Favre: It's not about revenge

Brett Favre told reporters in Green Bay and Minnesota Thursday that his game against the Packers on Monday night is not about revenge on the organization or general manager Ted Thompson.

Brett Favre insists this is not about revenge.

The 10-time Pro Bowl player spent 16 of the first 17 seasons of his career with the Green Bay Packers and left on less-than-ideal terms. Favre decided in the summer of 2008 that he wanted to return to the Packers, but was told at that point that the team was moving on with Aaron Rodgers as its starting quarterback.

Since then, the saga has been filled with twists and turns, as Favre wanted his release while the Packers wanted to avoid having him going to a division rival. Enter the New York Jets, who were safely away from the Packers' schedule and in the AFC.

After playing one season with the New York Jets, Favre asked for his release and received it following the draft, when the Jets drafted September's Rookie of the Month, quarterback Mark Sanchez.

Despite Ted Thompson not granting Favre his outright release in 2008 and Favre telling Sports Illustrated's Peter King earlier this year he wanted to stick it to Thompson, six months later Favre said he'd never endure a full season just to exact revenge.

"I never played or would play for ‘revenge.' It's too long a season," Favre said. "It's only one, maybe two games. What do you do the rest of the time? And in this stage of my career, it definitely is not worth it to do that.

"But what I said with Peter, and would say to anyone, I think it's human nature to say, 'I still can do it. I want to prove someone wrong.' In your business, there's competition, I would assume, in wanting to be the best. Either you're told you're not the best, or you feel like someone's going in a different direction. I think you would want to prove you could still do it. Now, in a nutshell, that's what I would say.

"Believe me, I wouldn't go suffer through a whole year, in practice, in physically being hit, having to be the guy every week and the leader and go through all that stuff, just to prove, out of spite, that you can still play. I feel like the best year I ever had was probably my last year in Green Bay (in 2007)."

While Favre endured a partially torn biceps tendon about two-thirds of the way through last season with the Jets, he still felt he could play the game.

"I felt like I could still play at a high level. Now at the end of this past year there was an injury and I felt like - I didn't feel like I needed to prove anything to anyone, but I knew, I knew, that I could have played better. And that injury was part of the reason I didn't play and our team didn't play as well down the stretch."

So far, Favre has completed 64.9 percent of his passes for five touchdowns and one interception for a 94.5 passer rating with the Vikings.

Despite the hype surrounding Monday's game, Favre said he hasn't had contact with any of his former teammates or coaches and even joked about how that revelation might be played up in the media.

"That will probably come out that Favre doesn't communicate with anybody anymore. … One of my closest friends and roommate for so many years, Frank Winters, would attest to this, that Brett doesn't call anyone back," Favre said. "I'm pretty lame when it comes to communication. Of course, I get a bad rap for that, too, but that's a different story."

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