Flavor from Winter Park

Cars and crowds surrounded Winter Park. Today is the day.

The atmosphere around Winter Park is definitely charged.

Television satellite trucks are lining the street in front of Winter Park, helicopters are flying overhead. All in anticipation of any Brett Favre sighting.

When Brad Childress arrived with Brett Favre in his SUV around noon, according to eyewitness reports, the crowd converged on his vehicle. Fans and media alike were told to get back.

Neither Childress nor Favre talked to the media, but he is expected to practice this afternoon and start on Friday.

The circus is open on Tuesday.

So far, no signing has been announced and no press conference has been announced. Reports vary on the if Favre is signing a one- or two-year deal, but the 2009 salary is expected to be about $12 million, according to multiple reports.

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