Rosenfels: From starter to inactive?

Sage Rosenfels expected to be a starter this season. Instead, it looks like he could be inactive today as a healthy No. 3 quarterback for the Vikings.

Sage Rosenfels never envisioned this.

As the Vikings open the 2009 season today at Cleveland, Sage Rosenfels envisioned this game as the first game of the rest of his career. After years of being a backup in the NFL, following his trade to the Vikings in February, today was expected to be his coming out party as an NFL starter. Instead, he is going to technically be inactive.

When the Vikings take the field today, Brett Favre will be the starter and Tarvaris Jackson will be No. 2 on the depth chart, according to a Pioneer Press report. Rosenfels, who came to the Vikings will the full expectation of winning the starting job, will be the No. 3 emergency quarterback.

Later this morning when the Vikings announce their inactive players, Rosenfels will be listed among them. While he technically can play, it is only if both Favre and Jackson are injured and can't return to the game.

With all the hype surrounding Favre's arrival, it was known that somebody would feel the sting of the ripple effect. For John David Booty, that meant being released and re-signed to the practice squad. For Rosenfels, it means being the No. 3 quarterback for the first time in five years.


  • Bobby Wade remains unsigned, but there are rumors that he has been in contact with several teams and expects to be signed some point soon. Although he was released by the Vikings earlier this week, because he was on the roster when practice began for the Week 1 game, he will still receive a game check of $88,000.

  • National reports say that Wade is expect to re-sign with the Tennessee Titans, the team he played for prior to signing a free-agent deal with the Vikings.

  • Favre will tie Jim Marshall's record for consecutive starts today at 270 games. Marshall still holds the record for consecutive games played for a position player at 282, a record Favre will surpass this season if he remains healthy.

  • On the flip side of the Favre record will be a pair of players in front of him. Center John Sullivan and right tackle Phil Loadholt will be making their first NFL starts today.

  • The locker room schism talk seems to have died down after the Vikings elected Favre as one of their captains despite being with the team for less than a month. He joins Steve Hutchinson, Kevin Williams, E.J. Henderson and Ryan Longwell as season-long captains. A second special-teams captain spot will rotate from week to week.

  • A video of 42-year-old former Viking Jeff George working out and claiming he wants to make a comeback to the NFL has made it to YouTube. So far, George hasn't had any takers.

  • Despite concerns that there could have been as many as three blackouts, the NFL announced Saturday that all games have sold out and will be televised in their local markets.

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