Birk turns temporary columnist

Former Vikings center Matt Birk took a turn at penning his own opinions while filling in Peter King at Sports Illustrated's web site.

Former Viking Matt Birk tried his hand as a media type Monday, filling in for Peter King with a guest version of the "Monday Morning Quarterback" column at the Sports Illustrated website (for the full column, click here).

It would seem that even though he's now removed from the furor around the Vikings concerning the potential signing of Brett Favre, it didn't take long for Birk to go tongue-in-cheek in the first paragraph of the column.

Birk said his only goal for the column was "not to mention Brett Favre," which he followed up with "Whoops. Mission failed."

Birk used the forum to briefly say that he thinks Favre should continue playing if his body is willing, saying that playing in the NFL "is a pretty good gig." He followed that up by discussing a cause near and dear to his heart – raising money and awareness for the plight of NFL players from previous eras, those who didn't have the medical innovations or proper treatment of the long-term affects of NFL injuries.

Birk was candid in some of his assessments on "10 Things I Think I Think." First among them was his belief that Favre will play for the Vikings this year. He also went on to snipe at the media for making headline stories out of things like OTAs, as well as saying he believes Michael Vick should get another chance, there should be no domed stadiums, the league should tone down the sideline antics, there shouldn't be tackle football played before high school and that there is such a thing as "Minnesota Nice."

Birk was able to put on display his trademark sarcastic sense of humor – poking fun at things that he sees as unneeded or unappreciated. While he would likely bristle at being termed a member of the media, which to many NFL players is tantamount to saying you're a member of the despised group, it was the type of read one would expect from a Harvard graduate.

Can he continue pumping out the prose on a regular basis when he retires from playing football? Until then, he will likely keep his day job, which, by his own admission, "is a pretty good gig."


  • If fans want to get tickets to the Monday night game with the Packers when single-game tickets go on sale July 20, they will also have to purchase tickets to the preseason game with Kansas City.

  • There is the potential that the Steve McNair slaying could delay the potential signing of Brett Favre. Both Favre and McNair are natives of Mississippi, where McNair's funeral and burial are scheduled to take place. Both are represented by agent Bus Cook, and Cook and Favre are expected to attend the funeral. Cook has been serving as the spokesman for the McNair family since the tragedy, releasing statements made by the family to the media.

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