Green Pulls Out on Jags

Opting to spend more of Red McCombs' money, Dennis Green removed his name from consideration for the Jacksonville Jaguars coaching vacancy.

To hear Dennis Green on ESPN2 the Monday after the end of the regular season, you would have thought he was sending out a video resume. He let the Cowboys and Jaguars know he was interested in their job openings, that he would be interested in the Lions if they fire Marty Mornhinweg and Matt Millen and wouldn't consider taking the Bengals coaching job.

Well, less than two weeks later, Green is back where he was before -- getting paid by ESPN to be an analyst and not a head coach. Friday Green took his name out of consideration for the Jags job. While no reason was immediately given, a Jags source told VU that the team is looking to go away from the coach-as-general manager approach it had under Tom Coughlin. Green was insisting on much of the same personnel control he had in his final years with the Vikings.

Don't cry for Denny, though. Perhaps one of the motivating factors is that, whether he signed on as a coach or not, he will collect $2.7 million from Red McCombs as part of his contract buyout. Had Green taken a job for less than $2.7 million to coach another team, McCombs would have paid the rest -- if Green signed for $2 million, McCombs would still be on the hook for $700,000 this year.

* With Green out of the picture, Iowa head coach Kirk Ferentz has moved to the front of the list of applicants for the job.
* The Vikings held a second meeting with Anoka County officials about a stadium north of the Twin Cities and the talks were said to be productive. Both sides are encouraged about getting a deal done that will be good for both groups, although the loss of the Vikings would certainly hurt the downtown Minneapolis economy on game days.
* Could Todd Bouman be heading out the door? After grousing about wanting to start somewhere else, Bouman has a $1 million roster bonus in addition to his $800,000 salary due April 1. There is come question as to whether Red McCombs is willing to pay that for a guy who can be a free agent again after the 2003 season.
* Reports out of Green Bay are that Ahman Green is still very banged up from the season and will likely skip the Pro Bowl. If that happens, Michael Bennett will be picked to replace either Green or Marshall Faulk.
* Speaking of the Pro Bowl, seeing that Randy Moss was again snubbed as a starter -- the league announced Terrell Owens and Joe Horn as the NFC starting WRs -- don't be shocked if he says "thanks, but no thanks" and skips the Pro Bowl, too.
* From the "Playoffs? Playoffs? You're Talking Playoffs?" Department comes this: Former Indianapolis coach/hilarious sound bite Jim Mora was on FOX Sports this week and took the chance to bad mouth Moss, saying he wouldn't have him on his team because he doesn't play hard all the time. Our question is just what team would that be, Jim? Since you cried like an injured schoolgirl after being fired by the Colts, the only team you're coaching is a flag football league. Maybe Mora should learn to shut his mouth and keep his outbursts confined to press conferences.

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