Vikings players ‘staying in their lanes'

The lines of communication between Brad Childress and the Vikings players isn't quite as clear when it comes to talk of Brett Favre. Some players want to know what's going on; others try to avoid it. See what Childress and the players had to say about the situation.

The Brett Favre timeline could be six one way, half dozen another. It was about six weeks ago that the speculation on Favre to the Vikings began to simmer, and it could be six more weeks before anything definitive is decided, as the first practice of training camp is exactly six weeks away.

Fans want to know. The media want to know. It seems everyone who has followed Favre's interest in the Vikings since, well, last year's training camp, has a desire to know the outcome of his shoulder dance with the team.

Even the current Vikings would like some closure on the topic, but head coach Brad Childress made it clear on Thursday that he doesn't discuss the details of the situation and update his current quarterbacks.

"I really don't. Those guys play football and I coach football and look at personnel," he said. "So they would be out of their lane and I would be out of my lane in sharing any of our business, whether it be surgery, injury, talking about other players. We just don't do that. It's more of a coaching relationship. As I mentioned yesterday, I could virtually go non-stop standing up here and never get anything done."

Tarvaris Jackson confirmed the lack of information flow between coach and quarterbacks when it comes to Favre updates.

"I'm just like y'all. They don't inform us of any of the acquisitions that they make or whatever they're thinking about. They're just watching TV, pretty much hearing things the same time you hear," he said, and then confirmed his curiosity about the resolution. "You always want to know. Like any situation you're in, you want to know. But I guess it's not their job to tell me. So I'll just go out here and try to get better. Just try to get better and take care of the part I can take care of."

Consider Jackson the veteran of the Favre "unretirement" chronicles. He went through it all last year when the former Green Bay Packer decided he didn't want to retire after all and eventually agreed to be traded to the New York Jets, despite his desire to play for the Vikings.

Speculation on Favre's desire to end up in purple has centered on two very different angles. First, there is the revenge angle, a theory that says Favre is so set on sticking it to the Packers for not automatically embracing him as their starter once he changed his mind about retirement last year that he now wants to play for the Packers' arch-enemy. The second theory says that Favre has looked at the Vikings roster and determined that they are only a veteran quarterback – like himself – away from being a serious Super Bowl contender.

Visanthe Shiancoe admits to being intrigued by the possibilities.

"I heard he likes to throw to the tight end. So that'll be good to have him in there," said the emerging tight end. "He's sent a couple tight ends to the Pro Bowl. Of course it would be good for me, but it'll be good for the team as well to have a Hall of Fame quarterback in here. A well-seasoned guy that can really jump in, is used to this offense, this type of West Coast-style offense. It will be good to have him here."

Shiancoe is one of the players that would like to know how the tale is going to end, and soon.

"You want to know. You have it lingering over your head, all day every day. Every time you turn on the TV, you see Favre or you see something about Favre or you see something about his shoulder or you see him working out at the high school in the morning," Shiancoe said. "But you do want it to be finished with and you want to know what's going on, but at the same time that's something that we can't control so we leave it alone."

Quarterback Sage Rosenfels said he tries to avoid the hype, as much as that is possible when people keep asking him about it.

"I try not to follow all the stuff that is going on. I have other things going on that are a little more important right now. I have two kids and things I have to deal with every day. I'm not sitting there watching ESPN and the news to figure out what the situation is. All I can control is my actions," he said.

"Uncertainty is never a good thing. But, again, I can't control what the head coach does or the GM does. They're going to make decisions. One day when I'm a head coach or I'm a GM I'll be making decisions. But right now I'm just a quarterback. My job is to get the ball in the hands of the receivers and the running backs and tight ends."

Shiancoe, however, said that there is a reason for all the talk.

"Yeah, I do think it's worth all the fuss. That's Brett Favre, man. What is it, his 20th year, 19th year coming into the league? I wish I could play that long. And he still has that respect. It's not like he is on the down slope. He's on the up slope. So it's respect," Shiancoe said.

On the other side of the ball, there isn't quite as much concern over the situation.

"It's not a distraction for me. I don't think about it," said defensive end Jared Allen. "I don't go home and think about it, so whatever's going to happen is going to happen. I don't worry about it. I've got more important things to worry about. I've got my game to worry about and all I know is I'm going to be here so I'm going to show up every day and then be here at camp."

Whether or not Favre is a teammate in camp this year has yet to be determined, and so far the current players aren't being kept apprised of the situation.

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