Favre signing reported, refuted

Brett Favre is rumored to have signed with the Vikings already, but that report was refuted by his agent. It appears to be just another bump in a rocky road of reporting throughout the Favre story.

Just when it appeared as through, for about the seventh time, that the Brett Favre stories were going to die down, we get this report: He has already signed with the Vikings. But has he?

That is the question-mark closing headline at the website ProFootballTalk.com. As has been typical with this story, there is no confirmation coming from Favre, Brad Childress, Zygi Wilf, Bus Cook or essentially anyone that would be part of an actual contract signing, but it will likely take less time to determine whether this is a legitimate signing or not. Cook told multiple media outlets that is not true.

According to the story, a military officer in Afghanistan caught wind of a rumor – apparently Favre's contract status is a state secret for the eyes only of those who can handle the truth. In a follow-up to the afternoon story on PFT, the St. Paul Pioneer Press attempted to contact Cook via text message. His response was simply "no contract."

Where the issue gets a lot easier to clean up than Ed Werder's "deadline" fiasco is that, if in fact Favre has signed a contract, under the rules of the league's collective bargaining agreement, the Vikings would have just two days to submit that contract to the NFL for approval. If they have signed Favre, it would also seem to be a requirement that he pass a team physical. Although Childress was quoted earlier in the week as saying Favre was "pain-free" in throwing, it doesn't change the fact that, just three weeks removed from surgery on his right shoulder, it would be difficult for him to pass a physical at this time.

As with all the Favre stories, it's up to the individual to determine how much significance to attribute to any of these stories. Could they be true? Sure. Could be the latest in a long line of red herrings that has either solidified or tended to undermine the validity of the story? All we can do is wait and see if any of the principal players speak out to confirm or deny this latest rumor. The best bet is to check back in around the Fourth of July. That's when many believe the clock will truly start ticking on the infatuation between Favre and the Vikings.

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