Sunday notebook: Stuck on 4

The Vikings aren't giving out a great deal of information about their potential interest in Brett Favre. Why so tight on info? We analyze that situation, as well as look at the Antoine Winfield contract talks and hear from Sidney Rice on some off-the-field enjoyment he got, as well as his progress on the field.

While reporters may be growing impatient and the public growing weary of the Brett Favre story, the Vikings remain vague in their answers. Outsiders would prefer hard and fast answers regarding the Vikings' potential interest in the occasionally retired quarterback.

The team, meanwhile, is offering nothing definitive, saying they are "always interested in investigating."

"Are you interested in a Hall of Fame caliber quarterback? You are always interested in going through the process and discussing it and investigating it," Vikings coach Brad Childress said.

However, Childress isn't interested in giving reporters anything concrete on the situation. So why is he being so vague on the situation? Likely because the team itself just doesn't know which way the situation will go.

ESPN reported that Favre had X-rays of his ailing shoulder sent to the Vikings and that he has been throwing the ball and trying to get his partially torn biceps tendon to complete the tear without surgery. Not knowing if and when Favre might be able throw without significant pain is probably causing pain to everyone looking for resolution to the issue.

"I think you just take every situation as it comes along," Childress said after being pressed on why he hasn't put an end to the speculation if the deal is dead. "I mean, for me to stand here and say something is not going to happen – I don't know. I just don't know. It's all hypothetical. I just think we have gotten to the point where we hypothetically ask a question, but we have to have an answer to it."

Childress wouldn't go into specifics about Favre's medical records either, but the coach seemed to acknowledge that reports about his shoulder were accurate.

"You know how we are about medical stuff now," he said.

So reporters and fans alike are likely going to have to wait and see how the quarterback and his shoulder respond during another Summer of Favre.


The agent for Antoine Winfield said recently that the negotiations for extending the contract of the Pro Bowl cornerback had broken off. The Vikings have been hesitant in the recent past to give big long-term deals to players on the wrong side of 30. Center Matt Birk wanted to stay in Minnesota, but when contract negotiations with him weren't given a serious look until the final year on his contract had been played, he decided to head east and sign with the Baltimore Ravens.

Childress indicated that an extension is something the Vikings wanted for Winfield.

"You'd always like to have that deal done yesterday," he said when asked if the team wanted to get an extension worked out before the season. "But that's kind of the nature of negotiations, they kind of ebb and flow. I don't have any preference except that yesterday would've been good and I don't know when it'll get done."

Negotiations could pick up at any point, but for now it appears that the team isn't in a hurry to offer a big extension to a player who will turn 32 in a month, even if he played at a Pro Bowl level in 2008.


Running back Adrian Peterson hosted about 50 Special Olympics athletes at Winter Park last week for a Punt, Pass and Kick competition. It sounds like the professional athletes who assisted Peterson came with a positive experience as well.

"It was my first time working with the Special Olympics and it really touched me to see how excited they got just to be around the players and get to participate in things they usually don't do, especially with some of their favorite players," Vikings receiver Sidney Rice wrote on his blog. "I talked to one of the mentors and he said for most of the kids this is the highlight of their year. The kids got to sit in the bleachers and watch practice before the event. It touched me to be able to see the smiles on their faces, catching balls here at the facility and working on their touchdown dances."

Rice hopes to be able to execute his touchdown dance much more often this season as well. He said "everything's good" with his right knee, which suffered a strained posterior cruciate ligament last year that limited him for most of the season. He was wearing a sleeve on his knee during practice, but he looked sharp last week.

"Still got a lot of things to work on, but doing a pretty good job out there," he said of the organized team activities "We want to work on everything. I just want to become better as a player, all-around player."

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