Wednesday Senior Bowl Team Reports

The Vikings have coaches and scouts at Mobile, Ala., for the Senior Bowl, but other NFL teams were more obvious in their courting of players from the college all-star game.

The Eagles seemed very enamored with Kevin Williams but then again everyone was. The Falcons and Dolphins were also lined up to speak with the OSU defender while Miami also had a long discussion with linebacker Lance Briggs. Atlanta also scouted the defensive backs heavily and spent time with Gerald Hayes.

The Packers have most of their scouts watching the defensive linemen and a guess says they like Tyler Brayton. They also spoke to Artose Pinner at length and heavily scouted the linebackers.

Cleveland also had a very defensive theme as they worked the linemen and defensive backs hard.

Raiders super scout Mickey Marvin told us he thought Marcus Trufant was the best player here all week.

Here's the story on the Chiefs and Marcus Trufant. Lynn Stiles, personnel director for the franchise began talking with Trufant and liked the cornerback so much walked Trufant over to Carl Peterson for further discussion and they then set up a time to bring in coach Dick Vermeil. The whole affair was prompted by Kansas City scout James Hasty, himself a former Wazzu player. The Chiefs also seemed to take a liking to linebacker Gerald Hayes and another corner, DeJaun Groce of Nebraska. Earlier in the day they spent time with Kevin Garrett during the South's practice.

The Redskins spent time with Todd Johnson while the Ravens for the second day in a row had the ear of Rashean Mathis. Baltimore also has its' eye on the pass catchers and spoke with Terrance Edwards.

Add the name of the Rams to the list of teams that spent time with Tyrone Calico.

The Cards spent time with Bruce Nelson.

The Giants spoke at length with tight end Bennie Joppru

Lots of news on the Saints, who spent the afternoon speaking with tight end Mike Pinkard, after the ASU prospect filled in for the injured LJ Smith. A source we spent extensive time with this morning said he feels the Saints will look to the defensive back seven in the draft, specifically a middle linebacker and cornerback. Safety is also a consideration and quite possibly so is offensive tackle if the team moves Kyle Turley, which is a distinct possibility.

We spoke at length with former quarterback Jim Zorn, who feels Carson Palmer is NFL-ready but the rest of the quarterback prospects need a lot of work. Specifically his concern was the footwork of Simms and Kingsbury.

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