Report: Favre ‘anguishing' over decision

Another reported deadline could come and go without a decision from Brett Favre, who is now "anguishing" about whether or not to return to the NFL with the Vikings, according to ESPN.

Here we go again.

With what was reported as being a deadline date to announce whether he was returning to the NFL for a 19th season, Brett Favre is said to be "anguishing" over a decision to come back and the reported deadline of today doesn't seem like it will happen.

According to an ESPN report, several Vikings, including star players Adrian Peterson, Jared Allen and Steve Hutchinson have repeatedly called and texted Favre saying they want him to be part of the 2009 Vikings, with the unnamed "source close to the situation" claiming that, if not for the contact from Vikings players, he likely would have announced that he isn't returning.

The Vikings have seemed relatively willing to wait for Favre to make a decision, but that isn't expected to last beyond the start of training camp. The feeling is that once training camp begins, all bets are off and that the Vikings could move forward with the group they have in place. What might be more troubling is if Favre doesn't sign and current QBs Tarvaris Jackson and Sage Rosenfels feel somewhat betrayed by their teammates reaching out to a player outside the organization.

The speculation machine is back to running in overdrive on such matters as Favre's mental state after struggling late last season after sustaining his arm injury, his unwillingness to uproot his family and questions about his long-term health have all come into play. Whether any of them are true is unclear, but all we can do in the period between now and when his decision is ultimately made is to speculate.

For his part, Brad Childress is playing along with the game, saying he has no idea whether Favre will be with the team next week when camp opens or not.

"I don't have any allusions as to whether it's ‘I'm in' or ‘I'm out,'" Childress told the Associated Press Thursday. "You guys would probably say it's not a matter of if, it's when (he signs with the Vikings). But I've always said he's not going to do it unless he can do it at the level he wants to be able to do it all. We'll see."

So after all the hype and hoopla surrounding the potential Favre signing, we're back where we were at in May – will he or won't he? Stay tuned.


  • In what came as a surprise to few, the NFL made good on the speculation that its wildly popular draft would be moved to prime time. But the difference was pretty pronounced, as announced Thursday. The first round of the draft in 2010 will be held in prime time on Thursday, April 22, with the second and third rounds held in prime time on Friday evening, and rounds four through seven held during the day Saturday. It's unclear whether the lengthening of the draft will impact trade talks with teams being given an extra day to work out deals involving draft picks, but the NFL foray into mining an even bigger draft audience would seem to be the clear intent.

  • The contract signed by Antoine Winfield Thursday was unique in respect to how the payments will be doled out. In a contract rarity, after the third year of the deal, de-escalator clauses could drop the amount of the deal if Winfield is the nickel cornerback and not a starter, with an escalation of pay if he is still the starter or regains his starting job during the season. The NFL is sure to take a long look at this deal.

  • With CB Asher Allen agreeing to a contract Thursday, with a week to go and counting until the start of training camp, only the top two draftees – WR Percy Harvin and OT Phil Loadholt – remain unsigned for the Vikings. Given the expanded roles both are expected to have with the team as rookies, it will be important to get both signed prior to the start of camp so they can hit the ground running.

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