigating," Childress said. "I'll stand by what I said last time (the media and Childress) met. That you discuss it, you're interested in going through the process. And are you interested in a Hall of Fame caliber quarterback? You're always interested in going through the process and discussing it and investigating it."

The key at this point is the condition of the partially torn biceps in Favre's throwing arm. Favre reportedly does not want to have surgery and is hoping the biceps tears on its own because that would begin the healing process. Childress would not comment on if the Vikings received and examined Favre's medical records and X-rays.

Given the chance to close the door on the Favre situation, if it's dead, Childress declined.

"I think you take every situation as it comes along," he said. "For me to stand here and say something is going to happen I don't know. I just don't know. It's all hypothetical and I just think we've got to the point where we hypothetically ask a question that we have to have an answer to. ... So the question becomes the story and you can write volumes on it one side or the other. Again, it's not something that I'm entertaining and I'
m more focused on the guys that are part of this football team. Old and young in the building or out on the grass. That's what I put all my energy into right now."

Meanwhile, Tarvaris Jackson and Sage Rosenfels are splitting reps during OTA practices at Winter Park. Rosenfels was acquired from Houston in February for and is expected to compete with Jackson for the starting job.

"There's only so many things I can control in life," Rosenfels said when asked about the Favre rumors. "I can't control that. All I can really control is my work in the weight room and my work out here in the meetings. Trying to get used to this offense. All the other stuff really just goes off my shoulders and there's not anything I can do about it."

Added Jackson: "It's the second year having to through this (Favre speculation) and you can't really blame them. He's a great player and he's a future Hall of Famer and with the team we have and the guys we have around us, why not? But I feel I can get the job done with trying to get better each day and that's my job right now. I'm not really focused on the what-ifs or whatever. If it happens it happens and until it happens I'm still coming out here to get better. And when it happens I'm going to do the same."

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