Vikings get a ‘Favre-a-palooza' break

Vikings veterans not only get a chance to rest their bodies, but the break between now and the start of training camp will be an opportunity for them to find a respite from the Brett Favre questions.

Vikings players and coaches have fielded so many questions about Brett Favre on a weekly basis, they might be sick of the quarterback before he ever arrives.

Thursday was the final day of media access during the offseason's organized team activities and the national media joined the scene in an attempt to unearth any new morsel of Favre-related information.

"I don't think anything has changed. I think the guy is still retired. I don't think that's changed at all," head coach Brad Childress said when asked for an update on the situation.

It was just one of many ways the Favre questions were shaped. Essentially, there was very little new about Thursday's Favre news. Childress still didn't want to put a timeline on a decision.

"It is hard to speculate. Like I said the other day: Deadlines? No. But I'm not going to speculate on that," he said.

Childress said on KFAN radio Wednesday that he wanted to see how much Favre had left in his "cannon." The quarterback reportedly had surgery on a previously partially torn biceps tendon in his throwing shoulder. However, Childress doesn't appear interested in hurrying the process along faster than Favre's healing would allow.

"I am not that anxious. I am not going to lose any sleep or anything. I don't need mood elevators or anything like that. But you always would want to see that," he said.

He even refused to say if the plan was for him to see Favre throw, calling that "down the road stuff."

The constant Favre questioning wasn't just limited to the head coach. Several high-profile players also had much of their interviews steered toward Favre talk.

"It's kind of over now. We've kind of been there, done that. We're ready to move along," said tight end Visanthe Shiancoe when asked about Favre. "We have two guys here that are working hard. Like I said, if he comes, it would be an asset. It would be exciting to have him here. He's a Hall of Fame guy. But right now we can just work with what we have right now. So that's what it is."

Shiancoe and others have seen so much talk about Favre that he calls it "Favre-a-palooza."

"It's crazy. But every year is a circus and you've got to expect it, man," he said. "But, you know, he deserves the right to do that. He's put in a lot of work and he's that man."

Luckily, after Friday's practice, which isn't open to the media, the veteran players have the next six weeks off and can get away from the constant questions. Tarvaris Jackson is one of the players that is happy he'll be able to get away from Favre inquisitions … at least from the media.

"Oh, yeah. But I'll probably still have to answer them. You don't understand the text messages I get all day, every day from my family and friends about it," he said. "But you know, it comes with the territory. I won't lie and say it don't bother me. But I kind of got used to it."

"You guys keep bringing it up," said defensive end Jared Allen. "If everybody stopped talking about it, nobody would talk about it, right? So let's just stop talking about it."

Allen isn't the only one tired of the talk. Jackson admitted that it can wear on him.

"If you had to hear it year in and year out, all the time, eventually you're going to be tired of it. But I guess it just comes with being the quarterback for the Vikings right now. It is what it is," he said.

It's clear, however, that the Vikings have an interest in Favre. Childress said he talked to Favre to last week, but he wasn't about to reveal the contents of that conversation.

In fact, despite more than a dozen questions directed at players and coaches on Thursday about Favre, nothing of substance was revealed.

Eventually, there will be an answer that ends the drama one way or another, but for now the players are happy to get a break from it.

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