Allen voices frustration with Favre

Jared Allen would appear to be just like other Vikings fans that are frustrated with the Brett Favre saga dragging on.

It would seem that Vikings aren't the only ones getting frustrated with the lack of movement in the Brett Favre saga. Mark down Jared Allen as joining in that crowd.

In an interview in the Chicago Tribune, Allen said that he would welcome Favre if the Vikings bring him in, but, like so many fans, he is at the point of saying enough is enough already.

"If we get Brett, then that's a bonus," Allen said. "But let's either get it done and get moving with it or let it go."

Allen added that isn't causing a schism on the team, but that it is simply getting bothersome with the weeks and weeks of speculation, rumors and reports saying he will or won't be coming to Minnesota.

"It's not sop much that it's a distraction, because we're professionals and don't really buy into that," Allen said. "But it's annoying."

Allen made it clear that he's not anti-Favre, but the waiting is only leaving more questions for a team that is the defending division champions and have high hopes for a Super Bowl run in 2009 – whether with No. 4 or not.

"I say it all the time – if you get a player of that caliber at any position you take him," Allen said. "If (Giants Hall of Famer) Lawrence Taylor came out of retirement, you take him just to see what he can do. Brett absolutely has proven that he's one of the best ever at what he does. But our goals going into the offseason weren't ‘let's win a championship if we get Brett Favre.' It's ‘let's win a championship' and I feel we have to able quarterbacks to get that done."

Like everyone else, Allen will continue to wait to see what Favre decides.


  • Allen had less-than-flattering things to say about Lions rookie Matthew Stafford, who signed a megabuck deal with Detroit as the first pick in April's draft. Allen has long been a proponent of not paying the top rookies huge contracts when the average NFL player has to prove himself over time to be rewarded with a big deal, saying, "Rookies are rookies and you treat them like rookies. You throw the kitchen sink at them and hit them with a wrench along the way. No respect (is shown). He got millions of dollars. And for what? He ain't done nothing yet."

  • Allen has a different attitude toward Bears quarterback Jay Cutler. He's familiar with him from Allen's time in Kansas City when Cutler was playing for division rival Denver. He admitted liking Cutler, saying he gives as good as he gets. "Jay loves to talk. I missed him on one sack and he let me hear about it the whole time – ‘Hey Jared, you missed me. You missed me.' I like him because he's not afraid to say something or show his emotions."

  • Former Viking Matt Birk will host his first Celebrity Gridiron Challenge, a flag football game, today at Minnetonka High School. The event will run from 1 to 4 p.m. and proceeds will go to Birk's HIKE Foundation, which raises money for educational opportunities for at-risk children. In past years, Birk has hosted a golf tournament for a HIKE Foundation fundraiser, where participants will be paired up with celebrities. Among those expected to be in attendance are head coach Brad Childress, linebacker Ben Leber and punter Chris Kluwe. Current and former Vikings will also be on hand signing autographs.

  • ESPN continues to report that, if Favre signs with the Vikings, Tarvaris Jackson will seek a trade. Nobody has shown more faith in Jackson than Childress, and the market for him wouldn't likely be as a starter anywhere else in the league.

  • Almost half of the 256 draft picks have signed, but the Vikings still have to sign Percy Harvin, Phil Loadholt and Asher Allen – their top three picks in April's draft.

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