Williams Wall reacts to court ruling

Pat and Kevin Williams' court case took a positive step forward on Wednesday, and the two tackles reacted to the news as they came off the field from the morning practice.

Pat Williams didn't know anything that transpired with the court case he and teammate Kevin Williams were involved with because the Vikings' two defensive tackles were practicing when news of a positive ruling for them broke.

"I'm just tired of it. It's just really getting old. It's been dragging on," he said. "We don't need no bad news right now. Everything's good. You all heard it before I heard it. I've been at practice all day, so I don't know what's going on. I guess it's good."

On Wednesday morning, Hennepin County District Court judge Gary Larson ruled that the defensive duo can continue playing the entire season unless a federal court judge claims jurisdiction of the case. U.S District judge Paul Magnuson's ruling that the federal court has jurisdiction over the case is being appealed in front of a three-judge panel on Aug. 18.

If the state court is the place that the appeal of the players' four-game suspension should be heard, then the court schedule wouldn't likely allow for the case to be heard during the season, Larson reportedly said on Wednesday.

"It's a step, I guess," said Kevin Williams, who said he would reserve further comment until he had talked to his lawyer.

The NFL suspended the players for four games last season after they tested positive for the banned substance bumetanide, which wasn't listed on the labeling of the dietary product Starcaps. The Williamses have been appealing that suspension in state and federal court ever since.

"I just want it to be over. If they're going to suspend me, they'll suspend me. If they (aren't), they (aren't)," Pat Williams said. "I'm just tired of it dragging and keeping going because you don't want to keep it over your head, your family's head, your teammate's head, your coach's head, your owner's head. It's just something everybody has to worry about."

Pat said he hasn't been getting updates from his lawyers since training camp started last week.

"I ain't talked to nobody since I got here. I'm just going with the flow," he said. "I talk to (my agent), but he really don't tell me nothing because he wants to keep me focused. He just wants me to keep my mind focused."

Defensive end Ray Edwards said the players also haven't talked about the court case since training camp started.

"We would talk about it during the offseason, but we didn't in camp. We talked about it during the offseason and that was about it. When we got to camp, we're going to let God handle that," Edwards said. "We all know what they do on and off the field, so we'll let God handle that and it will all work itself out."

Pat said he has been trying to keep the issue out of his mind while he prepares for the season.

"I've got to, got to come out here every day and have fun. I can't stress on nothing. All the guys are around us, so I'm just staying focus. I can't let no outside stuff stress us," he said.

Pat has two years left on his contract while Kevin is signed through 2014.

Edwards relayed the value of the Pro Bowl defensive tackles to the team's overall defensive success.

"They're the heart of the defense and E.J. (Henderson) is the brain of the defense," Edwards said. "You need the heart and the brain to live."

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