Report of impending deadline makes no sense

If the Vikings have issued a deadline of later this week for Brett Favre to make a decision, it is curious timing, indeed. More likely, it's another conflicting report that may not be accurate.

The latest turn in the Brett Favre saga is one that makes the least sense. At a time where news has come forward that Favre had the surgery that would release his injured biceps tendon, came the follow-up that head coach Brad Childress has imposed a deadline of later this week for Favre to decide whether he's coming back or not.

If this is true – and there are indications it is being denied – it begs the question why would the Vikings impose a deadline? Reports claim that Favre had the surgery to his throwing shoulder about two weeks ago, which would put his rehab at about the minimum it could be for a return to action. The standard timetable for such a return has been listed at three to six weeks, making a deadline of this week seem a bit early for both sides to swallow.

ESPN made the report that Favre has been issued an ultimatum of this week, but it should be noted that the same reports from ESPN two weeks ago said that, if the Vikings were going to sign Favre, it would come before the team's full minicamp the last weekend in May. That came and went without any signing being made. Now there are conflicting reports that the Vikings haven't imposed a deadline for Favre to sign. Pat Kirwan of Sirius NFL Radio said Monday on his radio show that there has been no deadline and claimed the ESPN story was "made up."

That logic would seem to make sense. With the anticipated final OTAs coming this week, it wouldn't make sense to force a deadline on Favre when he either isn't healthy enough to throw with full range of motion or that the deadline comes near the end of the full-team practices for the offseason. It begs the question: Why would the Vikings impose a deadline now after waiting this long?

With the money Favre would command – even on a one-year basis – it doesn't make sense that the Vikings would rush the issue. They are scheduled to open training camp July 31 and would want to clearly know by then whether Favre is 100 percent or close to it. That would seem to contradict the notion of having to get him signed now, even though his ailing shoulder could have him wind up on injured reserve – at which point Favre would get paid and not play. That scenario doesn't make sense.

As usual, neither the Favre camp nor the Vikings have confirmed or denied any of the most recent reports. It has left fans and media alike guessing as to which reports are accurate. If there was in fact a deadline posted, we will find out later this week whether it was legitimate or if Favre's injury extends beyond the biceps tendon tear. Stay tuned. One way or another, this story is sure to have at least one more follow-up.

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