Peterson DVD chronicles his NFL life

The newly released DVD, "All Day with Adrian Peterson," is a closer look at what the Vikings' star running back has accomplished in his still-burgeoning career and some of what drives him, including a position coach that won't stop stressing the details, no matter how much Peterson may be annoyed with it at times.

Adrian Peterson's exploits in his first two-plus years have consistently made the postgame highlights, but NFL Films and Warner Video released a 60-minute documentary on Peterson's journey in the NFL, "All Day with Adrian Peterson."

NFL Films has all the highlights and record-setting moments, but it also chronicles draft day and his first offseason and training camp practices. Among the previously little-known facts is that Peterson had his first cup of coffee before a football game and ended up producing his first big rookie performance in the NFL – a 224-yard effort that was a team record … until he broke the NFL record three games later with a 296-yard rushing day against the San Diego Chargers.

Peterson saw the video for the first time this week and was pleased with the finished product.

"It gives you an opportunity to see me interact with the guys in the locker room, just more about me as a person," Peterson said. "It's a great opportunity for the fans to get a good feel of my personality and the job that I do and what comes along with it and the relationships I have with coaches and different players."

One of those relationships – with position coach Eric Bieniemy – is a made-for-film interaction. Bieniemy tried to recruit Peterson to UCLA when the younger running back was coming out of Palestine, Tex., and the ex-running back was coaching the position in the college ranks. Peterson eventually chose to play college football at Oklahoma and Bieniemy eventually was hired by the Vikings in 2006, and has been riding Peterson to improve in all areas since the team drafted him seventh overall in 2007.

"People will probably look at it and think, ‘Oh, man, you guys cannot stand each other,' but it's bigger than that," he said of his relationship with Bieniemy. "It gets people to look at our relationship different, to understand that it's business but we butt heads. It's like a marriage. We butt heads, but we make up, we squash it and we move on. No hard feelings at all."

Peterson and Bieniemy both talked about that unique relationship in the film, and the producers didn't shy away from showing the strain of a tough coach making sure his superstar player is on task all day, every day, in practice and in games. From an offseason sideline tiff that shows Bieniemy harping on Peterson when he got a play wrong – in a practice! – to in-game footage of Bieniemy on the sidelines with his group of running backs.

Peterson said the only two people harder on him than Bieniemy is Peterson himself and his father. But the running back also knows it should make him a better player; still, that doesn't mean he has to like it all the time.

"I love it. Sometimes I want to put him in a headlock and slam him, the bowling bowl, but ultimately I know he's got a good heart and he wants the best out of me. Hands down, I know that," Peterson said. "That's why I respect him so much and I listen to what he says, even when we disagree. I always respect him, (but) sometimes it will be hard. I'll be biting my tongue. E.B., you make it really hard for me to say what I really want to say. It comes with the territory and I respect him. We've got a good relationship."

Peterson wanted people to experience many different aspects surrounding his football life and the things that help shape his personality.

"I've got so many fans here in Minnesota and across the world that look at me, they just love the way I play football but really don't know – other than an interview or something they heard or listened to – they really don't know much about me. This DVD, ‘All Day with Adrian Peterson,' really gives them insight into my personality, how I am as a person. I think they'll get a pretty good feel that I'm down to earth just like you guys, and they'll like it."

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