Could the Vikings hit the lottery?

With the Vikings not only on the back burner but potentially off the stove completely in their effort to get public funding for a new stadium, an old idea is getting a new look as other NFL teams have jumped on the lottery bandwagon as a way to create additional revenue.

Could the Vikings get a stadium deal done that wouldn't require the State Legislature to discontinue sitting on its hands? It potentially could find a partner in the state's lottery scratch-off tickets.

In the last week, both the Washington Redskins and New England Patriots have partnered with their respective area lotteries as a way to create additional income after the method was approved at the NFL owners meetings. The teams allow their logos to be used on scratch-off tickets and as part of the partnership, they are compensated … and compensated quite well.

One report claims the Boston Red Sox have a similar type of deal with the Massachusetts State Lottery – a three-year deal that reportedly nets the Red Sox as much as $200 million annually. The Twins also have a similar deal that has their team logo on a scratch-off ticket, which is said to be a benefit for a "small market" organization to create additional revenue.

While there has been discussion in the past of potentially tying the Vikings into a lottery ticket proposal as a way to help finance a new stadium, it was initially met with a cool reception by both the NFL and the state of Minnesota. But, considering that other teams are jumping on the bandwagon (the Baltimore Ravens are the latest to start talks about adding their logo to scratch-off tickets), perhaps this could be the means by which the Vikings get their new stadium and tight-fisted politicians wouldn't have to back down on their stance not to pay for publicly funded stadium.


  • The son of Steelers linebacker James Harrison is showing signs of improvement two days after being attacked by the family's pet pit bull. Former Viking Robert Ferguson was a strong proponent of trying to erase the misconceptions of pit bulls being vicious animals. His mantra was "Blame the deed, not the breed." However, every time an incident like this happens, it only gives rise to those who oppose having pit bulls as family pets.

  • The NFL is investigating charges of tampering made by the Tennessee Titans against the Washington Redskins. The Redskins are accused of talking with free agent Albert Haynesworth and his agent Chad Speck before free agency officially began Feb. 27. If found guilty of tampering, the Redskins, who signed Haynesworth to a seven-year, $100 million contract, could be forced to forfeit a 2010 draft pick.

  • Five different Vikings – Percy Harvin, Aundrae Allison, Darius Reynaud, Glenn Holt and Jaymar Johnson – got a look in kick return practice at the most recent Vikings OTAs.

  • At the Lions first minicamp, Daunte Culpepper took all of the first-team snaps, with rookie Matthew Stafford splitting second-team reps with Drew Stanton. Culpepper has been praised for being in excellent shape and is said to be thriving after being reunited with former Vikings offensive coordinator Scott Linehan.

  • Former Vikings safety Darren Sharper missed the first week of OTAs with the Saints for what is being termed "personal reasons." The team said Sharper didn't need permission to miss the practices because they are technically voluntary.

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