Shiancoe: Speculation didn't help current QBs

Several Vikings have offered their opinion on the Brett Favre summer drama, and TE Visanthe Shiancoe talked about the effect of the Favre speculation on the Vikings' current quarterbacks and talked about the progress of Tarvaris Jackson.

Defensive end Jared Allen called the wait for Brett Favre "annoying." Fellow defensive end Ray Edwards has insinuated that Favre may be a bit of a prima donna. Vikings owners Zygi and Mark Wilf deferred most of the Favre talk to head coach Brad Childress during an online chat last week.

It would seem like everyone is tired of the Favre talk. So how have Sage Rosenfels and Tarvaris Jackson – the current Vikings quarterbacks vying for a starting spot – been reacting of late? Neither has spoken publicly during the recent NFL down time before training camp, but tight end Visanthe Shiancoe says it would only be human for the drawn-out saga to affect them as well.

"We're all human. They're human as well. This process for all these months, it … didn't help," Shiancoe said during an extended interview with Sirius NFL Radio last week. "The indecisiveness, the ups and downs and then everybody is coming at you, being ridiculed. It's got to be hard for these guys. … You're job is never safe, no matter who you are. As a professional, I feel like you have to expect it."

Shiancoe said all the talk hasn't negatively affected the workouts from Jackson and Rosenfels.

"They've been working every single day. They stay extra. We're confident in these guys as well. Of course, if Brett comes it's going to be a plus. We have other guys, so if it goes either way, I think we'll be fine. I know we'll be fine," Shiancoe said.

Shiancoe threw his support behind Jackson, who he believes took some positive steps forward when he got the opportunity to start again at the end of the 2008 season after being pulled following the first two games of the season.

"Tarvaris is very, very extremely talented. I see him every day. Physically, mentally, everything. The more experience he gets, the better he's going to perform on the field. … Sage is a veteran and brings that veteran leadership. It's going to be a battle," the tight end said, adding that Jackson's performance in the playoffs against the Eagles' blitz-happy defense wasn't all the fault of the quarterback.

"We went to the playoff game and we got blitzed to hell. Of course that's going to rattle the quarterback when you don't pick up the blitz, us as players," Shiancoe said.

Sirius radio host Jim Miller, the former NFL quarterback, thinks Jackson "has a bright future ahead," but believes bringing in Favre would be a good move. Shiancoe has pointed to Favre's willingness to throw to the tight ends in the past and didn't back down when asked about that again.

"Brett Favre does like to throw to the tight ends. … That is a plus in my eyes. This whole conversation (on Favre), it's inevitable. You all know the deal. I don't have to speak to that because this is like a dream come true to fit into this offense, this team," he said.

It probably wouldn't be a dream for Jackson, who is entering the final year of the contract he signed as a rookie. There have been rumors that Jackson would seek a trade if Favre were to sign.

"I know Tarvaris and he's a competitor. Every player in this league wants to start or should want to start. As far as him requesting a trade, I have no idea," Shiancoe said. "I just started hearing about that on Twitter (last week). Hopefully that's not the case because who knows how long Brett will be here."

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