Report: Favre by Friday

If a report on proves accurate, Brett Favre could let the Vikings know by Friday whether or not he will play for them his season. In that report, the deciding factor has changed from physical health to the mental grind required of NFL players.

It appears as though the long wait for the Brett Favre decision as to whether to play for the Vikings or not is finally coming to an end.

In a story of the NFL's official website, columnist Thomas George said that Favre will let the Vikings know by Friday of this week whether he will play for them or remain retired. Apparently, the biggest question is no longer his surgically repaired shoulder, but rather whether he wants to deal with the daily grind of another NFL season.

According to George's report, Favre still has "questions whether he wants to endure the toil of training camp, a preseason and all of the mandatory minutiae."

Funny, but it's that mandatory minutiae that make up the majority of the six months that an NFL season results in. For a season that starts at the end of July and, for those lucky enough to play for a championship, doesn't end until early February, there are a lot more days dealing with the in-between-games mode than actual playing time.

Brad Childress claimed he knew nothing of any change in Favre's previous statements that he would let the team know before July 30 whether or not he planned to return to the NFL. Most people who know Favre, however, say the decision has already been made and that he will return to play a 19th NFL season, this one with the Vikings.

Last week, Favre said he needs to be at 100 percent to even consider coming back for another year, but that he is closing in on that goal. Many believe that he is going to commit to playing another season, but, as we have learned in the past, he has had several changes of heart that have affected his status – both as an active player and as a player who twice has pronounced himself retired.

The soap opera continues, but fortunately, there likely won't be a cliffhanger after this week. If the report is correct, we could know one way or the other if he is coming back. For all of their patience, the belief is that if Favre isn't with the team at the start of training camp, that the team will stick with its current plan to go into the 2009 season with Sage Rosenfels and Tarvaris Jackson competing for the starting job and John David Booty serving as the No. 3 quarterback.


  • Jason Munz, a newspaper columnist for the Hattiesburg American, said that "95 percent of the throws (Favre) made" at his last workout at Warrior Stadium with the Oak Grove High School football team were on target and had "plenty of zip." He said he was routinely hitting receivers in stride.

  • Michael Vick finished his term of home confinement Monday and, as far as he is concerned, he is ready to resume his NFL career. He has hired a personal trainer, but has yet to meet with the NFL – specifically Commissioner Roger Goodell – to get the go-ahead to resume his career. The NFL suspended Vick prior to his court case being heard, but has taken no punitive action against him. Some believe that the league may tack on an additional suspension to his two years of his life lost while in federal prison on a dog fighting conviction. There are said to be several teams interested in signing Vick, but the Vikings have never been mentioned legitimately. Whoever does eventually sign him will likely face a public relations nightmare scenario.

  • Perhaps the lack of a Favre signing announcement affected the sale of single-game tickets for the Vikings regular season game. The website attempted to purchase tickets for the six games that were put on sale Monday (the Packers and Bears games were excluded) approximately 90 minutes after they went on sale and were able to get tickets for all six games.

  • From the "You Can't Make This Up" Department comes this: The Sporting News website already has a 2010 mock draft working and, with the 22nd projected pick in the draft, they have the Vikings selecting Texas quarterback Colt McCoy – a clear indication their scouts believe the Favre Experiment, if it happens at all, will be a one-year gig.

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