Favre not ready; Driver sees the need

Brett Favre isn't ready to commit to the Vikings, but he said he'd make that decision before training camp. Meanwhile, former Favre teammate Donald Driver wishes Favre well if he does sign with Minnesota.

Brett Favre told an Associated Press reporter on Wednesday that his shoulder is feeling "pretty good" and that he has been practicing with his local high school team about three times a week.

However, Favre also said he wanted to wait to make a commitment until he was sure he would be ready for an entire season of work, but would give the Vikings an answer before training camp. The Vikings' first practice is July 31 in Mankato.

If Favre does end up with the Vikings, one his favorite targets from his Green Bay days, wide receiver Donald Driver, said it wouldn't tarnish the quarterback's legacy to play with an arch-rival.

"We haven't talked about that," Driver told Sirius NFL Radio on Tuesday. "You know, when we talk we just talk about how his arm is feeling and how's the family, but I think my own opinion is that his legacy is not going to be tarnished by anything. He's going to be able to still retire as a Green Bay Packer. I don't think anyone will ever wear the No. 4 jersey in Green Bay ever again. It would not hurt him. I think when you love the game as much as he loves it, (if) you're going to go somewhere else and play, then you're going to go somewhere else and play. And that's one thing we don't have control over. We don't have control over our careers. Sometimes you play with a team for a certain amount of years and they let you go and you still feel like you can play, you're going to go out and play and that doesn't matter where it's at."

The fact that it appears Favre will play in Minnesota didn't bother Driver.

"I told him, ‘If you decide to go, I wish the best for you. I will – I don't know if I can cheer for you too much, but I hope you do good. But I still want you to lose,'" Driver said.

While Favre waits to see if he believes he will have the stamina to make it an entire NFL season, Driver agreed that is one of the biggest factors in Favre's decision.

"It all depends on how he's feeling. I think that's the biggest thing. I think he still loves the game," Driver said. "He still wants to go out there and play. And when you have that love for the game, I don't care how your arm feels or how everything else feels, you're going to go out there and play. And I know that he's a warrior. He's going to go out there week in and week out and give his best even though he may not feel up to his best."

Driver joked that if he ended up playing against Favre at Lambeau Field, he'd asked for a jersey.

"I'm going to wait until that happens. When that day happens, then I'll pick up a phone and just ask him, ‘Can I get a jersey?' That's all I'll care for," he said. "… When it's all said and done, he's still going to be one of the greatest quarterbacks in the National Football League."

While assessing the strengths of the NFC North, Driver agreed with the general NFL sentiment that the Vikings are currently missing a top-notch quarterback, something the Bears went out and got when they traded for Jay Cutler.

"I think Chicago did a great job and Lovie Smith went out there and got Jay Cutler to lead this team, but one thing they don't have is they don't have the receiver group. They have the running back, they have the offensive line and they have a great defense. But you're going to have to need receivers to make plays down the field and they don't have that right now," he said. "So I can see on our end we have all of that on our offense. And then you go back to look at Minnesota. Minnesota has a great running game but, they just don't have the top-of-the-line quarterback that they need. So, you know, I'm hoping my guy doesn't go over there, but if he does, then I wish the best for him."

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