Adrian Peterson, Jim Brown candid together

Vikings running back Adrian Peterson graced the cover of The Sporting News with an interview conducted by NFL great Jim Brown. The interview helped reveal Peterson's will to win and other aspects of his life.

Adrian Peterson is no stranger to the attention that comes with being an NFL superstar. He has had no shortage of exposure, as he has graced the covers of hundreds of magazines over the course of his brief NFL career. A.D. sells and putting him on the cover increases interest.

However, the most recent issue of The Sporting News may be going a long way to cementing his image as one of the greats of the game. Not only is Peterson referred to as a "once-in-a-generation" running back, he was interviewed by Hall of Famer Jim Brown.

The interview identified several aspects of Peterson's personality and his drive to win. He told Brown that he wasn't satisfied with his rookie season despite some eye-popping numbers. Some of that was attributed to not making the playoffs, but Peterson said he grew a better understanding of the NFL in his second season.

Brown asked Peterson about the importance of money to the younger players. Peterson responded by saying, "I see it all the time, and it kills me. A lot of guys come intot he league and they get comfortable. They're being paid this and that. It's loike how they played in college doesn't transfer because now they're playing more not to get hurt; they're out there playing timid and thinking about the money. They're not like Brett Favre, playing with that passion. You know he's in the game and he loves the game."

A surprising answer came from the pointed question of whether he believes the Vikings coaches understand and contribute to his ability as he would like them to. His answer? "I would say they understand my ability, but I don't know to what extent."

Brown didn't hold back any punches, saying things like Barry Sanders lacked what Brown terms a "fourth gear," which diminishes his standing as one of the greatest running backs of all-time. He also states that LaDainian Tomlinson of the San Diego Chargers is more a product of his system than a great all-around back. Peterson had said current running backs he respected in the league included Tomlinson, Maurice Jones-Drew and Brandon Jacobs.

Unlike most sports interviews, Brown delved into different areas of Peterson's life, including the role of religion in his life, the rookie salary structure (which Peterson doesn't object to), the players union treatment of previous generations of players and the growing number of current NFL players running afoul of the law.

Even this interview, however, couldn't be conducted with at least one Brett Favre question. Brown asked Peterson about Favre's multiple changes of heart about wanting to continue playing, which Peterson praised as having desire to win. When asked if Peterson would have looked at Favre as a positive teammate in every way, A.D.'s answer was short and simple.

"Yes, sir."

Maybe the Vikings should keep Favre on their speed dial just in case.


  • The progress of Tarvaris Jackson's return will add a new dimension to the Vikings' quarterback situation in the preseason. Last year when Jackson suffered a similar injury, when he returned, he was yanked after just two games. One of the reasons given by Brad Childress to explain the switch to Gus Frerotte was that Jackson had a tentative look in eye when he returned. It will be interesting to see if that same symptom shows up again. It also serves to give both Sage Rosenfels and John David Booty more chances to impress the coaching staff and get timing down with receivers, while Jackson sits and waits to return.

  • Single-game tickets for the Green Bay and Chicago games will go on sale Monday. Those two games were held back when the initial opening of single-game tickets went on sale in July.

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