Allen provides inspiration for Lions

Vikings defensive end Jared Allen provided a few shots at Detroit on's "After Party," where Allen is scheduled to make weekly appearances.

Rarely at a loss for words on the's "After Party" with Jay Glazer, Vikings defensive end Jared had some typically interesting quotes to chew on.

Asked if he wants to see Favre air out the ball more instead of playing ball control West Coast offense, Allen said, "Right now it seems to be working pretty well for us. … I'm sure there's going to be a game where he's going to have to use that ageless arm to bring us to a victory. It's working for us right now."
On the audacity of Chad Ochocinco performing a Lambeau Leap at Green Bay, Allen said. "If you're a fan and someone else tries to steal your celebration, when he gets up there you pretend like you're going to embrace him and then you throw him back onto the field. Just like in baseball, you throw the ball back, you throw the player back."

Glazer also coaxed Allen to name the three worst road places to play. He answered, "Detroit, because it's gloomy and there's usually no one at the game. San Diego, because you'd rather be out on the beach than playing in the game. And Jacksonville because there's not a whole lot going on there. It's just a sunny Detroit."

Allen may have provided Detroit even more bulletin board material earlier in the segment when Glazer started joking about how the Vikings must have taken Ambien when they got off to such a slow start and fell behind 10-0 to the Lions. Allen took it a step further.

"The refs actually called us in before the game and gave us all Ambien, said we needed to level the playing field, made us take Ambien," Allen joked. "Once the little Leprechauns quit chasing me in my mind, I went out there and had a good game."

"We woke up in the second half and realized everything that was going on was just our dumb mistakes, not tackling and stuff like that."


  • There may be a little bad blood brewing between the Packers and the Bills these days. Buffalo signed Green Bay offensive tackle Jamon Meredith off the practice squad – bringing him in to compete for the right tackle spot that opened when starting Brad Butler was placed on injured reserve with a knee injury. Word out of Green Bay is that the Packers are none too pleased, since they were high on Meredith and were allegedly grooming him to become a starter in the near future.

  • The Vikings don't intend to move their game with the Packers a week from Monday, citing their lease with the Metrodome that gives them precedence for scheduled games that could conflict with the Twins other than World Series games. Such has happened in the past. In 1987, the Vikings had a game scheduled with Denver, but it conflicted with Game 7 of the World Series. The game was moved to Monday and shown only in the markets in the Twin Cities and Denver.

  • The NFL and the players association are expected to meet for their third official bargaining session next Tuesday. There are many concerns on both sides about the current collective bargaining agreement and, if a new deal isn't reached by March 1, 2010, the 2010 season will be an uncapped year and some fear it could spell the end for the salary cap that has helped make the NFL the most balanced and competitive of the four major sports.

  • Speaking of the NFLPA, it was announced that players union dues for 2009-10 will increase from $10,000 to $15,000 per player in order to create what is called a "dues lockout fund." For those who make money out of the league's licensing deal with NFL Players Inc., their dues will go up to about $25,000.

  • When the Vikings meet the 49ers Sunday, it will be a rare occurrence of the conference's Offensive Player of the Week going up against the Defensive Player of the Week. Frank Gore of the 49ers and the Vikings Chad Greenway won those honors for the NFC in Week 2.

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