Will it be Four Norsemen at quarterback?

The Vikings have a decision to make in the 11 days: Keep four quarterbacks on the roster, try to trade one or simply release one? Brad Childress wasn't giving any insight on his thoughts when it came to that subject on Monday.

As the Vikings return to practice today, they do so with the knowledge that the initial plan, which called for the starting quarterback job to be won or lost based in large part on the performances against the Houston Texans, has been scrapped. On Monday, head coach Brad Childress announced that Brett Favre will start the game and likely play the first half with the starters.

Childress was asked if there is a chance that the team will keep all four of its quarterbacks – a true rarity in the NFL – and used the opportunity to let the media they wouldn't be privy to that information, at least not from him.

"There is certainly a scenario where that could happen," Childress said. "Those conversations would definitely be internal. I don't think they're external at this time, but you guys are free to conjecture and make your fantasy roster for the Vikings. I'm sure we'll have plenty of those conversations."

It might make sense from the organizational standpoint to keep all four, since they have all cost the Vikings something over the years. While Favre is being paid the most of any of the quarterbacks, he didn't cost the team any draft picks. The other three all have. When the Vikings drafted Tarvaris Jackson, they traded a pair of picks to move up into the second round of the 2006 draft. The same was true in 2008, when they moved up in the fifth round to take John David Booty. In February, the team gave up a fourth-round pick to acquire Sage Rosenfels.

The belief is that Jackson is the most likely to be moved, since he could garner a late-round draft pick in trade. Another option would be to take a chance on sliding Booty to the practice squad since he never played in a game as a rookie. The team tried that route with Tyler Thigpen two years ago, only to have the Chiefs claim him and eventually use him as a starter during the 2008 season.

Rosters must be pared from the 80-man limit now to 75 on Sept. 1 and 53 on Sept. 5.

While Childress plays coy in front of the cameras, a big decision is coming. What that will be, only Chilly knows for sure … and he ain't talkin'.


  • Pat Williams has yet to play a down in two preseason games, which most believe is just a way of preserving the veteran's stamina and not risking injury during games that, from his perspective, are meaningless.

  • The Vikings preseason game with the Chiefs got the highest ratings of any preseason game in a decade, according to the Star Tribune, earning a 25.8 rating and a 48 share – which means roughly half of the televisions that were on were tuned in to the game. In contrast, FOX ran a game between the Cowboys and Titans that ran opposite the Vikings game. It got a 0.7 rating and a 1 share. The ratings were especially high when Favre was playing. From 7:15-7:30 p.m., the game drew a 26.2 rating and a 53 share and, during the next quarter hour, peaked out with a 29.1 rating and a 56 share.

  • The Twin Cities television stations had a field day Monday with a bizarre story that may lead to criminal charges being filed. On Friday, the day of Favre's Vikings debut, a couple brought a car into a gas station for service and in the trunk, an employee found a goat with its feet bound and a purple "4" painted on each side of its body. The couple said the goat was being taken to be slaughtered, but local authorities confiscated the goat and found a foster home for it – in Wisconsin. The family that is caring for the goat is the same family that received some short-lived fame last year for making a cornfield mural thanking Favre for his years with the Packers. The family has named the goat Brett.

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