Lurtsema's Reaction: The QB situation

Bob Lurtsema is convinced that Brett Favre is going to be a Viking. See what the former Vikings defensive lineman had to say about Favre's injury, a potential contract, how his signing could affect the current quarterbacks and what it would do for the rest of the offense.

VU: What are the chances that Brett Favre does not return to play for the Vikings?

BL: Zero. He's 100 percent here. That injury and everything they talked about is about as standard as you can get as far as the pain level. It's such a minor procedure, but the media is looking for anything to blow it out of proportion, so 100 percent.

VU: What kind of contract do you think it will take to sign him? He was scheduled to make $13 million with the Jets this year and that would push the Vikings right up against the cap. Do you think they are willing to pay him that and do you think he would be willing to accept less?

BL: He will be willing to accept less. Money is not going to be a problem. I really think they're going to give him some incentive clauses. In his own way, he's so old-school and money has never been a big problem. Would he play for the veteran minimum? No. Would I? Yes (laughs). But money will not be an object because this is the missing piece as far as I feel and as far as Zygi Wilf feels. This would be the biggest step the Vikings have ever made towards a potential Super Bowl championship.

VU: Who do you think would be the quarterback that's gone if they sign Favre?

BL: I haven't heard much about John David Booty. People say he's a steady Freddie. Sage Rosenfels is here for sure because that's a good future since he's better than Tarvaris Jackson. So now you're down to T-Jack and John David Booty. I think they might dangle both of them out there and see which one can get the most in trade value. My personal vote would be that they trade Tarvaris because of his experience.

VU: Because you think Jackson would be more valuable to another team?

BL: Correct.

VU: What do you think he could bring as far as draft-pick compensation?

BL: That's a hard call. I wouldn't say anything higher than a fourth with what he's done and the problems that he's had, his progression and how long it's taken. It's not like he's stepped in there and now he's a gunslinger.

VU: What have you seen from Booty in his develop from last year to this year? Is there enough that makes you believe he could be a quarterback to be developed?

BL: He's got a nice touch on the ball, but it would be hard for me to tell for sure. It would be more of a guess from me right now.

VU: If, by some chance, Favre does not end up here, it sounds you see Sage as being the No. 1 guy, is that right?

BL: Yes. Just watching the drills and knowing what he's done in the past. From all the things I've seen, I just think he's the better ballplayer. I just like the way he works with the receivers and how he leads them. I saw him play a couple times last year and I was tremendously impressed with how he led the receivers. The times I watched him, he was on and he really, really played well. He didn't get really rattled back there. He was very confident and he sat in there. I was impressed with what was going on. I've seen him in pads, but now I'm starting to critique him a lot harder as I watched those drills.

VU: Do you get the feeling that the Vikings are trying to reach out more to the fans?

BL: Absolutely. The fans pay the bills. When you have as many disgruntled fans as the Vikings do right now – all you have to do is check how many season-ticket holders have not renewed – they know they have a problem. They've lost some of the fans. They are trying to keep the fans more abreast of what's happening with the new stadium talks and how that's going to work out. They've had other special meetings with season-ticket holders and they have a web site (, and through that web site they explain everything about the upcoming needs. They are really very open now to the people who care so much about the Vikings. It's very, very positive.

VU: How much do you think Brett Favre will help that relationship and what sort of feedback do you get from fans?

BL: You either love him or hate him. There is not one negative thing I can think of, but sometimes fans get so wrapped up because he was a Green Bay Packer. Listen, that man has got it all. He's old-school, he's durable, he loves to compete. He's a little kid in the candy store when Thursday and Friday roll around and he's waiting for that game to start. If anybody can come up with a negative, I would like to hear it. But there would be no more nine in the box, the receivers would be better and Adrian Peterson would be an even better runner. That has to help the running game, and Favre wouldn't have to be the gunslinger.

Bob Lurtsema registered 57 regular-season sacks and three in the playoffs during his 12-year career as a defensive lineman in the NFL, playing with the Baltimore Colts, New York Giants, Minnesota Vikings and Seattle Seahawks, and was the longtime publisher of Viking Update. He joins for a weekly Q & A session, and his monthly column appears in the magazine.

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