Vikings say hello to a good bye

The Vikings are looking forward to resting up on their bye this week after a 7-1 start to the season.

Only eight teams in the league haven't had their bye week, and the Vikings are one of six to have it this Sunday. Head coach Brad Childress believes it is coming at an advantageous time.

The team had 11 players on its injury report last week and getting healthier is one of the priorities over the next week.

"You don't hear many coaches say that it doesn't come at a good time. It does come at a good time, just from the standpoint that these guys have been going at it for a very long time with the four preseason games, two weeks of training camp, so we're reasonably healthy," Childress said. "Individuals can get healthier. We've got a handful of guys who will be staying here trying to get healthiest this week. The rest of them get out of here after we meet and they take care of the rest of their things today."

The Vikings are fortunate to not have one player on the season-ending injured-reserve list yet, but they have a couple of players in particular that could benefit from a bye week.

Cornerback Antoine Winfield has missed the last two games with a foot injury and wide receiver/return man Darius Reynaud has had a lingering hamstring injury that has caused him to miss the last five games.

Some of the players will have to stay close to Winter Park to continue to get treatment for their injuries.

"There's something to be said for fresh as well. Fresh bodies. Fresh minds. Fresh brains, as you go forward," Childress said.

Quarterback Brett Favre hasn't missed any playing time because of injuries, but he strained his groin last week in practice and tweaked it again on Sunday before the game.

"I was standing right behind him, watching him while he was warming up and saw him kind of reach for his groin and hold it," Childress said. "… That's what I think I witnessed. It twinged a little bit on him, but I think he's on the injury report as hip-related and all that stuff is that lower chain. It all kind of fits together, you know? But, you know, he was obviously able to practice through everything."

Favre has also been on the injury report this year with hip, foot, ankle and knee injuries, and he had surgery in the offseason to complete a partial tear of his biceps tendon and also said that surgery revealed that he had a partially torn rotator cuff.

None of that has kept the 40-year-old quarterback out of action, but he has hobbled around after particularly physical games earlier this season.

Childress is giving players the rest of the week off, starting Tuesday. It's essentially the same bye-week protocol he has followed in years past. He had a simple message for them before leaving.

"Just to be mindful of where they're at and what they're doing. They may not have any intentions of getting hurt or what have you, whatever situations occur when guys fan out," Childress said. "I just think it bears talking about it, because if you're a little more intentional about thinking about things, you realize what you're doing a little bit more."

"When we come back, I just hope everybody's got the same focus that we left with," said receiver Sidney Rice.


  •'s Chris Steuber gave the "Best Individual Performance" to Brett Favre in Steuber's "Sunday Superlatives" column.

    "The best performance on Sunday has to go to the man that received the most controversial welcome, Brett Favre. In his first game at the stadium that hosted many memorable memories for No. 4, Favre returned to Lambeau Field under the microscope and received a chorus of boos," Steuber wrote. "The response from the fans didn't get to Favre at all during this game, and he was even seen smiling about the fans' reaction to his return; that was just fuel for the fire. … Even though every step he takes is filled with controversy, Favre always finds a way to thrill the masses and make you remember all the great things he's done for the league. His performance on Sunday was another notch in his Hall of Fame career."

  • While Favre attracted a record crowd for a regular-season game at Lambeau Field, 43 people in attendance weren't able to see the whole game. According to the Associated Press, police ejected 43 fans, more than usual, from Sunday's game. Thirteen people were arrested, mostly for unlawful conduct, according to the report.

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