Rice continues tweeting his progress

Vikings WR Sidney Rice is embracing the ability to update fans on his thoughts and activities through Twitter and his own blog. Rice talked about how it came about and why he's doing it.

Sidney Rice took some time away from Minnesota to visit his hometown and go to New York, but no matter where he travels, he is one of at least two Vikings that fans can stay in contact with via the social network Twitter.

Rice and fellow wide receiver Bernard Berrian are two of the Vikings known to use the popular technology to post updates on everything from their workouts to their eating plans to how they feel about practice. So far, there has been nothing controversial and certainly nothing pushing into the territory that Bengals WR Chad Ochocinco wants to go with by tweeting during games – the NFL has since said their will be no tweeting during games.

Rice said he is just using Twitter and his blog to stay in touch with fans. Rice's blog, which can be found at sidneyrice18.com, came first.

"It was just a suggestion from somebody. The blog was first and it was just a suggestion. This guy started my web page and I liked it. He'd call and ask me to do a blog," Rice told Viking Update. "At first I was just blowing it off all the time and didn't really want to do it, but I realized the fans, they are fans and would like to know what you're doing with your time and things like that. That's the least you could do is let them know how you're doing if they're going to take the time out of their day to come check out our web site and things like that. I try to give them a little blog post every week or so about how practice went, how the OTAs went for that week or so, and it's been going pretty good so far. I lot of people appreciate it."

Rice's lost blog entry was June 21, when he talking about getting started on more training to enhance his physical condition for training camp's two-a-day practices.

In a tweet on Sunday, he shared with fans that he was taking some time away to relax.

"The lake was so relaxing! Now I'm ready for something good to eat. I'm thinking a filet would be so good rite now!" he tweeted.

Rice also used Twitter to request the prayers of fans last week, when a serial killer was terrorizing his hometown area. But mainly Rice said he just wants to connect with the fans the use of his blog and Twitter, the latter being the newer but more frequently used form of communication.

"That same guy, he started me with one of those Twitter pages as well and I just got on it. I didn't really know how to use it or anything, but I got on it and post once every two days on that. You can do as many as you want," he said. "It's added a little more to it as well, just saying something to the fans after a good day of work and practice. Just letting them know there is a lot of great competition going on at the facility, just letting them know that everything looks good. Like I said, they really appreciate it."

Rice said there is no need for the guarded coaching staff to be concerned about his him leaking confidential information through either method of communication.

"I know what to put on there and what not to," Rice said.

You also won't find (at least not yet) his thoughts on the numbers he would like to reach this season – he told Viking Update 60 to 70 catches, 900 to 1,000 yards and 10 touchdowns would be about he's shooting for – but you can at least follow the parts of a professional athlete's life that he wants to update publicly.

It's a new world of communication and Rice is one of the NFL players embracing it.

Rice's twitter account can be found on Twitter at sidneyrice. Bernard Berrian is at B_Twice. Viking Update is at vikingupdate.

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