Williams Wall looking for a resolution

Defensive tackles Pat and Kevin Williams may get some answers later this week, but they are looking forward to the day when their whole suspension saga can be put behind them. See what they had to say and get numerous notes from the Tuesday morning practice.

Vikings defensive tackles Kevin Williams and Pat Williams are looking forward to a resolution to their appealed four-game suspensions. The next key date will be on or before Friday.

Hennepin County District Judge Gary Larson said he will rule by Aug. 7 whether to put a state lawsuit dealing with questions from the Williamses appealed suspension on hold. The request put the state case on hold did not come from Pat and Kevin, it came from the NFL.

The league's attorneys have asked Larson to stay the case in his court, which involves two legal questions remanded to the state court as part of the NFL Players Association suit in federal court that was thrown out earlier this year. The two legal claims made with respect to Minnesota law were not dismissed by the federal judge, because both dealt with drug testing in a Minnesota workplace, which was specific to state law and not a federal issue. That appeal in the federal case is going to be heard Aug. 18 in the 8th Circuit Court of Appeals in St. Paul. Larson might render his decision on the state case earlier than Friday.

"I just keep on praying on it. Whatever happens, happens. I don't have (any) control over it. Whatever happens, happens. I'm just going to take it as it goes," Pat Williams said.

Pat said Tuesday that he was "kind of excited, kind of down" about the possibility of getting at least some of the case resolved soon.

Kevin Williams had much the same reaction and was trying to put it out of his mind.

"Hopefully it will be over soon and we can move on. I'm not even going to worry about it. What happens, happens," he said.

Vikings coach Brad Childress said the way the Williamses are handling the tension is a good example for younger players who may come across their own distractions during their career.

"They come to work every day. I have never seen them in the fetal position by their lockers or anything of that nature or them being unable to come in from their car – they're stuck in the parking lot or couldn't come to work," Childress said when asked if the duo ever seemed distracted by the situation. "Nothing that dramatic, but other than that they have just been Kevin and Pat, one with a lot of words and one with not so many. They are taking care of all the business they need to take care of. They don't let it be a distraction and they have handled it with a minimal amount of missed time. You don't miss the quality of their play."

The players have likely spent hundreds of thousands of dollars trying to fight the suspensions waged against them by the NFL for testing positive for bumetanide, a banned substance that wasn't listed on the label of the dietary pill StarCaps. The two tested positive last year about this time and the cases have dragged on at different levels of appeal ever since then.

Pat said it was never about money. Instead, he has been trying to clear his name and has been concerned about his reputation. By, now, however, he said his family understands.

"My family is at peace with it," he said.


  • Agent Drew Rosenhaus posted on his Twitter account that WR Aundrae Allison is almost certainly done with the Vikings. "The Vikings have informed me that they will be waiving receiver Aundrae Allison by 5pm today if he isn't traded first," Rosenhaus tweeted.

    Allison did not attend Tuesday's morning practice and Brad Childress was asked after practice about potentially releasing Allison. "Not sure about that yet," said Childress, who had no other update on the situation.

  • Percy Harvin and Glenn Holt were getting the vast majority of work returning kicks. Harvin let the first ball out of the JUGS machine slip through his arms, but after that he fielded every one cleanly.

  • QB Tarvaris Jackson (knee) emerged from the locker room during practice and worked on rehabbing his sprained medial collateral ligament on a field not being used for practice. He worked on dropping back and throwing and has the look of a player getting closer to returning to the field. Childress said he expected Jackson to do some work during the afternoon practice, but that is strictly a special-teams practice, so it's likely he will just continue to test the knee on the side. Childress also said Jackson got a new knee brace this morning and that seemed to help.

    Jackson was hurt in Saturday morning's practice when he stepped to throw and got his leg caught up with defensive tackle Letroy Guion, who had gone to the ground.

  • DE Brian Robison and RB Kahlil Bell also did not practice Tuesday morning with lower body injuries.

  • CB Cedric Griffin was limited, giving some first-team time to rookie Asher Allen.

  • Kicker Ryan Longwell had what might have been his first miss of camp, hooking a longer field goal attempt wide left. He immediately connected on his kick from that same distance. It was his only miss of the morning session.

  • WR Bernard Berrian was involved with two notable plays. On the first one, Sage Rosenfels connected on a short pass with Berrian, but rookie CB Asher Allen quickly ripped the ball away and headed the other direction for what would have been a defensive touchdown.

    Later in practice, Berrian leaped up to grab a pass out of the air and was met high in the air by safety Madieu Williams. Berrian came crashing to the ground and held onto the ball but rolled over and was slow to get up. As trainers were talking to him, Adrian Peterson ran over and teased Berrian by playing with his arm and then kicking him like a piece of meat. After Berrian got up and walked down the sideline, gregarious DT Pat Williams teased Berrian from the defensive huddle in the middle of the field. Berrian acknowledged the playful ribbing with a quick wave of his hand. The damage appeared to be limited to Berrian's shirt, which had a torn sleeve.

    Berrian returned to the field a short time later and caught another pass.

  • After a Harvin run up the middle the field, one fan shouted out, "No mercy, Percy!"

  • Later in practice, Harvin simply dropped a handoff from QB John David Booty.

  • On a Booty completion to TE Jeff Dugan in the middle of the field, rookie RB Ian Johnson had a tough hold-your-ground block on a charging Jasper Brinkley.

  • The Vikings have a one-hour special-teams practice Tuesday afternoon, the first practice of camp dedicated strictly to special teams.

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